After The Movie part 2

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A short story about a 12-year old girl sent on a dare.

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Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011




I reached the house, and my fears were confirmed. All the lights were out. There was no sign of movement in the house, and all the curatins were closed. Oh no! NO NO NO NO NO! Fuck! Shit! Fuck!
What the hell was I going to do? The doorbell was broken, there weren't any windows I could sneak into, because my mom kept them all locked against the cold from october to april. Unluckily for me my parents had become slightly paranoid after we moved to NYC. Paranoid of robbers and rapists and raving lunatics. So they had bought very sturdy Yale padlocks for all the doors and windows, and they had had alarms installed which sent a signal to the police when someone broke or forced a door or window. There seemed to be nothing to do but sit and wait for mom or dad to open. But what was I going to tell them? I had no idea. 
Well, a malevolent voice in my head said, You have all night to think about that, don't you?
As it turned out, I didn't. I did have a while though. How long I didn't know, because I didn't carry a watch. I used to, but my 'friends' had told me watches were for nerds, so I had taken it off and stored it in the bottom drawer of my desk. But Iooking back I think it must've been about 2:30 when the pervert came.
He came in a plain, black Volkswagen van, with dark windows so you couldn't look inside at night. He stopped some ten metres from me and got out. He was wearing plain clothes, also black, so he seemed like just a darker shadow among dark shadows. But I knew otherwise. I knew what he was, and I screamed. 'Help! Help me! Someone! But there was no-one there. I was alone, and I had to come up with a solution quickly. He was getting closer, just six metres away now, and I could see him smile. I could see his intentions in his eyes. I ran and he chased me, and for a moment I had a feeling of déja vu, but only for a moment. There was an alley behind my house, and I ran into hit, with the pervert just ten metres behind me. I reached the back of my house and my brain, which had suddenly sped up because of the panic, came up with a plan quickly and I acted quickly. I took an unusually large rock I saw lying on the ground and threw it with all my strength at the pervert. It struck him square on the head and he was knocked onto the ground, blood spurting form a wound near his temple. I walked up to him and saw he was neither dead nor unconscious, His eyes were wide open and miraculously he was still smiling, like he didn't care at all. The smile sickened me. I wanted it to stop. So I took the bloodspattered stone and brought it down on his face again and again. A red haze was clouding my thoughts, and all I could think was kill,kill,kill. 
I was still beating the rock down on his mashed face when they found me and took me away.
And here I am now, four years later, still locked up. I am writing this story for closure, but I think it is a futile effort. I still think of that night every night. I think of what might've happened had I just ran and ran until I'd lost him, just like with the manager. I could have hidden somewhere and come back when it was dawn. Sure I would have been punished, but I would have had a childhood. I would've had friends, I would even have been popular because I was in Kirsten's group. In short I would've had a life.
But I'm coming out soon. I've behaved so well the judge decided I can leave two years before my set sentence ends.
Soon I will walk though the prison gates back into my life. 

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