you are unfinished

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romance/tragic poem

Submitted: December 10, 2016

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Submitted: December 10, 2016



You are like the Mona Lisa,
You will be unpaintable.
No artist can put your beauty on a canvas,
And if it was possible.
you could only be unfinished,
As no brush, chisel or palm can copy your beauty.

A swish of your hair would make angels fall out the sky,
A glance from your eyes would make jealous goddesses weep.
A smile from those full lips would send hundreds of devils into waves of lust,
A kiss from you would allow me to die.
As my life would be fulfilled, 
Whilst you would remain unfinished.

A single strand of your hair is like a thread of silk,
And yet imperfect.
Your eyes are like a pool of colour that I wish I could drown in them,
And yet imperfect.
Your red lips are that of the rarest rubies,
And yet imperfect.
A kiss from you would allow me to die,
And yet that would seem imperfect.
My life would be fulfilled,
And yet my life then would seem imperfect.
Whilst you would remain imperfect,
As you are unfinished.

And why is that I wonder?
Blame the creator and kill him.

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