God Games

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two souls tethered for eternity, it was both a blessing and a curse. But it's the loss of their newborn son that starts this dark chain of events. (Author's Note: This version of God Games is no longer canon.)

Table of Contents


Prologue, part 1...   Ashaa In a fit of frustration, Kali slammed the metal door shut behind her as I ... Read Chapter


Ashaa Yeeooooowwwllllrrrrrrll... Waking to the warmth of her fur wasn't a routine I was quite used to. In fact, I was already use... Read Chapter


Samuel "What's happening?" Ahmik asked impatiently. "What's going on?" I sighed, looking away from the binoculars for a mome... Read Chapter


Ashaa I took a deep breath as the warmth of red eyes captured mine but I could feel no difference in my heart. Simply looking at Xion... Read Chapter


Ashaa Ehh… My head quickly snapped in the direction of the familiar soun... Read Chapter

Deception (XXX)

Kaliska "Leave,” Ash ordered. Cut me off. Hmm.. “This is Lantau!” Murrain roared as my gaze shifted onto Ash. Auburn ha... Read Chapter


Samuel … what was described to be an an... Read Chapter


Ashaa "Please help us," I pleaded. "You knew my mother and this amulet better than Michael ever had. There must be something you can ... Read Chapter


Ashaa As the glass-built elevator began to rise from the front of the apartment building, weak illumination in the darkened sky marke... Read Chapter

Ardent (XXX)

Ashaa I bit my lower lip, listening to every honeyed word that left my cheeks burning. Kali wanted to do nothing more than to appease... Read Chapter


Ashaa "Listen," Her once bright blue eyes became like opaque glass, void of any and all life. "Just say you love me, ok?" Blaring... Read Chapter


Samuel "Come on!" I shouted as I kicked at the iron gate door. COME ON! My roar echoed through the vault, causing i... Read Chapter


Samuel "Ana!" I yelled for her through the flames. The smoke had become so thick and heavy that I could barely see more than two ... Read Chapter


Samuel One hour later... "Sorry for pulling you away from Ana," Brick apologized. "But we need to talk." "What's all this abo... Read Chapter

Response (XXX)

Kaliska Parakaloúme érthei píso se ména. Stop. Her body arched, pressing the front of her bare body into mine. Both of h... Read Chapter


Ashaa It's been days since the attack on one of our safe houses, several weeks since a fire swept across our home on Lantau and Kylan... Read Chapter


Ashaa She whimpered softly all while sitting in my lap and facing me. I could feel her hips bucking so very slightly, her once solid ... Read Chapter


Kaliska "I'm so stupid," I whimpered as I hung my head in my hands. I was already dozens of drinks in, and just the mention ... Read Chapter


Ashaa I moaned softly, unable to pull together even the smallest of strength to try and pick myself back up. All I felt was a thick l... Read Chapter