Forgotten (Prologue)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the prologue to a novel I've been writing. If you'd like to read more please let me know as currently I don't know whether it's worth putting up the other chapters ---------- Six strangers are awoken with their memories wiped on a mysterious tropical island with a subtle but certain sense of artificiality. Not only do they battle against the horrors and secrets that the island holds but they fight against themselves too as they eventually start uncovering parts of their own psyche, questioning whether they deserved to have their memories in the first place...

The serenity of the man’s surroundings enthralled his mind. Looking out towards the horizon, an immeasurable amount of miles away, the now setting sun caused the oddly lifeless sea to reflect all of its brilliance, making the ocean’s surface give the impression it was made of billions of tiny stars, all of which were watching the man.

The magnitude of water itself rippled like an infinitely large velvet sheet in a gentle breeze, where large waves would lazily drift up and down with not enough energy to cause any froth in the water, meaning the ocean remained at a shade of deep blue. The surface itself appeared to consist of fabric instead of water.

As the sea stroked the shore line, the breaking waves were no higher than the man’s foot. He hadn’t noticed this at first which was why a shiver climbed his spine once he felt the cool water surround him. It was cool, invitingly cool.

As the sun made its last efforts to warm the man before it sunk below the horizon, the man inhaled the ocean air and smiled, watching the sun melt into the sea. The evening sky was getting dark, so that if you peered close enough you could see that the first of the trillions of stars were beginning to wake up, ready to illuminate the night sky with mystery and wonder yet again.

The man fell to his knees. His arms dropped to the sand, the wet sand that still felt oddly inviting. The man wanted to lie in it. He wanted to become the sand and forever be lost amongst it.

The man started to sway and his mind began to burn. He didn’t know why.


That word suddenly caused the man to keel over onto all fours, allowing the water to surround more of his body. He started shaking, but this time out of fear. His hands seemed to be sinking into the sand as the shore tried to swallow him. The sun had abandoned him. The stars watched him teasingly. The velvet sea no longer shimmered with wondrous light.

Why am I here?

His rate of breathing escalated.

Why am I here?

The man had not yet asked himself this question. In fact, he had not asked himself any of the questions which were now swimming around his mind.

Why am I here?

How did I get here?

What’s happening to me?

His mind burned with fire and ice and he launched himself onto his back, pressing against his eyes with his hands. This was when another question brutally forced itself into his conscience.

Who am I?

His heart skipped a beat and his body roared with desire. The desire to know.

He squirmed and his muscles contorted as he tried to remember who he was. Remember anything.

Why couldn’t be remember anything?

And that’s when the man realised, he couldn’t remember anything. His life was a mystery. All he knew was that he didn’t know. All he knew was here and now. His childhood was as far away as unseen moon. His family were as familiar as the depth of the ocean. He failed to retrieve any form of knowledge about his past life. He even failed to remember what he was doing a mere 10 minutes ago. This realisation and sudden force of not knowing almost destroyed him. The brutal enormity of it. He felt without purpose. He felt like nothing. He only allowed himself to keep living with the thought that someday he might know again.

He couldn’t breathe. The sand was eating him alive. The sea constantly reached out to him, offering some support, but then left just as quickly. The sun had abandoned him.

The trillions of stars all laughed at once, mocking him.

A new variable came to the attention of the man, a sensation against his palm. He noticed he was tightly holding something in his hand. It had been there all this time, except he had now only just acknowledged it on the brink of destruction.

It was a scrunched up piece of paper.

With worryingly shaking hands, he struggled to unfold it. Once he completed this task, he held the wrinkled paper to the heavens at arms length and noticed five handwritten words on it.

In anticipation, the sand stopped trying to swallow him. The sea stopped mockingly offering its help and remained silent. The stars were no longer laughing.

Noticing every breath he took with blood gushing through his ears, the man read the paper.

“Your name is Jack Reid”

Jack Reid fell limp in the sand. 

Submitted: July 30, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Jack Green. All rights reserved.

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List of Tia

Great start - I really like how you end it with him opening the piece of paper telling him his name!

Mon, August 10th, 2015 3:49pm

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