Beauty is not how you look

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about how cruel the world is to self image.

Submitted: October 15, 2014

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Submitted: October 15, 2014



Even in the end we seem to be more alive.

Isn’t it a simple world or not we always ask ourselves as we either

Walk home or get a ride from the parents who think the same thing.

Why, Why cant the world see that even in the eyes of us the youth can’t

Stand our own reflection in the mirror.


When will the time come for a certain girl to finally look in the mirror to finally

See a girl with beauty instead of a girl that is not perfect into societies eyes!

When will that time come? I wake up everyday and I get a text saying I am beautiful

But what about the girls who were told otherwise? Have they ever got a

Note from a boy they liked or told they were loved by their family?


How is it that no one can be different and yet there are so many

Things that are beautiful about being different?

When did everything get complicated! When did we

As people have to start looking a certain way to be

Loved by other people!

How come that when I say that you are beautiful or handsome

IN YOUR HEAD you say you are not and you look away

As if I was a poison to your very being! When will we ever

Be beautiful we ask ourselves when the answer is literally

SMACKING US in the face. WE always were it doesn’t matter to others.

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