my sister is sleeping

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My sister is sleeping no one knows why

Submitted: June 20, 2015

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Submitted: June 20, 2015



My sister is sleeping no one knows why, my sister is peacefully when mama sings her a lullaby. All these doctors and nurses come by; they all come out tear soaked.

I wonder why my sister is always sleeping I never make a noise. Last time I did she fell and went to sleep. I wonder what happened that s a when I spoke or the day she fell aSleep.

What did she do to sleep so long; why can she wake up to sing a song? Mama says she got sick that say but I want her to be happy all day. 

I sometimes sneak into her room, I move her over so I can have room. We cuddle all night ever night but one day she open one eye blue. My sister smiled at me and sang her heart was happy to the end. 

Then I woke up and she was cold, I couldn't warm her no matter how I held her. I cried for mama to come warm her up, now she sleeps in a tiny box. I can't hold her anymore.....

my sister was sick the doctors said; now I lay in a similar bed my blood is going cold my parents say and they say my sister waiting to play.

I see my sister when I open my eyes, she is awake and well. We get to play all day and she sings to me too. I can hold her once more in my arms my sister is every thing in my heart.

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