A Game of Mating

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Something's suspicious as twelve men and twelve women compete to win on The Mating Game. Contestants become more desperate as, one by one, they are eliminated. Find out how love can be both a game and serious business.

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



Note: The Intended Title for this piece is "The Mating Game," but the name is apparently in use on this website. Therefore, the listed name is "A Game of Mating." This has nothing to do with the original story of the same title.

The Mating Game

“Hello, this is your host Jack Denim-“

“AND Krista Walters-“

“Bringing you another episode of The Mating Game. Today I would say we have a lovely pool of candidates ready to fight for the finish! Ladies and gentlemen, your bachelorettes—“ Twelve young ladies enter the set, filling twelve seats to the right. They smile and wave, flashing stylish couture as they walk in.

“Meet Barbara, Toni, Kris, Penny, Brenda, Lilly, Edna, Kylie, Madeline, Sophie, Tigris, and Cornelia,” Krista Walters introduces them, as the camera zooms in on each individually. “Bachelorettes, meet your bachelors!” Twelve young men enter, smiling and waving, and filling twelve seats from across the room. “Care to do the honors, Jack?”

“Certainly. Bachelorettes, meet Jake, Stanley, Jeremy, David, Noah, Ricky, Joel, Geoffrey, Jeffrey… isn’t that neat? Geoffrey with a G, what’s your last name?”


“And Jeffrey with a J?”


“Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bruce and Mikel. Now, on with the list: Phillipe, Andrew, and

Kyle. Wave to the people, guys!” They all give winning smiles and wave casually.

“Now for part one of the competition!” Krista continues. “The studio audience members will now vote on who they think is an attractive cast member! You’re limited to five votes per gender. The man and woman who score the least will be… outta here!” A large screen shows close-up footage of each contestant with their name, smiling as the audience casts their votes.

A bell goes off. “Ding-ding!” Jack yells. “I love that bell. Care to announce the results, Krista?”

“Certainly! For men, in the lead, with 1,802 votes… Andrew!” Andrew gives a broad smile and waves cooly to the camera, before blowing it a kiss. “And who do the viewers think would be a good match for Andrew!?! The winner for the women… with 1,927 votes… Brenda! Andrew, Brenda, come down to the couple’s chair.” They walk down through the other contestants and sit together on a large, heart-shaped couch. Andrew and Brenda cuddle together. “Our audience think that you’re the most physically attractive couple here. You’re in the lead! But now… who will be outta here!

Jack picks up the announcements. “The following contestants had more than 1,000 votes, and are safe from elimination! For the bachelorettes: Barbara, Lilly, Kylie, and Tigris. Give them a hand, folks!” The audience applauds greatly. ‘For the guys: Jake, Jeremy, Mikel, and David! Will those that have not been called please come to the front?” The others rise and stand together, ready to be seen by the cameras.

Krista continues with the preliminaries. “The next top two men and women: Kris, Penny, Kyle, and Ricky!” The audience roars with laughter!

“And the next three safe pairs… Sophie, Edna, and Toni, plus Stanley, Bruce, and Joel!” Whistles and shouts fill the set. “If you’re safe, except,” he laughs, “for our star couple, please return to your seats.” Now the set has the four that have not yet been chosen.

“Find out after the break… who will be OUTTA HERE!?!”


“Welcome back,” Krista Walters greets. Two men and two women are competing to make it to round two of The Mating Game! Phillippe, Noah, Madeline, and Cornelia had the lowest scores from the audience, all below two-hundred votes. Now, two of them will be… Outta here! Take it away, Jack.”

“Thanks, Krista. Now, to business. Phillippe, you had a total of 187 votes. Noah… you had a total of 196! Congratulations! You advance to the next round!” Noah grins, waves, and runs back to his seat.

A look of terror comes over Phillippe’s face. “No…”

“You heard him, folks! Phillippe is OUTTA HERE!” Two security guards drag the squirming Phillippe off the set. “Now, who will make it for the girls? Cornelia, you only had 168 votes. Madeline, you had exactly… 168! You know what that means!”

