The Same Kind

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vampires and humans are the same

Submitted: September 03, 2015

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Submitted: September 03, 2015



~~Vampires are scary beast lurking at night, hunting humans for blood. they drink human blood in order to live in this world. They we're what they call themselves 'a person that god abandoned' or ' Misfortuned child'. Humans treat vampire's a scary beast that only knows how to kill and this is why humans are example of a 'selfish child'.

Human's hunt animals and catch fishes in order to survive the world god created. Humans took care of every living things in the world but why is that they don't care for those who are different from them? Vampires are no different in human and there are proof that human's and vampires are the same.

Vampire's sleep at daylight while human's sleep at night. They hunt humans for blood and we hunt animals for meat. Vampire and humans look the same , both have the same strength yet difference in power. The only thing that is different from them is vampire's Immortality, they live longer than human's.

We humans are no different than vampires, we both kill to live and we both have sin to the lord. Right now, this century humans are like vampires, both living in this world and in order to live, both killed. That’s why never say that vampires are scary beast who only murders human's for blood until you realize that you, yourself is also a murderer.


" vampires and humans are no different in each other because both are murderers, they both kill to live" -WhiteMiracleRedGirl

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