Mia Garcia

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there was a girl at the end of my street......

Submitted: June 20, 2015

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Submitted: June 20, 2015



I moved in just three days ago, the stories were all told by neighbors and kids that a girl would take cats and run away with them in the end. I had one black cat named spark he would wander around while I would unpack till one day I hear a voice like whisper say Aloud, 

"Come  here kitty come here." 

I walked to my front door to see a girl in a white dress down to her knees. She held in her arms my cat spark who's eyes were wide while hers were dark. Her tan skin was sickened with so,ethin g wet her short brown bob dropped down to her head shaped head.

"Hello little girl", I said with a start.

I had never seen her so I knew from the start. She was the girl the stories that taught me never to let spark out of the house.

"My name is Sophia"

I said introducing myself, she smiled at me slightly and ran away without a word. I watched her go to the corner of the street to rush down to the creek. I saw her again a few days later petting my sweet spark on the stairs. No one would say hi to her again so once I spoke out to her as she pAt my pets head.

"My name is Sophia, who are you again?" 

She replied with a smile and ran off the corner to slide down the the creek. This time I followed and found a small grave this one had a picture do the girl I had seen, a laugh so sweet rang through the air as my cat spark disappeared in thin air. On the tombstone it read Mia Garcia and I knew my cats spirit was hers to spread. I walked back to my house and looked at my neighbors their gravestones glistening with the morning waters. My name is Sophia Dias I was born in the earth my house is a coffin and that girl is my gift.

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