“Tie-breaker!” Denim replies in a singsong voice. “Now the male contestants will vote on who will remain… and who will be OUTTA HERE! Gentlemen, put in your votes.” The bachelors press the buttons from the controls underneath their seats. “Eleven votes. If you got less than six… you’re OUTTA HERE! I’ll now read the votes as they appear… Madeline! Cornelia!” The girls faces are desperately contorting. “Two more for Madeline! One for Cornelia!” Cornelia is crying. “One more for Madeline… One for Cornela… One more for Madeline! One more vote will tell us if Cornelia’s OUTTA HERE!!! One more vote just came in… for Madeline! Cornelia, you’re OUTTA HERE!

Cornelia runs, and security guards drag her through the large, dark doorway off the set. “NO! GOD! NOOOOO!”

“Round two!” Krista declares. “Now the contestants will share some of their faves, before eliminating one member amongst themselves, and one with the audience. Four more competitors… OUTTA HERE!

“Why don’t the current fan favorites start?” Jack says. “Andrew, Brenda, what is your favorite food? Movie?”

“Pizza!” she says.

“Me too!” Andrew replies. Then he kisses her on the forehead. “And for the movie, I’d actually like to ask the audience!” The audience roars with approval.

“Never heard that one before! Have we, Jack?”

“Nope. You, in the audience! Come up here!” An attractive young woman approaches the set. “What is your favorite movie?”

“I would have to say…”she ponders eagerly, “WALL-E. The whole dystopian aspect is so incredibly 2000s. We haven’t seen something like that for a while!”

Jack nods slowly. “You like dystopian fiction?”

“Yes. Something about the human race criticizing itself… government, human nature… it’s so interesting.

“Yes… and your name…?”

“Michelle. So glad to be on the show again!” She returns happily to her seat.

Jack and Krista quiz the other contestants… what is your favorite food? Movie? Song? TV show- always The Mating Game, of course- eventually, Krista announced that it was time to see who would stay and who would “be OUTTA HERE!”

“Noah, Joel, and Bruce,” Jack announced, “the contestants have voted, and one of you will be outta here. Likewise, Edna, Kylie, and Madeline, one of you will lose… Joel, Madeline, you’re both safe!” They re-joined the others in the stands. “Time to recast votes: Noah or Bruce? Edna or Kylie?” Noah lost by one vote, Edna by two. “They’re OUTTA HERE!!!


“GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!” Two more contestants are dragged off of the stage. The audience voted next, eliminating another two contestants. Then they sent away four contestants after a personality interview. Seven men and women remained in the game.

“And now comes the point where our contestants will be broken up into official couples! Please take a moment on your voting pads to match each man with the woman YOU think they should be with in… The Mating Game!

See the results after the break!


Back to the show!

Krista holds a creamy white envelope. “You picked the lovers, now see what happens next! You matched our contestants in the following way:

Barbara is partners with Mikel!

Toni is partners with Kyle!

Kris is partners with Andrew!

Lilly is partners with Ricky!

Brenda is partners with David!

Kylie is partners with Jeremy!

and Madeline is partners with Jake!

Now for part two of The Mating Game!

Jack continued announcing the rules. “In part two, the couples will run practice dates for audience approval. A thousand ups buys an extra five minutes, then at the end you can pick your favorites! Those that don’t do well enough will mix and mingle to see who’s OUTTA HERE! You ready, everybody?” The audience erupts with applause; this was always one of the best parts of the show. “First up, Barbara will go on a date with Mikel, or Jeffrey, now that Bruce Jeffrey is—“ he jokingly motions cutting his head off. “Ladies and gentlemen, round one!”

Barbara and Jeffrey sit at a table together. Each has a plateful of spaghetti.

“You come here often?” Jeffrey asks.

“I don’t plan to.”

“You like spaghetti?”


“Hey, do you believe in love at first sight?”

“It depends,” she says softly. “How much does it take… to decide love?” The audience rewards this with awwws.

“Yes, what is love?”

