Dianna's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  No Houses
Dianna is a woman who is married, becomes unmarried and in love and denied her lover because of World War 1 and who is mysteriously beaten up in Bermuda and finally lives out her life, with a murder on her conscience.

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017










Jack Kay

I Dianna's Distress

A cold biting November wind greeted her as she made her way

through the expanse of the City Park. She bundled her scarf

over the lower part of her face, and walked hesitantly

along the path to the street opposite to her home.


She stopped hesitantly, pausing for a moment and then by accelerating her body, she raced up the stairs of the corner house. This was the home of her neighbour and friend Elizabeth Mary MacArthur.

On reaching the porch she faltered again finally gathering her courage, rang the bell, which she located on the centre of the heavy outer door of the Victorian style mansion. Within seconds a figure appeared at the door that she discerned through the glass.

A smallish younger woman dressed in a servant's outfit greeted her and she was ushered into the foyer.

"I will tell Mrs McArthur you are here, may I take your wrap."

"Yes thank you Nance", and she handed the coat over to the maid with whom she was acquainted. 

Within moments a very tall statuesque woman entered the hallway and gushing a warm welcome she took the young woman's hand and guided her into the living room, It was a large cluttered room that was dark and dreary, lit by a single ceiling light and heated by a wood fireplace.

The woman visitor stood silently by the fireplace warming herself. The other woman carefully seated herself in an upholstered settee and motioned to her friend to sit.

"This is a pleasant surprise Dianna, I thought you had said when we spoke that you were expecting your parents today.  Won't you please come and sit, you seem upset," she said patting the chair net to the settee.

" Thank you Elizabeth, my parents are not visiting until next week, and I unable to sit because I have recently been beaten by my husband."

Elizabeth McArthur had befriended Dianna Gray Smith whom she met when Dianna had arrived in Willamsville two years previously in 1910. They had met at a fall social and had immediately become good friends. They had developed a close relationship with the older woman Elizabeth McArthur often providing trivial domestic advice for the younger recently married Dianna Gray Smith.  Dianna had grown up in Toronto, the daughter of a prestigious and wealthy family of furniture manufacturers. She had attended the best schools and had grown into a beautiful charming young woman. 

 The news that her confidant had been beaten startled Elizabeth but she smiled obliquely, her face slightly reddened at the other woman's assertion. She reflected briefly about the implications of a woman being abused and then walked to the fireplace and rang the bell that hung loosely on the wall.

"I will get Nance to bring some tea then we can talk."

Instantaneously the maid entered and took the order, returning a few minutes later with a tray and a large cushion. Elizabeth McArthur then requested that she not be disturbed and placing the cushion on the settee, guided Dianna, and motioned for her to sit. She did so but not without a grimace and a long intake of breath.

"Dianna, men often can be such tyrants but I am sure that this can be nothing more than perhaps a passing fancy. My husband also acts in a rather boyish manner when I am in puris naturalibis after bathing and he lightly strikes my derriere causing me to shriek with feigned anger. I call this nothing more than a love tap."

Elizabeth paused allowing Dianna to contemplate her admission of amorous playfulness.

"I realize that you most likely find this some what of a corporal punishment that you may not have experienced from Alfred previously." She said, shifting her body directly towards her friend.

Dianna slowly sipped her tea holding the China cup gracefully aloft considering the gist of her friend's words.

"If this situation had been the first and only time I would have no doubt dismissed the entire episode from my mind, but frankly it has become a rule rather than an exception. I know that husbands may use corrective punishment without redress but this has become more than just a reminder that he is the head of our household, as I am forced regularly to endure a beating”.

"But Dianna, you mean to say that your husband is  ... ah throttling you as a punishment, much like you if you were a child?"

Elizabeth was quick to see that she had struck a raw nerve, because Dianna had begun to sob. She held back any further comments as Dianna lowered her head and cried uncontrollably. She at once reached over  and softly ran her hand over Dianna's hair, quietly and with much compassion murmuring to Dianna to get control of herself.

Several Moments passed and finally the younger woman raised her head, her eyes swollen and red. She clutched Elizabeth McArthur's hand speaking in a tiny voice as she dried her eyes, and began to recount the story of her life with Alfred Gray Smith and what she knew of his past.

Elizabeth listened intently as her friend slowly and passionately revealed Alfred's background and how he had attended private schools from an early age and how he had been abused by being regularly whipped. She told how they how met and her impressions of his peculiar life style. At times she spoke in a very low pitched voice almost at a whisper.

Finally she ceased speaking and sat back in her chair awaiting the advice of her mentor. Elizabeth had patiently waited while the young woman painstakingly unravelled her life with her husband, but now she realized one apparent and important piece of the story had been omitted.

"I suppose that all of us have some great burden to bear through our relationships but there is one point I must make with you that may not be very easy to discuss," she said, as she tightened her grasp upon Dianna's hand.

She carefully cleared her throat and looking straight into her friend's eyes began to delve into an area that was extremely delicate.

"Dianna do you engage in sexual intercourse after you have been ah beaten, and if he does, is it from the rear quarter and does he ah... how long does he take before reaching his pleasure?"

Dianna had to strain her vocal cords to reply but finally in a moment of despair and looking away towards the mantle piece began to describe her most inner thoughts.

"When we married two years ago Alfred and I spoke very little of the act, I was of course a complete neophyte, and until we met I had only a passing and most platonic friendship with men allowing them only a few very chastened kisses. The thought of intimate relations never really crossed my mind until we both undressed for bed on our marriage night."

She again sobbed slightly and continued her voice increasing in its intensity.

"Alfred began his sexual advance by lightly patting my backside, which I still had not uncovered, he spoke very quietly and asked me to remove my underclothing, which I did, and then without a word he turned me over and began to place my body in a position where my knees rested on the bed and my face and upper body were tilted downward, such as if I were to attempt a somersault. In this way he began to caress my bottom, I could by now feel his hardness, and he guided my hand to hold his member. By now he was beginning to grunt and I sensed that he was ready to begin his consummation of our marriage. "

Elizabeth, sighed slightly dropping her friends hand as she spoke, she was almost traumatised by Dianna's disclosure.

"So" she said breaking into Dianna's story, "he did in fact enter you from the rear but....”

