My Faith in Acting

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I'm an American that has been training at a British drama school for the past three years and this is the statement to start of my final project at school. Some background: All the stories are true. My father died just before I turned 20. This is also to slightly remembrance him. Although if I'm honest, all credit should go to my mom. Without whom I could not have accomplished any of this.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Submitted: May 20, 2012



About a year ago I read that there were only three types of actors. The first type are people who go straight out of high school and hit New York hard with A.) no training and B.) usually give up in a few years time. Then there are the ultra famous. The names that anyone could recognize. The actors that bought a mansion because of one film they did even if it got a pitiful score on IMDB. Then there is the actor that I want to be. The actor that makes a comfortable living solely off their acting. If I had to say what my ultimate goal was, that would be it.
There are several people I know that went to New York to be an actor but then got scared and ran away. They now have respectable jobs like paralegal, or nurse, or a business owner. But all of them, without exception, wish they could go back and try to be an actor again.
My father was a pilot. He loved his job, and had been at his job for nearly 30 years. Then one day his captain took the throttle of the plane and slowed the airspeed down making the plane two hours late. The captain said he'd make two hours more money than if he didn't. My father, being the meticulous man he was, said that not only would that make all the people on the plane late but everyone else that needed to use the airport that day. After some cross words my dad took the throttle and assumed control of the plane. He landed on time. This was a minor incident, but along with the pay cuts, the terrorism, the pension loss, and not to mention stress at home, This minor incident signaled the loss of pride flying had left for my dad. His job became solely about money and if he was going to make enough. It turned into a job he hated.
So why have I told you these stories? I realize there is a strong possibility that I may never become the actor I want to be. I realize that even though I want to be a trans-formative actor, or an actor that other actors look up to, that that might not happen. I realize that I may never get the chance to be the lead in a huge Broadway play a massive or a Hollywood feature film. Despite all this I'm never happier than when I can make an audience sit up and listen, or when I can take them through a story and have them forget that there is an outside world. Actors and stories do this all the time for me. I not only want that ability but I also want to share it with the world. This is the job I love, and want to continually get better at. If I can pay for my life doing a job I love and want to grow with, then I'm damn well going to try, despite what fears may come. I haven't loss my pride in acting, and I'm sure that even though my dad lost his pride in his job, he never regretted flying all those years. I'm going to follow the advice that my father gave me. If there is one thing in life you want to do, be amazing, and stop at nothing to be the best you can be. That is exactly what I'm going to do.

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