Rural = Kangaroos

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this was for my english assignment...

Submitted: October 20, 2007

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Submitted: October 20, 2007



kangaroos kangaroos you are big and strong
kangaroos kangaroos you can run for long
kangaroos jumping around in the outback
never alone always being in a pack.

Kangaroos fur mainly being light brown
kangaroos jumping up and down
kangaroos enjoying the beautiful sun
they also like having lots of fun.

Kangaroos standing bid and tall
some 63 living species in all
the main species is the red kangaroo
when they are together they are like a crew.

The kangaroo population is 50 million
but soon there might be over 1 billion
kangaroos can go for months without drinking at all
that is why they are big and tall.

Kangaroos can have 3 babies at a time
when they’re first born they’re as big as a pine
a female kangaroo is called a doe
in the outback it will never snow.

a male kangaroo is called a buck
it is probably as strong as a truck
a male kangaroo provides protection and food
and when fighting for its family it is in a bad mood.

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