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An article written by a young lonely confused man who'd just hit the age of freedom realizing that nothing has changed.... was provoked to write an article on his opinion about love...and spill details of his past encounters with it.

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



What is life .... Is it being happy,learning to be happy or is being inlove too fall out of love, or to gain that certain feeling of being wanted. Why is it that romanctic movies, books and situations make us think and feel as if we want to be or need to be  fluttered that way. Is true that everyone wants to be love or needs to be love... ...... Well yeah it is im writing this article not gain attention or even to make a change im writing it to say Fuck the hypocrits that says love is just a feeling or a phase that happens .....Love is life it changes every thing around you.... well just read after saying that just read and it'll hit you.


So how does it feel to have failed relationships after failed relationships... feels pretty shitty right ...... but i bet in every single relationship  i bet my last dollar that you had at least one happy thought of a happy ending and a cherish.... crazy right to think that even after experienceing fuck ups after fuck ups you still try and find that feeling that you wish you had that you see in movies and even from the outside in other relationships that you see in real life. Why do we want even if we don't feel .... well maybe because its what makes of alive..... come on its like when you listen too music and a movie plays in your head... whether its sex songs, hype songs, and even sad songs it shows some form of love ... in its own way. Believe it or not but everything in life is part of some kind of love coming from a bitter selfish bastard.  

Honestly i really want to say one thing the main main reason why im trying to write this persuasive. If you feel you like someone or love or any type of feeling about someone or something let it be known because another breath is not always promised .. I'd recently witnissed young old and new lives lost and i just wanted to quickly say something about women.

Women / Female 

All of you are perfect regardless of your shape size color or style and even sexaulality ... believe or not with out you the world would be worthless there wouldn't be much to care for if there werent any whether if you like men or not. All women are made of something to be proud of and its called life....the samething that man are made of .


Honestly we are exactly the same as women except physicailly meaning feeling and soulfully we have the same wants and needs as others.

What i just wrote is the beginning of a long journey that im calling About being lonely love .... 

in all of the wierd formatted and sucky grammar articles i will publish will be about things i see and observe that is similiar to everyone in this world that being sad read and ill write or type .... you get what im saying thanks for your time ....\\


Jorce Kelly

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