Shyly, she replies, “Love is what you feel… when you’re being told through another person that, life is good, that life matters.” The clicker keeping track of ‘ups’ is whirling. 798 in two minutes.

“…Do you love me?...”

Barbara shies away and turns to her side, leaving his question unanswered.

“Timid, huh? Maybe I can peel it away.” 847, four minutes.

“I can’t say I love you. I didn’t know you a few minutes ago.”

“But that’s why we’re here, to create love, to find companionship… can you think of something more noble? People willing to go out and find each other, and announcing to the world, “I love this person.”

Barbara stands and kisses him on the cheek. 1,313 in seven minutes. They had already refreshed their time. At the end of ten minutes, they had 1,567, a typical fan favorite score. The other dates proceeded one by one, the audience showing their approval by giving extra time to the favorites.

“Round four! Lilly and Ricky!”

“I’m the cougar,’ Ricky says. No ups.


“I want you… I need you…”

They reach two minutes with less than two-hundred ups. They reach five with only four-hundred. Finally, the audience has shown their opinion of every couple. “And now it’s time to announce the results! Who thinks they did well?” Several couples smile at each other, then hug or kiss. “Three couples will advance to the next round. The others will compete with their gender to move on. First, our fan favorite couples! Barbara and Jeffrey, you’re safe!” The couple embraces and comes to the front of the set.

“Mind if I help out, Krista? The next winning team… Brenda and David!” They also take their place at the front of the set. “And finally—“

“Toni and Kyle!” Krista interrupts. “Congratulations!”

“And now, the other couples will see… which guy and gal are the best lovers? One member of each couple will now be…”

OUTTA HERE!” she again interrupts. “As a refresher, the couples that didn’t make it—“

“Kris and Andrew! Lilly and Ricky! Kylie and Jeremy! Madeline and Jake!”

“Thank you. Now, YOU voted on who in each couple should be… OUTTA HERE!!!

“And while you all seem simply lovestruck—

“We really hate to do this, but it’s part of the show.”

“Kris and Andrew, the audience has decided to eliminate… Andrew.” His eyes widened. “WHAT THE HELL! I’M ATTRACTIVE! NO! LET—ME—Go!”

Guards carried him, as well as Ricky, Kylie, and Madeline, screaming off set.

The remaining contestants seem disturbed, but quickly resume smiling and waving.

“Now it’s time to choose… Who gets to continue? Who will become a new couple?

Kris or Lilly? Jeremy or Jake? Cast your votes now! And find the results right after the break!”


“Welcome back. You’ve picked two more lovers to go to the finals… Part three, the traditional Dating Game!”

“The results are in. The new finalist couple… Lilly and Jake!”

“Oh God… OH GOD!” Kris runs into the studio audience, attempting to flee through the emergency exit. Audience members run in and grab her, handing her over to the security guards. Jeremy just stands there in terror, walking passively with the guards.

“And now it’s time for part three, the Dating Game! But first, couples will compete for an advantage… a compatibility test!” The audience is bursting with anticipation. “Each contestant will answer questions about themselves while the other is in a soundproof booth. Who should be with who? Find out now!”

Each contestant answers the same series of question.

“Do you like children?... Do you believe in love at first sight?... Do you like animals?... Would you rather read a book or join a sports team?” and so on. At the end, audience members voted on which two couples would get an advantage.

“This is how it works:” Jack explains. “There is one bachelor Dating Game and one bachelorette Dating Game. In the bachelor, three women answer questions asked by the bachelor, and he picks one to be his mate. In the bachelorette, the genders are reversed. If a couple wins bachelor or bachelorette, then the person who is matched with their correct gender is the interviewer, and if they really love each other, they’ll pick the right one! The two that aren’t pick are… OUTTA HERE! Alright. Krista, you have the results?”

“Yes I do, Jack! The winner of the bachelorette game… Lilly and Jake! And the Winners of the bachelor game… David and Brenda! Congratulations!” The guards bring out a booth with one seat, then a divider that separates it from three others. David is directed to take the first chair, then Barbara, Toni, and his partner, Brenda, take the other three. “We have given each contestant a voice shifter with a distinctly different voice. You will ask questions of contestant number one, two, or three, they will answer, then you’ll pick your date! Ready?” He nods, then picks up some cards, picks one out, and begins reading.