  Dianna raised her hand slightly to continue speaking and Elizabeth sat back in anticipation for the answer to her question

 "I wasn't sure exactly where he intended to place himself, in fact it seemed he was going to enter my anal area but before he could do anything he moaned as if in pain and I felt a sudden rush of warm discharge on my behind. Since this occasion he has prematurely reached his conclusion each time he has attempted to mount me.  We have never really consummated our marriage, and as a result he now spanks my bare bottom and otherwise beats me, as if I was the cause of his inadequacy. He is unable to perform as a husband and although I have referred to this situation Alfred constantly averts the conversation.

Outside the short November afternoon had begun to wane and Elizabeth expected her husband home momentarily so rather than continue the conversation she decided to have Dianna return two days hence when she told her she would have a plan of action.







II the French Tutor


For Dianna the two-day wait had been unbearable and she had had to pretend that she was experiencing her monthly curse in order to stay clear from her husband.

Finally the day arrived and she proceeded to her friend's home, and was ushered into the sitting room by the maid. She noted a youngish man who sat smoking a small cigar in a dark corner of the room who averted her gaze.

"Dianna so nice to see you again and may I introduce my French Tutor Guy McNeil." said Elizabeth as she motioned to the man.

He rose soundlessly and came forward to kiss her hand.

"It is indeed a pleasure to make your acquaintance" he said in French.

Dianna spoke French and was almost ready to respond when the young man smiled and showing a very toothy grin began again to introduce himself in perfect English.

" I apologise but by habit I have learned to make introductions in French because of my vocation, but our discussion today will of course be in English."

Dianna murmured a reply and took her place near Elizabeth.

Elizabeth now addressed her remarks to Dianna in a resolute voice.

"I should begin by telling you that although I have hired Guy to be my tutor in French, that he has another skill, the information of which you must hold as a confidence and as you are my friend I will divulge to you to-day. Your problem or that of your spouse is termed by the eminent German psychologist Sigmund Freud as being premature ejaculation of the male member. This condition is shared by many men and I think is due to their obvious disregard for the needs and wishes of the female gender.  Women are a vehicle for some men to fornicate and this is accomplished without love or care. I have also been unfortunate in my marriage to select a man who is both delightful and brutish. This is a contradiction in character but nonetheless this sums up our marriage."

She stopped to wipe a few tears that had suddenly appeared and then continued.

"We as individuals are complete slaves to a system which deprives us of our basic desires. I am sure it will come as no shock to you that your husband is incapable of having a normal relationship with you. Men who have been abused as children harbour thoughts of guilt and retribution; some will attempt to pay back their inquisitors as your husband does by punishing you or by violence or sexual deviation. There are men who are driven by fantasies and for whom spanking or some other machination assists them in erecting their tools. My husband requires so much fantasy that it has become tiresome and beyond my endurance, and then finally when he is able to achieve his perpendicular he is unable to rise to the challenge and comes too quickly."

At this Elizabeth allowed her fingers to dangle in a rather loose fashion and then continued in a monotone.

" You must understand that we are completely at the mercy of our husbands, we have no recourse or redress. Our only solution is to take a lover."

An ominous silence fell over the room, and to Dianna even the large grandfather clock seemed to stop ticking. She immediately looked over into the young man's eyes but he had transfixed his head upwards as if studying the ceiling. He continued to deflect her scrutiny and after a further lull, Elizabeth again began to further articulate.


"There are some risks to be taken, but since we are free to move about for shopping and other diversions we have the chance to develop discrete liaisons."

She realised that her remarks were quite provocative, and directed her attention to her male guest, the French Tutor Guy McNeil.

"Mr McNeil and I have such a relationship, he is a gentleman of a rare quality, he has an exceptional talent and the knowledge of how to satisfy a lady as well as being able to protect our secret. I also am able to protect his identity, that is to say his most recent abode and his sojourn in the Kingston Penitentiary from 1906 to 1909 for ... what was it Guy?"

His face darkened and he stood reverently to answer his accuser.

"Three years for fraud, Madame" he responded.

"So you see Dianna he is rehabilitated and on my recommendation for Guy to teach French to our friends he has been able to gain a foothold in the Williamsville society and in exchange I am on the receiving end of a very proficient and well endowed seasoned performer."

 Elizabeth smiled very broadly at her confession and turned her attention back to Dianna, by grasping her hands and softly swaying them from side to side. Dianna limply smiled, sensing that Elizabeth was anxious to disclose her plan

"Naturally your situation may not improve and you may possibly continue to sustain these beatings. Then again I am sure Guy has many friends whom he may call upon to provide a specific service at a mere pittance."

He again stood and bowed to her and smiled most graciously.

"I would most pleased Madame to offer my own services in this regard, as I am acquainted with several techniques, guaranteed to provide submission."

"Yes " said Elizabeth disdainfully, "I know you are most adept in this employment".

 Dianna remained silent as Elizabeth and the young man bantered back and forth, her mind eclipsed by the revelations expressed by her friend. At first she experienced a touch of fear, then a degree of light-headedness and anxiety. Suddenly she was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of relief. The solution to her predicament was obvious, and now she could take full command of her own destiny.


Elizabeth burst her reverie and they discussed the plan in minute detail. They agreed to meet again several times before its implementation.



On January 13th, 1913 the following news item appeared in the bi-weekly Williamsville Examiner:


William Gray-Smith, a gentleman of 4 Stewart St, was attacked by three ruffians and savagely beaten about the face and upper torso whilst taking his turn around city park. Mr Gray-Smith who is the local agent of the "British Best" Rye Whiskey company is known for his many philanthropic works in Williamsville. The louts who set upon him were described as filthy and crudely dressed. But for the intervention of an unknown party who chased off the culprits the victim would have been no doubt beaten within an inch of his life according to Mrs Gray-Smith who arrived shortly after the incident. Mr Gray-Smith has given a full description of his assailants to the county detective Mr Abuthwaite. The detective has declined to speak to the Examiner at this time pending his investigation. Mr Gray-Smith is now resting at his home.






In the summer of 1913 Dianna wrote her sister a long and moving account of her fortunes during the previous six months.



AUGUST 11th,1913

My most dearest and beloved Evangeline


Oh dearest sibling how my life has been transformed since last I communicated with you. As you know my poor dear husband is bedridden and must be cared for day and night by a nurse, he has not spoken a word since the terrible accident where in he was set upon by ruffians and beaten. Although the doctors say his wounds have healed he is in such fear that he no longer wishes to either leave his bed or our home.

