jada's hot night

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Jada has a fetish of watching others but tonight she may get more than she bargained for.

Submitted: November 27, 2013

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Submitted: November 27, 2013



My name is jada and I need to tell you the story of the hottest night of my life.

It started like every other night. I put on my tightest shirt and skimpiest skirt. No bra no party's. I always did that so if I find a guy I can just jump on his hard throbbing cock!

But tonight I will do my biggest pervert fantasy. Spying on people having sex while I group and rub myself to ecstasy. And that is where this story gits HOT.

I decided to go up to the Hampton's tonight. Lots of rich hot couples there. Most of the girls have fake titts but I don't mind. Honestly if I had the money I would make my B-cups into D's.

I drive around for just a little bit before I go to the store and that's when I see a gorgeous guy buying magnum condoms and lube. If he is big enough for magnums then the girl must be hot to. So I followed him home and hid outside his window but to my surprise he comes in to the room with another man as hot as him!

This will be the best ever. I have never seen tow men fuck before and I have always wondered. He pulls his pants of to show his semi hard cock. Easily 10 inches and thick to. I see why he had to get the magnums naw.

His boyfriend was just as big to. I rub my clit as he starts to show shove his boyfriends cock down his throat. As they rip each others clothes off I grab my titts and squeeze and twist my hard nipples.

He puts his naw 13 inches deep in to his boyfriends ass thrusting slow at first and getting faster and harder over time. I rub my clit and pussy so fast and hard I cumed all over myself! It was the post powerful orgasm of my life!

After I catch my breath into the window to see both of them looking at me and striking their hard cocks.

\"It's funner in here\" he tells me.

So I struggle back to my feet still shaking from my orgasm. As I walk to the window one of them asked if I had ever had tow guys at the same time before? Unable to speak I just shook my head no. Honestly I've never even been with a guy there size before. I was afraid they might rip my cunt open!

One picked me up from the window and placed me on the foot of the bed. As the other got behind me and started to massage my titts. He opened my legs and started to lick my pussy and suck my clit.

After just a little bit I had a second powerful orgasm and gushed inside of his mouth. I freaked out because every time it happens I piss a little! I put my face in my hands and begin to cry as he just laughs says.

\" its okay I kind of like the taste of piss.\"

\" really?\" I asked.

\" yes have you ever tried it before?\" He asked me.

I had never even thought about that before. But now that he has asked me how can I say no after what just happened? So I told him okay. I got down on my knees and opened my mouth wide.

\" here it comes.\" he says to me.

Suddenly his ho piss is in my mouth as I gulp it down. Then he sprayed it all over face and chest. IT WAS WONDERFUL! The taste the smell even the feeling of it!

I sit back on the bed and beg for more. He pushes me flat on my stomach, hike up my ass and shoves the head of his massive cock in my pussy as he says.

\" we've got a tight one here!\"

He pushes more of it in me as I feel another orgasm cumming! I scream out! \"I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING! O GOD I'M CUMING!\" another gushing of cum comes out as I scream in ecstasy!

He shelves hard into me and I can feel him filling me up as his friend shoves his equally massive cock in my mouth down my throat. Grabbing my head rust deep inside of me now I have 2 inside of me.

It began to be hard to breathe with such a massive cock in my throat but he finally pulled it out and whispered into my ear. \" now it's time for your sweet little ass.\"

Oh my god I thought to myself. I had never had that before especially not Double. I couldn't wait for it as one was already in my pussy spun me around and picked me up and is friend shoved his cock in to my ass they both begin to thrust deeper and deeper. Then in what seemed to be unison they cumed inside of me.

I had never felt such pleasure as that night before. But something tells me I will be back. Soon.

Story by: Jarred Wright

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