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This is a poem that I wrote a long time ago. It was shortly after my dad left and my grandpa died. I think I was 12 at the time

Submitted: March 21, 2007

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Submitted: March 21, 2007



If your parents pop pills or alcohol abuse

and your only way of expression is to cut yourself or use

or every night you're alone, justto sit and cry

and wonder why

it's not acceptable to cry

when it hurts so bad

you wanna lay down and die

you think

this can't hurt any worse right?

as you sneak to the bathroom and lock the door tight

why does everything have to be so wrong!

why did my dad leave!

why did my friend have to die!

why is that I would do anything just not to care

just not to feel

why it I gotta feel like nothing's ever real

is love real

is friendship real

or is it an illusion

swept away the moment I turn my back

why is I can't be myself

outside I joke around

I can't show you me

but if no one knows me

how can they love me

is love possible

doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved

Don't they!!!

why is it that you just can't cry

you have to sit alone

and just slowly die

To painfully diea thousnaddeaths

just bottle it up

and the pain does the rest

the pain of the memories

the shards of the past

will kill your soul

and it won't die fast

everything’s just gotta be so bad!

my room tilts, my world shakes

my walls melt and cave in around me

I find myself in a black void

where there is nothing

no thoughts

no feelings

no memories

none at all

a black dimension

of simplicity

of lucidity

Surrounded by a world of complexity

This is where I go to be free

This is where I go when I bleed

I wake up in the bathroom again

watching theblood drip down the drain





oh god

what have I done

this is no way to live

this is no way to be

I've got to get these feelings out of me

I'm not giving up

if I die I go down swinging!

I will get this off my back

get off me memories!

get off me feelings go away!!

hurt me no further

leave me alone,

go away


my story will not end that way

my story will not end today

my LIFE will not end that way

my LIFE will not end today

I'll beat this

I'll make this pain

go away

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