It was indeed fortunate that my dear friend Mr Guy McNeil happened along and fought off Alfred's assailants. Were it not for him I am sure Alfred would be in his grave. In any event by virtue of his daring exploit, I asked Guy to become a permanent resident, for as long as he likes in our home.

Now I must confess that I have been very wicked, and you must promise not to breath a word of my indiscretion to anyone. Guy and I are lovers. There! I have said (or written) my secret.

I have not told a soul and although there appears to be few raised eyebrows at church and at socials, most of my friends believe me when I say that Alfred invited Guy to act in the capacity of our bodyguard.

Our affair began in the most innocent manner. The heat during June was oppressive and I stepped out to take in a breath of air and asked Mr McNeil if he wished to join me. We walked for a few moments and then because of the extreme darkness I stumbled and he, by holding my arms was able to stop me from falling face first down on the grass. At this moment, with his arms cast about me, he crushed my body to him and we kissed. My passion was without bounds and we suddenly began to lavish kisses upon each other in a most unseemly fashion. Then we began to touch, I his mouth and lips and he, my bosom, and his hands lightly fell to my corseted bottom. We continued in this manner, and the frenzy of our stimulating movement was now at a fever pitch. He pressed against me and I felt his aroused manhood, which was fully engorged. My body was becoming limp with expectation, and I realised we must straightaway satisfy our lust.

My perversion met no bounds as I crushed myself against him and then we began to grind our pelvic regions and I involuntarily groaned and cried out. I instantly became fearful that the servants would hear our exclamations of passion and taking hold of Guy's hand and yanking his arm as a signal directed him to follow me. Soundlessly we made our way to a small wooden hut in the corner of the garden known as the tool shed.

The building was unlit, but darkness was our protector We barred the door with a garden implement, and Guy found a piece of burlap and placed this on the floor. We fell upon it clutching each other. Our breathing was quite laboured, but Guy whispered to me that he wished to undress me. As we removed each garment of underclothing he kissed my body, and finally all of my clothing had been dispensed.

He undressed quickly and within seconds we were joined, and as we began he caressed me in a loving fashion, taking care to await my responses. He rested for a moment, which gave me an opportunity to disclose that I was still a virgin. He kissed me very passionately and then plunged ahead causing me to shriek with pain as I felt a membrane tear within me. We hesitated and with soothing words he calmed my fears.  It was not till later that I realised that he had awakened in me a dormant passion.  I felt a rare sense of love for him beyond that which is the flash of truth, when a woman is deflowered. It was a fulfilment of my wildest imagination. Our frenzied movement continued after the short respite of my deliverance from virginity. We now shifted from what I learned was the missionary position and rolling over we faced each other. He again entered me, but not before taking my hand to feel his sex, which was rigid and pulsating. I was now fully lubricated and his motion of thrusting in and out became absolutely exhilarating. Except for his strenuous breathing he seemed quite satisfied in pleasuring me and in speaking hushed expressions of love in my ear. I began to sense that my body was reaching an epoch of delight. I cried out his name, and he moaned very deeply, unable to speak and began to move in a manner, which drove, me to total exquisite enrapture.

He adjusted his motion slightly and reaching beneath me he clutched my behind and holding the two mounds he rushed towards his conclusion, causing me to cry out the name of our lord, and at the same time he flooded my insides with his discharge moaning in a long and low growl. His member throbbed violently and the excitement as he fired his potent rod is beyond my experience to describe. We fell gasping for air into each other’s arms and lay speechless as the perspiration from our indulgence flowed in rivulets from our pores.

The sensations I have recounted in this letter have been repeated on numerous occasions.  We never seem to tire of our sinful gratification. His readiness to apply his mastery and the fire in our loins is insatiable.

My friend Elizabeth McArthur advised me recently that I could have sought an annulment of my marriage to Alfred because as you no doubt have suspected the union was never consummated, but I am satisfied with my present situation. Elizabeth visits me quite often as we share many confidences and we are often joined in our deliberations by our dearest Guy.

My love and many kisses to Pater and Mater, and your discretion in not disclosing any news contained in this epistle is most cherished.

With Deepest Love




  Alfred's health continued to improve and as a result Dianna's liaison with Guy was terminated. Her friend Elizabeth advised her to sever the relationship but before she was able to further discuss the situation with him, providence took over and he was arrested for fraudulently attempting to cash a bank draft which he had been given by some of his disreputable friends.

With Guy's departure back to prison, Dianna's life now became moribund. She visited Alfred in his bedroom on a daily basis and they spoke in monosyllables about domestic and family matters. She spent a good deal of time romanticising about her sexual congress with Guy but now she was now completely tethered to her marriage and the utter monotony which she was unable by convention to flee.

For nearly two years she bore this burden falling into a daily schedule of meals, visits and running the household.

This entire episode of her life caused her great suffering, but never she never divulged this by her demeanour by maintaining a polite and fairly cheerful exterior.  Two separate and distinct events occurred which transformed her life from these sombre shadows back to an abundant well being

Alfred had begun to walk in their garden as a method of therapy and although he continued to speak very slowly and would never initiate any conversation, he did seem to enjoy his outings. He began to take meals with Diana, sometimes even asking about her daily life. She decided to give him a chronology of the domestic events and also a short thumbnail sketch of the day's news which had she read in the morning papers.

She had completely taken over to running of their home including the hiring and dismissals of the staff. One day she reported to Alfred that an upstairs maid named Betty had left their employ and that she was about to advertise in the newspaper for a replacement.  He nodded his concurrence and smiled thinly at her apparent take charge attitude.

In the weeks that followed she interview several young women and finally she selected a very charming young English girl who had arrived in Canada only a few months previously. She had impeccable references and had worked as a parlour maid in two very well established homes in the London. At the time she accepted the young woman for employ in the house she did not make a very elaborate study of the new maids physical characteristics. As it would happen Alfred did notice the girl's attributes.

 Lisa as she was known was the offspring of a British sailor and a fair-haired girl from the British possession known as British Guyana. The sailor was stationed at the naval base at Georgetown. He had numerous interludes with a girl and as a result she eventually was with child although this was a common occurrence among overseas servicemen the British authorities usually smoothed over this malevolent behaviour by posting the offender back to England. 

