Africa Story

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A stranger rescues a woman and her child who are alone in an African wilderness. Ten years later the woman finds the stranger as a derelict alcoholic on the streets of LA. By now she is wealthy and takes him into her home where she lives with the daughter he saved.
It transpires that he is ex-special services.
While watching the rolling news about a prison break, the man recognizes an old army buddy who now heads a team of bounty hunters. He and the woman decide to contact this buddy and suggest they go after the rebel leader in Africa who has a ten mil. bounty on his head. This rebel leader is the man who, ten years earlier, had wiped out the woman's village and killed her husband and baby son.
Together the two old army pals recruit retired members of their Company and the adventure into Africa begins.

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Central Africa 1971

Submitted: January 06, 2016

  CENTRAL AFRICA 1971    Her tears had dried, yet her soul was as dust.  Still,  she clung to hope&n... Read Chapter