Loudering the Music

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It's about a girl who is trying to deal with the loss of someone close to her

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



I stopped speaking a while ago. They stopped listening long before. I stopped caring. I can't remember when that happened. Probably when she died. All the good parts of me died with her. I'm empty, hollow. They don't notice. They continue to smile and chatter at me. They pretend not to notice when I put in my headphones and crank up my music. Still they bother me. They never leave me alone. That's all I really want. To be left alone. I want to greive and cry and throw things but I won't when they're around. They're always around. Food is put in front of me and I ignore it. That's another thing, I don't eat much anymore. They frown and stare until I reach for a fork and take a bite. They smile and begin talking again. I spit the food into a napkin and turn my music up louder. A fist pounds down on the table. They noticed. His face turns red with fury. \"Damn it Cassy! We're trying! You're not making this easy for us!\" He breathes heavily and She walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down. He shrugs it off and continues to stare at me across the table. I know what's coming. \"This isn't working out. I'm going to call your social worker. Go pack, you're leaving.\" I stand and walk to my room. I put my pitiful belongings into my duffel. I grab my phone and dial a number. Yea I'm leaving, but not with whom they think. Today's date is my savior. Luke picks up on the first ring. \"Are you ready to go?\" I ask. My voice is hoarse with disuse. \"Be there in two minutes.\" he answers and hangs up. It's not long before I hear him outside. I sling the strap of my bag over my shoulder and walk out. I ignore their questions, their yells, their pleas. I keep walking and louder my music. I climb on the back of Luke's Harley and wrap my arms around his waist. He asks if I'm okay and I nod. He pulls away from the curb. I turn my music up to full blast. Neither one of us see the truck until it is on us. I fly off the bike and slam into a tree, hard. I feel blood trickle down my forehead and I begin to drift. I welcome the darkness and go willingly. I'll be with her again soon.

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