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it is to save life instead of taking it.

Submitted: December 26, 2014

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Submitted: December 26, 2014



This is for the tough patches,

The loners, the invisible....

this one is for the hugs of comfort,

the tears of sadness, and the stranger

with a listening ear.


We all have someone.

someone who loves...

OUR flaws,

OUR laughs,

OUR smiles,

OUR family.

yet we all have this dark void;

this evil that hates everything about us.

You know.....the one that makes you

doubt every word said to you?


This one is for the ones who say

no one will love them...

I love your eyes, smile,

jokes, voice, thoughts. 

And even more.


I never knew that love could

be more than what I have now.

I never knew that when I was at my

strongest, one person could see through 

it and see my weaknesses.


This one poem that still makes me cry

gives me the strength to stand before you ALL, 

and say my poems. Though that may sound

silly I probably would be shaking like a leaf and 

studdering if the poets words didn't rattle through

my noisey brain.


This one phrase....

the four words that make my eyes 

water up that give me the strength

to stand before you....


"I believe in you." he said. 

he said that to all the people who 

either saw him in person, saw his video,

or read his poem. 


"I believe in you"...

What a concept....

Hearing words like this make you 

feel empowered and brave. 

"I. Believe. In. You." this one phrase

that so many people needed to hear before

going to their cubical office and having their

potential start to DIE as they choked

their dreams.


This one heart in my chest beats it's own song yet it means

more to me now then it did when I tried to tear myself....


This one heart that aches for the loses of 



and people i only met or saw once.

That passed away. This one poem that could...

one day. Save someones heart to continue beating.

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