“If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be? For… Number one?”

Number one, Barbara, replies “A weeping willow. The willow is graceful and beautiful and feather and sweet and—“

“Number two?”

Number two, Toni, answers, “Anything but the willow. Apparently it’s a good deal too complex for me.” The audience laughs.

“Number three?”

“I would be a sapling at the mercy of the wind… You, my love, I will forever be at your mercy if you CHOOSE ME!”

David picks up another card. “We’re married. It is my birthday, and I’m sick. What do you do for me? Number one?”

“I would bring you sweets and goodness and love and flowers and ANYTHING, ANYTHING your heart desires!”

“…Number two?”

“Heck, I’d give you a menu.”

“Number three?”

“My very life is in your hands. I would give you my very heart on a silver platter if I thought it would make you happy!”

David continues to ask questions, and the girls continue to give answers. After a total of five questions, the bachelorette game began before David was allowed to state his decision.

This time Lilly was interviewing Kyle, Jeffrey, and her partner, Jake.

“Should a man do housework or have a full-time job? For everybody.”

“I’d do what you want me to do,” number one, Kyle, replied.

“I’d work at home so that you could fulfill your dreams,” answered number two, Jeffrey.

“I’d support you, and help you build a family, but we could both have real jobs. I’d work so that you could do what you want with your life, be it art, work, or staying at home,” responded number three, Jake.

The bachelorette game resumes to completion. “And now… who will our bachelor and bachelorette choose!?! Who will be… OUTTA HERE!?!?!

“I have David’s envelope,” Jack says as he triumphantly marches onstage.

“And I have Lilly’s!” Krista replies. They each open their envelope and read the answer.

“David, come out and meet contestant number two!” All three girls are sitting in a soundproof booth with a sign that states their number. David comes on set is shown contestant number two, and then meets the three, who are unaware of the winner, in tandem. Then they are blindfolded, and David is asked to kiss the contestant he chose.

Shortly contestants one and two throw off their blindfolds only to find that they are being dragged away.

Brenda gives one of the guards a solid punch in the jaw and runs offset. Barbara also tries to run, but is quickly caught and dragged through the door. Presently, Brenda is also tracked down and taken howling through the dark doorway.

Toni and David sit in one of two couples chairs, trying to suppress their horrified expressions.

“Now let’s find out who our bachelorette chose! Krista, announce it, please!”

“Lilly, come out and meet… contestant number three!”

Again, she comes out, meets the blindfolded contestants, and kisses Jake, contestant number three. The boys are taken more easily into the darkness.

Now two couples chairs are occupied, but Lilly and Jake and Toni and David.

“Now for the show’s dramatic climax… which couple will get to live? Find out after commercial break!”


“We’ve already gotten rid of the gunk. Now YOU decide which couple will better the gene pool.”

“We’ve all done it. Help us to complete this purge and decide who will make a more beautiful world. Cast your votes- Lilly and Jake or Toni and David? Please cast your votes.” The audience eagerly selects their team, and then bend forward in their chairs for the much awaited result.

“We’ve tallied the votes… and the winner from this crop is… Toni and David!”

Music plays and confetti drops on the winners. Lilly and Jake are gagged and forced offset. Toni and David hug, kiss, and leave the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time as fiancées. Toni Mitchel and David Wrack!” The audience cheers.

Then Toni and David clear the set, and the losers enter one by one in order of elimination.

“Remember our mission,” Krista declares. “Making the world a more attractive place, stay tuned to The Mating Game! Hope you enjoyed this episode and you’ll join us again for the next purge!

Staaaaaaaaay sexy!”

The losers are lead offset, and are hanged live one by one on the closing credits.

The winners are married the next day and create children, which will also compete in The Mating Game when they are adults.

The Mating Game is used to control and maintain an attractive population.

Love is serious business.

© Copyright 2018 Jack Denim. All rights reserved.

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