By the Tyrant's Blade

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Resistance is futile, my strikes will be brutal; he hides within his great fortress of stone.

Submitted: June 21, 2012

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Submitted: June 21, 2012




By the Tyrant’s Blade

Poem By: A/C

Verse I:

Locked inside the tower,

The bells have tolled the hour;

She waits for the sun to arise from its slumber.


Verse II:

Off in the shattered night,

The knights rise up to fight;

Waiting only on our sight it encumbers.


Verse III:

Light rises from the black,

Now we’re ready to attack;

Our strength comes from our hearts, theirs from numbers.


Chorus I:

Up into the sky,

Walls of stone raised high,

Conquering our fear,

The battle now draws near.


Verse IV:

As the horns begin sound,

Drawbridge falls to the ground;

They march in shadowy steel with fiery eyes.


Verse V:

Flames of war begin to reign;

Draining blood of the slain

Coats the sand as scores of brave souls fall and die.


Verse VI:

Swords and axes slash away,

Shields and maces bash their prey;

My mistress morns the dead and still she cries.


Chorus II:

Climbing up the spire,

Walls adorned with fire,

Conquering their might,

As troops stand up to fight.


Verse VII:

Resistance is futile,

My strikes will be brutal;

He hides within his great fortress of stone.


Verse VIII:

Result of reaction,

He’s forced into action,

As I enter his chamber to claim the throne.


Verse IX:

The tyrant draws his sword,

My will shall be my ward;

This kingdom won’t restore ‘til he’s overthrown.


Chorus III:

Walls collapsing down,

I will take his crown,

Fighting with my art,

Force his blade into his heart.

© Copyright 2020 Jack Calhoun. All rights reserved.

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