  Robert Sykes returned to his homeland and was drafted to the land-based ship's environment known as Portsmouth. He was man not without conscience and frequently reflected about the young women whom he had made pregnant. He agonised over the fact that he had deliberately and without remorse left a penniless girl alone to accept motherhood.

He wrote to a friend asking if he would find out where the girl now lived as her father had unceremoniously thrown her out into the street. The reply was long in coming, almost two months had elapsed and finally a short note from a military padre stating that the girl had died in child birth and the child was now to be put up for adoption.

Sykes was seized with an emotion that was so severe that he had to be carried to his quarters. His grief was beyond anything he had experienced.  He lay in his cot unable to eat or sleep.

He began to experience such feelings of guilt that he often went days without eating, and his weight began to plunge. Finally he was not able to bear the pain and in his misery he decided to ask for his release from the Royal Navy. He was told that his enlistment was not completed and that he would need to serve at least 2 more years.

Not wishing to forgo his pension he began to starve him self and visited the medical facility complaining that he was losing weight and that he often felt very ill. He had become frail and was unable to work as a telegraphist, which was his employment.

Without further review he was released from the Navy and he took the next steamer to British Guyana. Within days he was able to locate his daughter in a children's home governed by an order of English nuns. He knew that they would release the child into his custody as he was the natural father and he then developed a plan to take the child home to England.

Sykes still had a number of Royal Navy friends living in Georgetown and after renewing his acquaintances he found a couple who had purchased a tiny English style restaurant that specialised in Fish and chips.

The couple agreed to help look after the child in exchange for an investment in their restaurant amounting to 100 pounds sterling. It was an enormous amount of money for Sykes but he desperately wanted the child to bring up as his own. The couple made arrangements to adopt the child saying that the girl’s mother was an employee of their shop and that they wanted to try to do something in her memory.

The plan worked and within two weeks Sykes first laid eyes upon the most perfect child he ever seen. She had a fair complexion and a mass of blonde hair even at the early age of one year. Her entire face beamed as she cooed and smiled at her newfound parents. His eyes filled with tears as from the first moment he touched her she held onto his fingers clutching them as if to never allow him to leave. He learned that the Nuns had called her Lisa. after the girl's mother.

It was now timed to plan the next step in taking the child back to England. He spent a great deal of time with his friends who despite the long hours in their small restaurant had also become attached to the girl. Sykes now realised that it would be impossible for him to actually bring up the girl as his and recognising his folly asked his friends Mary and Ernie Yarrow to become the guardians of the child until she reached an age when he could take her to England.

They had no children and were thrilled at his offer. Sykes remained in Guyana for the next year working as a telegraphist for the railway known at the time as a coastal rail line from British Guyana to the Brazil.

He often visited with the child and became known as Uncle Robert. Mary Yarrow spent many hours with the child teaching her, numbers and reading stories. The child began to grow into a beautiful young girl. She was very bright and also developed a degree of independence. A year passed and although the Sykes had grown attached to little Lisa they decided that they should have a child of their own. Sykes realised their plight and began to develop a scheme to take the youngster back to England. He was able to obtain a death certificate showing that the girl's mother had died in birth and with this he swore a declaration that the girl was of British parentage.


Sykes now booked a passage to England. He visited the British consulate in Georgetown and applied for travel documents for the young girl and they were granted on July 10th 1903. He sailed on July 15th 1903 arriving in London 25 days later.

On their entry into England, Sykes decided to take up residence in Brighton. He was now able to purchase a small cottage not far from the Ocean beach and his small daughter became a great companion. They took lengthy walks and visited museums in London thus before long she was able to attend a girl's school in New Haven not far from Brighton.

In 1912 she turned 16 and began to search for employment. She was hired as a downstairs maid in a local home and a year later in 1913 was promoted to upstairs made in the same home. She had grown into a dazzling beautiful girl with a shining complexion and golden flaxen hair. He body developed early into that of a woman. Both her demeanour and good looks made her the target of all the single men who worked in the home.

Lisa decided to move and in 1913 she was hired with references by a well- to- do mercantile manager in Brighton and in the same year Sykes fell ill and died in her arms after a very few months of illness. She was devastated. Lisa also found out that beside the freehold on the cottage Sykes her left her quite penniless. She was able to sell the cottage and invested the small proceeds in a bond with the hope it would increase in value. She then began to plan to emigrate. She had heard that there was plenty of work for domestics in Canada and after a short employment with the mercantile manager she cashed in her investment and booked passage to Canada.

She arrived in Montreal and learning that a friend from Brighton was employed in Williamsville she journeyed there and was hired by Dianna in the late fall of 1913

Alfred noticed almost immediately that she was strikingly beautiful. He made pretence of ringing for her to stoke up the fire, just so he could gaze at her. He began to watch her every movement. Her very appearance caused him to become almost breathless and invoked an involuntary erection. He found that he had to cover his midsection with a book or newspaper. He became addicted to her just by her very presence. He also began to casually engage her in conversation. Mostly about the weather and other mundane matters. He often tried to imagine her naked body as he watched her move silently about the library or the dining rooms. The shape of her backside further enlightened his fantasy. He could not help but notice that it was shaped in such a way that the two mounds of her backside jutted out as if she were awaiting someone to touch her in that area. He was astonished by this abnormality and her movement caused his penis to spring forth into a hardness he had never experienced.

He began to realise that his every thought was now filled with his love and desire for the girl.

Dianna also began to recognise an inexplicable change in him. She also was aware that he was very interested in the new maid.

He was no longer able to curb his desire and on a dark and very rainy morning he rang for her.

"Uh Lisa would you mind lighting some of the lamps and also my eyes are very weak today, if you would be so kind as to read some articles from the Standard."

This was a new development in her life, but she liked the position and decided to play along with him. For several minutes she read from the news and then at his invitation moved over on the couch on which he was resting to speak in a softer voice. He had shut his eyes to listen but had also covered himself with a blanket, because he now had a raging erection.

She stopped momentarily and when he opened his eyes she was staring intently at him with a very bright and cheerful smile.

"Oh sir I was sure I had put you asleep " she said in a very quiet voice.

"Not at all dear girl, you have been a very interesting reader, please proceed"

She again took up the newspaper and he then reached over and took her hand. She did not shy away and he held her hand very tightly.


