A Lover's Embrace

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This is for Serenity_In_Silence descriptive contest. This is my first piece like this so bear with me!

Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012



Blood pooled in the porcelain sink. It dripped down the once white walls of the bathroom. The room was dimly lit and there was a sense of foreboding in the air. A bloody handprint could be seen still dripping on the mirror. A figure could be seen in the tub, another leaned over watching as more blood seeped into the already bloody water. A soft moaning could be heard from the woman in the tub. Her brown hair matted to her face with her own blood. She tried to look up at the man leaning over her with a fiendish grin on his face. The man reached down to stroke the womans curls. His eyes softened as he watched his beloved die. He held the blade that started it all in his right hand. He pressed it vertically into the crevice of his arm. Blood began to seep from the wounds on his arms that matched his dying beloveds. He clambered into the tub to die with her as his vision blurred. He pulled her close as his heart fought to remain beating. The bathroom door rattled as they died in each others arms. An old woman entered the room and screamed. The two people were dead, locked in each others arms. Locked forever in a lover's embrace.

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