diamond-School and all it's...Wonders?

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I was sitting in the hallway looking at all of the other students, walk around like cattle. and I thought about how mundane school is so I wrote a poem about the repetitive lifestyle that is...school

Submitted: March 27, 2007

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Submitted: March 27, 2007



school is not a fun place

but I would call it far from waste

a day at school is so mundane

the frustration is enough to make me insane

I learn of science's mystery

and then I go to history

after which I learn to weld

then like Pavlov's dog

salivate to the lunch bell

Throughout the day I learn of many things

of shoes, and ships, and sailing wax

of cabbages and kings

I learned today of a man named Archie

running naked through the town

running to the king’s house

to tell him of his crown

In English class I’ve always done well

Yet I wonder why I still can’t spell

Today I also learned of Rome

A terrible place that’s not like home

To them entertainment is a vile thing

Throwing peasants to lions, contained in a ring

In Scotland there were blue men

running around a battlefield

Like giant smurfs with bow and arrows

And broadswords did they wield

I also learned of Deadalus

And his rather stupid son

Who with wings of feathers stayed with wax

flew too close to the sun

like cattle to a troth

we go from bell to bell

some people say this place rocks

to others it is hell

they try to steer us morally

although it’s really boring

they tell us all to stay off of drugs

and counter them with love and hugs

the commons is like a lion’s den

each table has an alfa male

and his loyal mother hen

then the last school bell rings

and then everyone yells

some are just going home

while others go to hell

at the end of the day

teachers all go away

then it all starts again

all the same the next day


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