“Lisa, I have been watching you very several weeks as you do your daily chores and may I say you are a very beautiful young lady"

He stopped as if a foreign body had lodged in his throat. Her eyes opened a little wider and she understood almost immediately the gist of his words. She also sensed something she could not explain which caused her to feel weak. He motioned her to move closer. She slid over closer and could smell his shaving lotion and he then took her other hand in his. The only sounds that could be heard was rain against the window that seemed to cover their heavy breathing.  She felt her face begin to become very warm as a flush which had began in her breast moved up from her neck. He laid a cool hand on her brow and silently rubbed his hands on her face and ears. He continued to massage her forehead and face and she could feel a sudden surge in her loins which she had experienced occasionally in the morning.

He bent over closer to her face and softly whispered in ear. "I need you, I am desperate for your love, may I kiss you"

She lay back on the settee, and pondered his attention and his words. She knew he presented to her a chance of a lifetime. Her father had once told her, Lisa when the right man comes along make sure he is rich and dependent upon you.  She now placed her face without further thought so that he could kiss her lips. He reached over and held her head while he kissed her lips, and then he began to kiss her face and hair. She could feel the electricity of his passion.

He guided her hand to his centre and she was confronted with his enlarged and very rigid penis. He quickly unbuttoned his trousers and took her hand to his source. Her curiosity now became piqued and she tentatively lightly touched him. He was now totally absorbed in both kissing and fondling her.

She began to rub the length of his erection, which caused him to groan out loud. She realised that the motion of her hands caused him some pain and she drew back. But he encouraged her to continue. She was not able to determine the size of his pogo but reckoned by her touch that it was a very thick and long shaft. The friction of her sliding caused him to shudder. But she could see he was now kissing and hugging her with greater force and not being able to constrain himself any longer he ejaculated into her hand, sighing deeply and groaning over and over "I love you Oh God I love you".

His spending continued for several seconds, as did the jerking of his penis. The force of his arousal and subsequent discharge awed her.

"Oh sir have I caused you to ah..... "

"No dear dear girl it was a great joy I am forever in your debt" and on the next occasion I would wish for you to share some of the mystery. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes sir if it will make you well and happy I would be delighted" she cried

"Now dearest we must utter a word of this to anyone and we must arrange to meet perhaps in your room, which is.....”

"At the top of the landing on the fourth floor "

Ah yes there are no other rooms on that floor as you have just joined us recently you have the small room."

Yes sir it is quite like an attic"

"Yes my dearest, we will be quite alone, is there a stout lock on your door."

She stopped for a minute and looking at the fire, suddenly remembered that the housekeeper had promised her a lock, to be installed within a fortnight.

"Sir the door is not very secure at the moment, but Mrs Handley has promised that a lock would be installed"

"Not to worry dear child I will speak to Mrs Handley and make good representations."

"Oh sir you are so kind".

" Now dearest, we must plan our next meeting,” he said softly in confidence.

He motioned her over closer and in a very low whisper spoke to her at length of his plan for their indulgence. His words at first made her flush, but she recognised his desire and love for her. He told her of the time of his visit and how she should prepare herself for their encounter.

They kissed passionately as she departed and she vowed her love for him. She was ecstatic as he was her ticket to the good life, and for a few rolls in the hay as her Dad used to say she would become the absolute ruler of the palace. She had had a few experiences one of, which was very pleasant. This had occurred when she was 16 and was with a young manservant whom she guessed after was most likely a homosexual.

Over the next few days, Alfred spoke casually to Mrs Handley and to Dianna about his concern for the locks in the house. He was concerned that all doors could be locked by the servants from the inside to stop any intruders.

Dianna was quite amazed at his sudden interest but hoping he finally come out of his lethargy, she immediately called a locksmith who changed all of the locks and gave keys to Mrs Handley to be distributed to both the servants, Elizabeth and Alfred. Alfred also told Mrs Handley that he wanted the master key. She readily agreed and the matter was closed.

Lisa had seen Alfred many times since their episode. He was careful to just touch her lips or fondle her by caressing her breasts. He spoke very softly to her, and she understood their need for secrecy.

A week had passed and then on a bright sunny day he decided to sit in the solarium and wait for her to come and read. To him. She took her place on a bamboo settee next to him and he passed her the newspaper.

"Tonight my love I will make my visit" he spoke in a feverish whisper.

"Yes, Yes my darling Alfred, I shall be ready"

She continued reading until he dismissed her and returned to her work.

Alfred feigned early bed that night and Dianna took to her own room so that she would be well rested for a visit to friends the following day. He kissed her lightly and wished her a good night’s rest and they separated in the hallway. He made a pretence of going to his room and opened the door only to shut it from the hallway, and removed his slippers and walked silently down the hall to the third floor stairs. He knew he would need to maintain complete silence on the stairs and he had practised this manoeuvred by knowing where the stairs creaked. His practise paid off and he was able to get to the third floor landing soundlessly. His next move was to the fourth floor without being seen. He glanced both ways noting any noise or footsteps from within the rooms. The light was very dull on the landing and he quickly moved to the first steps going up to the fourth floor. He made a noiseless entry on each stair until he reached the upper landing. He was able to look back to see if he was observed. He removed the master key and opened Lisa's door, entering not only her room but also her life.




The moment Alfred stepped through the door of Lisa's room he began a new chapter in his life. He was met by Lisa who stood before him completely nude and embraced him as he had asked. He kissed her several times in a breathless fashion, stroking her face and hair, not daring to touch her body lest he become so aroused he would come in his trousers. He held himself in check in the darkness of her room. Savouring each tiny morsel of her face, hair neck. She too ran her hands over his face and his back, clutching at him, wishing to pull his clothing from his body.

"Oh Alfred, please let me touch you at the same place I did before"

His body moulded itself to hers and the power of his arousal was so severe that he had to take deep breaths to maintain his composure.

" Oh dearest oh dearest " he said as he guided her hands to his hot and rigid penis.

Her hand hungrily moved up and down the length of his hardness and he moaned with exquisite delight constantly calling out to her, whilst now gently rubbing his hands over her breasts and then alternating his hands to the perfection of her backside which he could not stop softly stroking. His passion was almost more than he could bear.

Lisa kissed him and then confidently thrust her unused hand also to his buttocks lightly kneading the cheeks and the point of the division with her fingers.

Her steady and rhythmic massaging of his inflamed rod and the backside caused him to howl aloud in an anguished fashion akin to wounded animal.

