After The Movie part 1

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A short story abouta 12-year old girl sent on a dare.

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Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011




After the movie
Even though it was over four years ago, I still remember this night very cleary, though I would love to just block it out of my memory forever.
I was twelve years old and had just moved from Boston to New York because my dad had found a better job there, working as the manager of sales at a company that sells refrigerators. I thought I was used to living in the city, but nothing could have prepared me for New York. It was not so much the amount of people that freaked me out, just the thought that if I ever lost my parents at night I might get lost or even abducted by some pedophile or phsycopath. After all there must be a few of those people in a city as big as the big apple who are hiding it well.
My first day at school was a disaster. Before we moved I went to a very regulated private school, were the boys wore slacks and the girls wore skirts, but when we went to New York we didn't have enough money to pay for one of those because we'd just bought an expensive house, so they put me in a public school. When I told the girls there I came from a private school in Boston they instantly disliked me. I tried everything to become their friends, and one day they finally gave in. But, of course, they weren't going to just let me join their group without a little test.
'Have you heard 'bout that movie Paranormal Activity?' Kirsten said.
'The magazines say it's the scariest movie ever. The government even gave it a special rating so only people over seventeen could get in. I was going to another movie last week and saw grown-ups coming out of the theater where Paranormal Acticity  was playing mid-way through the movie, crying and screaming because they were so fucking scared.'
'But what does this have to do with me?' I said, a little frightened.
'What do you think? You're gonna sneak in and watch the whole thing. And you have to videotape it so we know you didn't chicken out.'
'But...but...' I was stammering. Stop it! You're embarrassing yourself!
I stopped.
'So,' Kirsten said,' Are you gonna do it or not?'
I cant possibly agree with this. Besides getting scared I could get a fine for taping a movie in the theater. They'd think I was gonna put in on the internet illegally.
But if I don't do it they'll reject me and let everyone know I'm a stupid little coward. I was torn between two choices, but I had to make my decision now.
'Alright! The movie plays at 9:15 tonight. Show us the evidence tomorrow and you're in.'
I looked at the clock. It was 8:40 now, almost time. I was having second thoughts, but I knew I had to push through or else my school life would be ruined forever. I had taken my dad's expensive Sony camera from the cabinet in his study. It was now in my backpack. I had made up the story that I was going to Anna's to do homework together, and they had believed it. I was nervous, so very nervous. I had never felt this nervous in my entire life. It was almost like a physical pain, a pain in my belly that just wouldn't go away, no matter how hard I tried to stay calm. The cinema was three miles away, and I would be going on my bike. I had learned the route by heart. I also had eight dollars taken from my scarcely filled wallet. I looked at the clock again. 8:50. How could time be going so fast? It seemed only seconds ago I had looked and it had said 8:40. There was no turning back now. It was time to go.
I reached the cinema, which was called Must See Movie Theater, at 9:05. Right on time. The afternoon before I had gone there to observe how I was going to sneak in. The theater had five screens, and the guy who checked your ticket checked it not at the door of one of those, but just after you had bought it and you walked into the building. My plan was to buy a ticket for another movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and then go to Paranormal Activity instead. And it worked, though I did get a lot of stares from people as I practically ran into the theater where it was playing. That was step one. Now comes the hard part.
And hard it was.
The movie was scarier than anything I had ever seen. The closest thing she had ever seen to it was Scream, but that was nothing compared to this. And Kirsten had been right: two people did walk out of the theater crying. They had both looked in their mid-twenties. I was having trouble not crying myself. I just looked away but kept the camera pointing at the screen the whole time. When it was finally over, I walked out of the theater in a daze only to be spotted by someone who was probably the manager or something.
'Hey you! You aren't allowed in there! And what are you doing with that camera? Stop right there!'
At first I thought he was talking to someone else, I was still dazed. But then he came running toward me and I returned to full consciousness abruptly. I ran for it and he chased me. Sprinting out of the cinema I started crying. How could this possibly get any worse? I thought. I ran for five minutes straight until I was sure he was gone. My whole body was aching by then, it was like after stamina training in PE class, but worse. I stood there, breathing heavily, for about two minutes, and then I walked back. It took a surprisingly long time, and the whole time I was looking behine me and all around me, not only for the manager but also for ghosts. The movie had had such an impact on me I thought I was seeing them everywhere, and every minute or so I jumped because I thought one was behind me, but it was only a woman or a man, looking at me like they thought I was crazy. And maybe I was at that time.
After what seemed like hours I finally turned a corner and saw the cinema. The manager didn't appear to be on the lookout for me. I guessed he'd given up. Good. Now I just have to find my bike and get the fuck out of here. I walked over to the lanternpost to which I'd hastily tied my bike before the movie because I thought I had been late. It was gone. Gone? The lock I use is actually meant for motorcycles! They couldn't possibly have broken it! Then I saw how they had done it. The lock was lying on the ground, untouched....because the key was still in it. In her rush she hadn't even taken it out! What the hell do I do now? I thought. There seemed to be only one solution. I had to walk. Walk three miles through the dark streets of New York on a cold November night. I had to. So I did.
The walk was horrible. The movie still had a grip on me, and again I jumped everytime someone overtook me, and sometimes I jumped when I thought someone was behind me. My brain was numbed by fear, and my thought and movements seemed to be slow, sluggish almost. I felt like anyone with bad intentions could grab me off the street and I would just let them, too slow to do anything about it. I was walking at normal speed, but it seemed as though I was only going one mile an hour. This is gonna take forever, I thought. But that wasn't the most worrying thing. The numbing fear and feeling of sluggishness weren't either. The thing that bothered me most was that my mom and dad were probably asleep, and I didn't have a key.

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