Mixed Feelings

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Have you ever loved some one but realized that they weren’t good for you? Or maybe thought to yourself that the feeling that you thought you knew to be love was but a feeling or just a action or
good deed for someone else?



Forgetting is hard but trying to forgive is even harder. You're  mad at your self because you wish you had of been smarter.


Lying to your self saying it will get better ,knowing your only making things worse while your eyes slowly get wetter and wetter. 


Expecting to see change but things still remain the same, why do people take this word " love " for a game.


 I mean when did it become ok to play with people's emotions ,and then treat them like they were some recyclable tokens.


Some say love is overrated and some feel that it's something that is sacred. But I believe love is as love does,and that you should never try force something that never was. 


Why do people use this word so heavily, when the words they say and the actions  they display are seen so selfishly.


Can someone please explain to me how a individual can say that they love a person but can't love themselves, and we wonder  why a lot of our relationships never end so well.


Now you may be thinking, that this isn't true and I know how to love my self, but let me just say that loving yourself is not allowing people to define your wealth. 


Think about it, we allow people to define our wealth everyday, it's just disguised  and presented in such a fancy way.


There's the TV Networks to the Social Media, the people who came up with these things had a bright idea. Until one day we started using these things for our own personal desires, and began doing things to make the ratings and followers go higher.


Don't get me wrong I love living in the 21st century, but all of these things just reminds us of our insecurities.


Accepting who you are is key to loving yourself, and it also gives you the opportunity to love someone else. 




So what is love?














Submitted: August 06, 2018

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