Cannibal bitten

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cannibalism has many different stand points in the horror section and in history. If it is right or wrong....this story gives a new stand point in the mentality of a boy who is. A cannibal. Just because there is cannibalism; doesn't mean he won't fall in love....but will he be able go love her alive and not in his.....stomach.

Table of Contents

Cannibal bitten

it's about a boy who is a cannibal who finds the love of his life. now the question is will he be able to not eat her. Read Chapter

Her attempted scream trickled out into the night air but low and gurgling; he couldn't help but smile as he sliced open her smoothe tan s... Read Chapter

The stairs creaked as he ascended them to pull out his keys out and open the peeling grey door with c8 in silver to the narrow corridor o... Read Chapter

Time slowed as she ran down the stairs toward them, Nathair let out of Annibel and took a good look at the new neighbor. Carmel skin, A-c... Read Chapter

When the fresh slants of dawn slide into the small creak in the window; a pen dropped for Nathair to stir on the barren bed with a white ... Read Chapter

His eyes widdened as he saw Annibel standing in his kitchen for him to look around and walk over to where she stood with a flash light an... Read Chapter

As he realized it was her blood he felt his body shiver. The light feeling as it spread across his taste buds for him to snear and grab h... Read Chapter

Ashley waited as the flowers were handed to her and the truffle was set on the table before finally getting a hug from her sister. "H... Read Chapter

The next morning was very quiet.....Nathair was sitting a tthe table with his arms folded anad his head resting on the table asleep. He h... Read Chapter

The restaurant was large and stucco with lavender bushes towering high over the buildings windows. The faded wording of green gave the bu... Read Chapter

The gas petal was down to the floor as he Drove toward the restaraunt to stop and stay at a distance as Erin got into his car to start eh... Read Chapter

Nathair felt her laughter on his body to finish the tea and look at the clock; 8:56 a.m. it read to him for him to move away from her. ... Read Chapter

His covered his face with his hands as the thoughts of seeing her dead flooded his mind. All the different ways he could kill Read Chapter

The drive back was calm as annibel let her fingers lace in and out of the wind from the window as they neared the duplex he saw Ms. Summe... Read Chapter

Nathair looked into Ashley's eyes for his smile to fade away as Ashley looks away from him to clutch herself, "You must be bipolar...... Read Chapter

The drive back to the apartments was slow as his eyes kept glacing into the review mirror to see the same black car following behind him.... Read Chapter

He walked toward her as he sees her confused face for him to bend down and kiss her gently on the lips to  feel her exhale slowly du... Read Chapter

Author's note

Thank you everyone for reading Cannibal bitten! If you would please stay in tune for the sequal called TRY ME it would be much appreciate... Read Chapter