Lisa became alarmed and withdrew her hands and for several seconds all she could hear was his gasping for air as he tried to catch his breath. Finally she led him to her bed and he lay down and she removed his robe and she curled up next to his very warm body.

They both laid in silence, never touching, but sensing each other’s thoughts. She then moved closer to him. Alfred moved over to place his body in a form fit to hers but facing her. She carefully placed her arms around his neck and he his hands around her back so as to be in the position of making love but only as a preamble to their loving. The next few moments were totally dedicated to the discovery of their bodies, he touched her ears, her lips her hair, he kissed her lightly in each place, lovingly with almost like a father to a daughter. She caressed his cheeks, ran her hands over the back of his neck. She took her fingertips and with effortless motion ran them over his back.

Their small advances began simply and modestly. There was a slight degree of adolescent behaviour in this overture to their ardour. They seemed transfixed in their effort to attain a full awareness of each other.

As their awakening continued there was a sense that each was ready for the other. He continued to maintain a gentle approach to her body but now he reached down and placed his finger into her moist crevice. His motion seemed to cause her a short interval of restraint but then she helped him as he began to rub the vital spot, which caused her to now become extremely excited. His rubbing in this special area was one of the most exhilarating moments of her young life.


Her breathing now became laboured and as his finger continued to prod deeply she commenced lifting her bottom to meet his motion and the feeling became electrifying.

"Oh Alfred, Oh Alfred your finger is creating a great pleasure within me"

"It is meant to my darling,” he said with a display of manliness.  He now perceived that she was near readiness to begin copulation, he placed his body on top of hers and directing his sex to her wetness he began the custom of mounting her. He entered her slowly, not wanting her to cry out, he now pushed his rigid tool to it’s maximum, and recognised she was not a virgin and hoping to sustain his motion for a long period he moved in and out very calmly.

As he entered her, she whimpered and groaned more loudly than he anticipated, and he had to whisper in her ear to control herself. She was unable to however and her moaning continued as he thrust himself in an out as his instrument grew with each stroke. His ability to control himself before spending prematurely gave him even more joy and he now moved at a faster pace. His bulging and quivering tool continued it's frontal ravishment on her private parts and she clutched at him swooning with a frenetic desire for more of his inward and outward movement.

He was near exhaustion and cried out to her in a full-throated voice, which burst the silence of the room.

"Ah Oh AH, my darling, my Darling...

He shouted, and moved faster and faster until, in a final epoch moment his throbbing burst within her and flooded her insides with his seed, and she at that same moment came with a orgasm which shook her body and lifted her almost into a sitting position and impelled her to cry out.


He fell upon her lavishing her with kisses, continuing to spend into her and his penis remained rigid and she could feel it pulsate and throb within

They continued to pledge their love and revisited their sexual encounter, cooing and oohing far into the night, and then with a final kiss Alfred left, declaring that he would never let her go.

On her return from visiting friends Dianna became aware of this episode through the report of another servant who had proclaimed to her in the library that he needed his rest and that the new maid was a trollop.

She wasn't quite sure what he meant, but after a short encounter with Mrs Hadley the housekeeper she decided that she should make a full investigation of the matter.

On the following day she met in the library with Mrs Handley and began to question her about the report.

" Mrs Handley is there something I should know about the behaviour of Lisa? It has been reported to me that she has been occupied by someone in a... congress of some kind in her room and has disturbed the other servants".

Mrs Handley blushed slightly and began to recount to her mistress the events, which had transpired.

"Two nights ago most of were awakened by someone entering the servants sleeping area. I myself became wide-awake as I had a fear of a burglar or worse was prowling in our rooms. I tiptoed to the door to insure my door was locked as we now have new locks. It was at this time I could hear the soft undertone of voices. I then realised that someone had entered to room of the person residing in the bedroom at the top of the stairs third floor... Lisa. I stayed at the door for a few moments and then returned to my bed,  fearfully not wanting to interrupt this liaison at that moment. I was extremely tired and fell asleep"

She stopped her narrative and then began to carefully select her words.

 “Within about 20 minutes I was awakened by the sounds of persons  possibly involved in a carnal episode and the thumping of a bedstead"

Dianna had had enough of the report and stood before Mrs Handley could continue.

"I quite get the picture Mrs Handley, however are you able to tell me which servants were involved in this nocturnal caprice."

Mrs Handley was now forced to  firmly set her mouth  and furrow her brow . She was unable to face the accuser and began to focus her eyes away from Dianna gazing out of the window onto the garden.

" Madame may I speak plainly"

Dianna nodded and in a very timid voice gave a signal in the affirmative.

" It were the maid Lisa and the Master".

Dianna immediately dismissed the servant and striding to the library found both Alfred and Lisa sitting in close proximity on the devan and covered with a blanket. Alfred emoted a look of disbelief as Dianna had never entered his inner sanctum without announcing herself.

Her sudden appearance also forced Lisa to separate herself from Alfred and to make an effort to leave the room , but her way was blocked by Dianna

Elizabeth slapped  Lisa across the cheek and marching up to Alfred repeated the same forceful action and without uttering a word marched out of the room. She made her way to the grand staircase and as she climbed the stairs, Alfred rushed from the Library following her up the stairs. Dianna did not stop and quickly entered her bedroom and locked the door.

“Dianna please open your door as we must have a civilized discussion, after all my dear I overlooked your obvious liaison with the Frenchman”

The next morning a town car arrived at the house on the park spiriting Dianna and all of her possessions away to the Canadian National Railway station.

She bid no goodbyes , but when she took her seat in her private sitting room on the train she permitted herself a very broad smile which eventually  erupted into rollicking laughter,




Dianna journeyed  to her parents home in Toronto and after receiving their advice she met with the family solicitor who discussed the matter of her separation and divorce with her in a code word sequence that lawyers of that era examined sensitive legal issues.

On a return visit her lawyer Reginald DeMontigny advised that her husband had offered her a settlement of twenty thousand dollars.

Dianna smiled  and sat forward on the chair  and began by  speaking in a very strong and confident voice, pointedly telling her lawyer she would not accept the offer.

“Mr DeMontigny that amount is an affront to my dignity and does not even meet the minimum for his deceit . I was a chattel in his hands and as I have told you the marriage was not consummated”. She now leaned forward on her chair in a confrontational manner andraising her hand by gliding it towards the lawyer she began to speak in a very sharp and highly pitched voice

“I want fifty thousand dollars as settlement and ten thousand dollars for my pain and suffering. I am sure he will gladly pay and can afford to meet my terms. Otherwise I shall bring in the police…. a Mr Abuthwaite who was very sympathetic to me would no doubt find the information that my husband beat me and that I have someone who will swear to those beatings in a criminal court of law.”

