the poetry game

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my jaan is an adam-sandler-wannabe, putting words together, in an attempt to create peotry.. this is a compilation of his works.. hope you like it.. read more of our stories on

Submitted: August 17, 2011

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Submitted: August 17, 2011




Sleep tight

In my shirt white

Hug me with a gentle bite

And don’t let go off that candle light

Hate you with all my heart

Hate you too with all my body parts

Im sure your body parts will disagree

Not really, they may bring some kisses spree

What would I do without you

Love you love you and make love to you

You are as crazy as a looney

But I am your honey

Are you really

Don’t u know, silly

Im serious

And im curious

You always make me smile

You make my time worthwhile

I miss your hugs

Kiss me but not bite like bugs

Wrap me in your arms

You make me go crazy with your charms

Kiss me on my neck

Hell yes, what the heck

And whisper in my ear

Come close dear

I will keep you forever

Im not a diamond, but im forever

Stay with me

Love me honey

Never say goodbye

I wont lie

Because you are my life

Ur my apple and im ur knife

I’ll lay my head on ur chest and listen to your heart beat

I will slide on you, kiss your breast and listen to ur heartbeat

I will let my fingers play with your hair

Let me kiss you all over my love lady fair

And I will bask in the wonderful feeling you are giving me

And I will mask my face behind your beautiful hair, covering me

Love how your warm breath makes me shiver

Slowly the warm breath turns into kisses all over

The touch of your hand sending me on fire

Filling you with endless desire

And I call out your name

To continue the part 2 of this game

You are driving me insane

Hold me tight its gonna rain

I will wrap my arms around you

To make you go crazy and scream loud you

And I say don’t stop

Come on my top

Take me on a wonderful ride

But its gonna be one long stride after stride

I look in your eyes as we move

Come close so I can make deep love

So beautiful feeling inside

My stomach flutters like butterfly wings

We did on sofa lets do it on swings

Take me anywhere you want

My absence will make you haunt

Without you I will go mad

Hell yes you go and I will be sad

So I will never let you go

That’s my promise I bow

You are my life

You are my jaan


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