The Boy in the Shadows

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Nick Duphane has always hid in the shadows. Now he is the shadow.

Submitted: March 30, 2007

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Submitted: March 30, 2007





The Boy in the Shadows:

The Birth of Shadow Weaver!


Now this is a story about a boy that hid in the shadows all his life, not knowing that someday the light would eventually catch up to him.  Nick Duphane was fourteen at the time, his long bangs dangling in front of his face, eyes shut, and his ipod going at full blast into his pierced ears.  "Nick! Get your ass up, it's time for school!"  Now Nick wasn't one to argue, being a pushover his whole life, but this was his sister and he had no mercy for annoyances in the morning.  "What are you jabbering about skankoid? Its quarter after seven!"  "Aren't you gonna even take a shower Nick?  O wait, I forgot, you're a dirty bag."  He whispers, "at least I'm not a dirty whore." He slowly gets off his bed, his room in complete darkness, just the way he likes it.  He turns on the light, his eyes blinding for a moment.  He puts on his usual outfit, a tight black tee, cut pants, and converses.  He grabs his messenger bag, stuffs it with his text books and heads downstairs. His mother was there waiting with a plate of hot pancakes, "Honey, have some breakfast will ya?"  "I'm not hungry" Nick replies.  He goes straight for the door and his dad is there.  "Son, we have got to do something about your hair.  It's atrocious and shameful!"  "Yes, father."  He continues out the door with a disdained look on his face.  He wanted to with all his being to yell at his father saying how this was his life and that he can't control a single moment of it; but he knew he would never have the courage to do such things.  He just strolls down the street on his way to school, his head looking down on the ground, hiding his face and ignoring the people around him.  Nobody knew why he was so shy and introverted.  It's not as if people didn't like him.  In fact people loved it when he would come out of his shell, but to Nick it was a rare occasion.  At lunch he would usually sit by himself, under the same tree he's always been sitting at all year.  Because he rarely came in contact with the sun, his skin was fair.  This caught the attention of a fellow classmate.  Celine Tanner, a typical pretty blond girl in his grade, walks up to him during lunch.  "Hey, me and my friends notice that you sit here like everyday right? By yourself?"  "Yea I do."  "Well why don't you sit with us?"  "I like peace and quiet." (Just a dumb excuse) "O...I see...well what's your name again?"  "Nick.  Nick Duphane." "Well it was very nice meeting you Nick, I'm Celine.  I guess I'll see you around."  She giggles on her way back to her friends.  Nick looks on, wondering if that giggle was out of genuine happiness or she was just making fun of him.  But whatever it was, that girl was the prettiest girl he has ever seen, and was disappointed in himself that he didn't have the courage to go there and hang out with her.  He was so mad at himself.  He looks up at the sun and then at the shadow beneath him.  He shuts his eyes and for an instance he wished he could come out to the light and that his fears would go away.  Then his body began to feel warm, very warm in fact, since it was such a sunny day.  He couldn't understand it though, just a moment ago, he was in the comfort of the shades.  He opens his eyes and finds himself completely covered in the light.  The shadow from the tree had been bent to concave out-it was so unnatural.  Nick couldn't believe it.  The shadow from the tree had been somehow manipulated to move outside his body.  He puts out his hand and moves it slightly.  The shadow fluctuates as his fingers move up and down.  He looks at disbelief.  Then after a while, he began to make shapes with the shadows.  The shadow seemed to have substance in it of itself.  He shapes the shadow into a hand and then lifts the shadow from the ground and up comes a black, 3-dimensional shadow that has the ability to grasp.  He then uses it to grab trash off the floor.  His excitement didn't end there.  Nick went home and decided to name himself: Shadow Weaver.

As time went by, Nick discovered that his shadow can pick up heavy things.  He tried picking up his mom's corolla but found it more difficult and thought that eventually he would be able to.  Also, when attaching his shadow to someone, it disabled their ability to move.  A couple of weeks later, Nick decided that this was his destiny-to protect the city with his gifts. 

On the last week of school, Nick and his classmates went on a field trip to the nation Museum of Culver City.  Of course, Nick was behind the pack by himself, marveling at the great pieces of art that was around him.  While walking into the dinosaur room, he heard a scream, "Run! Run! It's gonna tip over!"  He looks up and sees the monstrous Stegosaurus skeleton model was tipping over, and ten people were right under it.  He knew that weren't going to make it.  He would have to use his powers, even though he had never picked up something that heavy before with his shadow.  People looked on as they soon began to see a shadow creeping beneath them and towards the stegosaurus.  The shadow attached on and it stopped the dinosaur inches from collapsing on his classmates.  "Move! Get out of the way! I don't know how much longer I can hold it for!"  They quickly ran to safety as Nick releases the shadow and the skeleton model drops on the cold marble floor.  The room was in complete silence.  Every turns their head back, towards Nick.  His head was down, too embarrassed to receive their expressions.  He couldn't take it anymore.  He didn't get the hero's praise he has always been reading in his comic books.  All he got was unpleasant staring.  He lifted up his hood over his head, and began walking out of the Museum, with nothing but darkness around him.


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