DeMontigny grimaced and began to shuffle some papers

“Another aspect as you should know” she continued;” “was thatit now  appears he preferred to fornicate with a servant whom he now has plans as I know for her to become mistress of the household, I want him to be held responsible”. This is a an embarrassment to me and brings our marriage into disrepute!’

By now DeMontigny’s face had become quite flushed and he turned away from her to glance sideways out of the window of his office.

He cleared his throat as if to speak but lapsed into silence. At length he began to speak.

“I will call my junior and he will draw up the papers for you “ he said  flatly in a dismissive manner.

With that assertion he walked to his door he motioned to his secretary and spoke a few words which Dianna was unable to decipher.

Within moments there was a knock at the door and a young dark haired well dressed young man entered and nodded to DeMontigny.

“Dianna this is Nicholas Goldsmidt who will take your statements and pursue the matter with your …..ah former husband”.

The young man took her hand and then guided her to another office which contained numerous files and looked out on a brick wall. He was quite handsome she noted and had a rather feint smile on his face as he seated her.

“Now may I call you Dianna ?”

“Yes by all means she retorted, and may I call you Mr Goldsmidt”

They both laughed at her evident attempt at humour. After a while with  all of  the preliminaries out of the way Dianna sat back as the young lawyer began to ask her a series of questions which he wrote down  her responses  on a lined pad of paper .

She watched him as he slowly copied down her background of the events , his calligraphy was  with a bold hand and he occasionally looked up at her smiling and continued his jottings.

As she watched him she felt a warmth through her body and the feeling began to overtake her senses until without knowing it she  shuddered with  a short discharge in which she knew was the prelude to a organism.

Goldsmidt continued to ask her mundane questions , failing to notice immediately that she had lapsed in to a rather sublime meditation.

After getting a limited response to a few of his questions he studied her for a moment.

“Dianna are you feeling alright, you look a bit like you might faint”

“Why yes she stammered, I just find the questions ah… traumatic and the room is frightfully warm.”

She regained her composure, and noted that  he had not realized her interest in him and finally he finished the interview He cheerfully  advised her that the matter would be become his main disposition and he would keep her advised by letter to her fathers'’ home.

Dianna left the office and as she hailed a cab she glanced back at the lawyer who remained in the doorway smiling and waving to her. It was to her as if his mask of legal issues had fallen away and she had suddenly piqued his interest.

** **

Several weeks passed, with Diannah seeking to find a flat in the Toronto area of Bathurst street, but it was a difficult task. Most of the apartments were very expensive and she was on a limited budget. She had very little money, and had to rely solely on money which her father provided. Both of her parents were against her moving, saying that the expense was  frivolous .But she felt that she needed to have her space and independence. She also felt that it was vital to reopen her friendship with former female friends. She met on a weekly basis with her married  sister Evangeline who provided her with numerous suggestions. She confided to Evangeline during an afternoon tea that she was very much taken with Nicolas Goldsmidt.

“But my dear Dianna he is a Jew, father as you know would never approve”

“Do you know of him” responded Dianna gazing steadfastly into her sisters eyes.

“His father is the eminent pianist  Abraham Goldsmidt  who plays often at the Massey Hall”

“How do you know this is his son”

“ Very simple my dearest sibling, their whole family was featured in the Globe only last month, they are from Austria and one son  whom you met is a lawyer and the other is a violinist in the Toronto Philharmonic. They are cultured Jews who came to the Dominion five years ago and the lawyer was selected by father’s solicitors to article with their firm”.

Dianna was not dismayed by her sister’s disclosure and remained fixed on the idea that she was  at first sight desperately in love with the young lawyer.

She would call his office ostensibly to inquire about the status of her legal action if just to speak by telephone with Nicolas.

He was very pleasant when they spoke and he mentioned a celebration when the matter was settled.

In March of 1914 a letter arrived from the Montigny law office and Dianna excitedly opened the letter in the presence of her father and mother.The letter read:

Dear Mrs Gray-Smith:

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I write to advise you that your legal action against MR GRAY-SMITH has been reasonably  successful and he does not plan to take the matter into the courts if you meet his terms. The money issue is  not as you had requested. He has decided to pay you a lump sum of thirty-five thousand dollars and  in addition to grant you a monthly stipend of  250.00 per month until such time as you marry again if you so wish.

In accordance with the Dominion of Canada divorce laws , a divorce may not take place until there has been a five year separation agreement in effect. Thus you must wait until the five year rule has been met in order for the marriage to be dissolved. In any event the lawyer for the other side has been quite adamant that this is their final offer and that if you do not accept the terms the case will be tabled until the fall assizes which will mean the entire matter will become  public knowledge and appear in the newspaper.

 Along with my mentor Mr DeMontigny I council you to accept the terms, however we await your instructions.

Please do not hesitate to call me at any time and I will be most happy to meet with you at your home if you so desire.


Yours with sincerity


Dianna was disappointed but after a very intense meeting with her parents she made the decision to accept the offer. Her father  wanted her to remain in the family home but she insisted that the two hundred and fifty dollars would be enough to live and that she would seek employment as a tutor for young children.

“Dianna I would appreciate if you do not meet the Jew lawyer here”. Her father mentioned to her after their family meeting

“Father that is extremly rude to speak of him as if he were a pariah, after all he has been very helpful” She said as she stormed away.

  ** ***

After the initial meeting with Nicolas at which she fawned and practically fell over him with attention, she undertook to rent a flat which was on the newer side of Toronto on Eglington near a streetcar station. Her mother assisted her in finding furnishings at Eatons Department store and in early April she moved in. She realized it was extravagant at 75.00 per month but she was certain she could obtain a position as a tutor. Nicolas began to invite her for lunches at Welches restaurant and eventually took her to some symphony concerts as well as escorting her to the Grill Room of the of the palatial  Queens Hotel where they dined on Atlantic Salmon and listened to the music of the Luigi Romanellis orchestra. She was becoming quite enamoured with Nickolas and he was very much a gentleman with her at all times.

