miss phsychiatrist

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

a boy is in a child psychiatrist office and goes over the things that lead him to this point.

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018




I sat across from a old wooden chair. The chair was filled with a woman who looks to be in her late thirties to early forties. She had crows feet next to her eyes and lines around her mouth beginning to show. Her hair,slightly graying, was tied in a high bun that only added to her colossal height. She wore; a dark blue blazer and a matching skirt, these items were matched with a white button down shirt and pearl white heels. From her arm dangled a pearl bracelet matching the pearls around her neck. The woman wore a name tag on the right of her chest saying Miss Gane Child Physiatrist.

The tapping of her pen then stopped mid hit on the pad of paper in front of her. She then turned her hawk like eyes to me.

“Hello,” she said calmly glancing down at her paper, “ Your name is Eleven Warring, correct.”

“Yes, Miss,” I say trying to look less nervous than I am.

She looked back down at her paper that I could only guess had any and all information on me and my life printed upon it.

She looks back up towards me, “You know why your here correct?”

“Yes,” I say back curling in to myself thinking back to only a week ago what this had all started.

My mother and I had decided to take a trip. We had decided this based on the fact that Mom and Dad had just been divorced and she needed space away from everything.

Our decided vacation was to a campsite in wyoming. She had decided this based on the fact that she liked camping and it was hundreds of miles away from our home in California. Luckily my mother had taken mercy on me and had rented out a cabin for us to stay in rather than in a tent like she would have rathered.  

As soon as we got to the cabin we set out to explore the area. We took a small path covered in brush and leaves. The path looked old a worn like it had gone through decades of use. As we walked I enjoyed the look of the trees and forest changing from their summer time greens to fall oranges and reds. Leaves were softly falling from the trees to the ground around us.

We continued walking for what seemed to be an hour in utter silence before my mother cleared her throat.

She then said, “Eleven, The trees around us remind me of myself.”

I turned suprised by her words, “how so?” I questioned.

“They used to be so full of life and now in their life they are fading.” She said explaining her thoughts.

“Mom,” I said looking at her, “You are still full of life it’s just changing and becoming something similar but different from what it was, you’re just starting something new.”

She nodded and I could tell she was thinking on the words I had said, this based on how the faint wrinkles on her face contracted. I had actually thought long and hard about how to put how our lives were changing into words, these seemed like the best words to describe it.  

She said no more as we walked forward through the forest covered in multicolored leaves. Half and hour later we headed back towards the cabin. The moment we got back I began to explore the place I’d being staying for the undetermined future. The walls and flooring seemed to be made of the cottonwood trees of which we had seen on our walk.The smell of the cabin I would compare to a new book musty but pleasant. The cabin had a main floor with a semi-large kitchen and a living area next to this was a door to a small bedroom. Next to the bedroom to the right was a large bathroom. The last thing to the cabin was a loft just above the kitchen in which I was planning to reside.

Once the tour of the house had finished I went to make dinner while my mother unpacked her things in the other room. Soon I had a nice frozen meal dinner finished for the both of us. I quickly set the food up at the bar. Once the food was placed I quickly sped walked to the door that lead to my mother's new quarters.

“Mom, I made dinner,” I said knocking on the door.

“Be there in a minute,” she replied wearily.

She must be tired after driving here I thought to myself as a scurried to the bar that held our food.

I waited for a while until she finally surfaced from her bedroom. She looked tired and on edge. Her eyes held bags under them and the way she walked over was sluggish. Trying to lighten her load I smiled motioning her over to the seat next to me at the bar. She stalked over and sat heavily leaning into the chair.

She then turned toward me quickly staring weakly at me as though she was debating what to do next.

“Here see I got you,” I said being cut off by the shear cry of pain that escaped my lips as a knife penetrated my stomach.

My mother then looking at me coldly said, “I thought about what you said earlier about starting new, I’ve decided to do so.”  

The icy tone she had rivaled the pain I felt from the knife protruding from my stomach. I felt wetness leak not only from the wound but from my eyes staining my cheeks.

I breathlessly screamed ,heaving to no avail, as she pulled the knife from my stomach and stabbed me again just above the first wound.Staining the floor the blood dripped from the wound. I felt consciousness slowly fading me as I fell backward onto the wood flooring. Dazed and at a loss I looked up. The last thing I saw was her cold dead eyes and the broken smile along her face.

Returning back to the woman in the chair I looked up. “Miss, I’m here because I’m dead.”


© Copyright 2020 Jabby. All rights reserved.

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