The Psychosis Dragon

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this poem is a description of psychosis in a fictional kind of way. im sure there is a proper description for it but my english skills are apauling.

Submitted: September 16, 2015

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Submitted: September 16, 2015



The Psychosis Dragon.

So one morning you wake with a stretch and a yarn and the dragon has snatched you just minutes from dawn.

The dragon won’t kill you, not him by his self. He prefers to watch you do it to yourself. You’re stuck on his mountain way up past the clouds, trapped with you mind and your life he enshrouds.

You think you are stuck and your life you must take, but I assure you there’s a journey you can make.

The past is not clear, you can’t go it alone. You must contact a wizard by letter or phone.

The wizard can guide you, help you on your way, but it’s you must travel and in your own way.

First things first the dragon must sleep or your mind and your body he will surely keep.

Once the wizard has the dragon under his spell, he will point to a path that looks like shear hell.

The path that you take must slowly be trodden, or all his advice will soon be forgotten.

You will wander a path with cliffs either side, but one step at a time will soon be a stride.

You’re not home yet, there’s still far to go but now you’ve lost those feelings of woe.

Your confidence builds and you think you can run, but if you do this you won’t see the sun.

A steady pace is now what’s required, even if, it leaves you quite tired.

You think you are home and it’s time to quit, but the wizard will say I’ll hang around for a bit. You’ll think you are safe tucked up in your home, but always remember the dragon you’ve known.

The dragon will send the goblins of despair, but for this you can surely prepare.

They will try to lure you into the grass, or into the poppies, or stones that won’t last.

If you go there the dragon will catch you. Yes it was them who helped him to snatch you.

So keep yourself safe and way from despair, or again and again you’ll be in his lair.

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