She invited several friends to her home to have tea one Saturday afternoon but he demurred saying he had other business.  She learned from a friend that Jews do not do visits or have pleasantries on Saturday and called him on Sunday to apologize for her blunder. He was very courteous and asked if she wished to meet him for a walk in a park close to her dwelling.

The weather was quite warm for April  and she dressed for the occasion wearing one of the newest fashion dresses which were more shapely and provided women with less need for numerous undergarments. She also decided to use blush on her cheeks as well as a lip gloss which had recently come on the market.

She stood back and admired herself, laughed at her attempt at narcissism and set out to meet her new found love.

* * * ****


They had walked quite some time crossing the park at least twice and finally they settled on a bench where Nicolas sat quite close to her and marvelled at how glamorous she appeared to him.

They spoke of her future plans where she confided that she was seeking a position of a tutor for young children and he told her of a family  with whom he was in touch  who  were looking for a teacher to provide home instruction  for their three children and would pay quite well. Dianna became excited about the prospect and their afternoon ended with their finding a building doorway  where they embraced and kissed  quite passionately. She pulled back slightly after a few minutes as she realized he was quite aroused and she recognized that her body had started reacting to him as well.

He apologized but she smiled and encouraged him to meet her  soon again, possibly at her apartment.

“Dianna I want to be quite open with you , as you realize that I am Jewish and our attachment may create a difficulty for you”.

“I am aware of your background and your religious affiliation but you must know more than anyone that I am now my own person and regardless of the fact my marriage is in tatters, I must move on in my life. I like you and I believe you feel the same, and that is all that we must ask of ourselves”.

He stopped and took her hand and for a long time gazed into her eyes which he knew were a reflection of her soul.

* ****

Dianna attended an interview with the family that Nicolas had spoken to on her behalf and she found that the family lived in a  commodious  imposing home some distance from her apartment. They were  a Jewish family named Wolfe. The children  to whom she was introduced were very polite and consisted of two older girls and a young  boy. Their mother spoke very little except to nod occasionaly and interject  a word about the lessons. Mr Wolfe outlined her duties and when she would be required to teach. There would be no classes on Saturday or Sunday and the Friday class would be limited to two hours. The weekly lessons on Monday to Thursday would be from 10 am  to two pm  he said and there would be a one hour lunch period where she  was welcome to eat with the staff, which included a housekeeper, cook, and two servant girls as well as a chauffeur. She would be called a the  governess by the staff and the payment which would paid weekly was to be seventy-five dollars per week.  She would be picked and returned home every day by the driver. She later learned that Wolfe’s full name was Samuel  and that he was the chairman of the Ontario Provincial bank . He had started the bank with his partner Lev Nathanson . Wolfe was a descendant of the first Jewish family to come to Canada in Quebec. His wife Etta  was also of original Jewish stock having arrived with her parents from Germany.

Dianna was completely honest in her telling them of her background and marriage being careful to leave out the parts of  her  infidelity. She referred to her marriage breakdown as one of mutual agreement . She also advised Wolfe that she had several thousand dollars to invest. She learned from Nicolas that not only would this help her get the position but also get a good rate of return. She advised them that she had attended  the Bonita Allenforth girls finishing school in Toronto  graduating cum Laude and that she was quite fluent both in English and French. She removed a document from her purse which confirmed her standing and to which they all smiled and the children beamed..

Wolfe established that he would assist her with  investments and that her salary would be reviewed shortly after she had started teaching the children.

“I also want to tell you that next month Mrs Gray-Smith my wife and I and the children will be sailing from Montreal to Hamilton Bermuda aboard the Bermuda Star Line, and we would be very happy if you could join us as I want the children to have a learning experience” he said in a quite jovial manner.

“”Why why yes I would be quite honoured to travel with you and Mrs Wolfe” she said attempting to restrain her joy at the prospect of a sea voyage.

“May I take it then that I am to be in your employ”she said

“Oh why …yes .yes , by all means and before leaving please  introduce yourself to the staff. I will arrange for the driver Henry to take you to your home and this will give him an opportunity to select a route”

”I wonder if I may make a very special request” she said on rising from the settee.

He nodded and she continued;

“I would prefer to be called  Miss Etherton which was my maiden name, or by  my first name.

He readily agreed and shaking her hand and with a very contented smile  she was dismissed.

The children had remained silent throughout his discourse with Dianna, but whenwalking  into the large hallway they appeared quite cheerful and immediately took her hand to help her find her way to the servants room below the stairs. The housekeeper was called Minnie and she made the staff introductions.

Dianna was elated as the chauffeur drove her to her residence, he was extremly polite opening the car doors for her and she felt for the very first time in her life very proud and self satisfied.


She began her classes the following week and the children were very attentive as she developed a curriculum suited for their needs. She addressed them in a very kindly way but reminded them that they must remain diligent and disciplined in their search for knowledge. She was also very careful to insure that they were careful about their personal hygiene.

Nicolas visited her quite often at her apartment and they spooned on her couch, but she was  circumspect not to exceed her physical limitations . It became quite difficult and finally she decided to at least provide her suitor with some  relief from his apparent agony in not being able to satisfy his hunger for a sexual union with her.

They had dinner at their favourite haunt and had strolled to her apartment. Nicolas had as usual taken her in his arms and spoke to with expressions of love. After some moments of very amorous kissing and fondling she reached down to the bulge which was now quite apparent in the front of his trousers. He was quite startled at this sudden turn of events but remained motionless as she rather timidly stroked the area. He was by now almost unable to breathe and throwing caution to the wind reached down and unbuttoned his pants. The source of his arousal was now quite openly displayed and she gasped at the size and thickness of his circumcised organ. She began to stroke the erection giving him cause to moan quite loudly. She realized that he would not be able to contain himself for very long and moved her hand quickly up and down  the length of his pulsating core as he remained completely under her spell, whimpering as if he were a small child. The tool now sprang forth in what she felt was akin to an electric shock and he wailed in  tongue she had never heard before. The discharge as he ejaculated had reached as far as her coffee table a few feet away and he continued to come, crying out  as if he had finally been delivered from a life time of torment.

She became frightened as he lay back on the couch  in a dead faint. His member was still erect and  slowly began to shrivel but he made no move to cover himself.

She pulled forth a handkerchief from her bosom and towelled off his member and the area on her table.

 In short order he  had sufficiently gained his conscientiousness and opening his eyes he grasped at her hand, which he held quite firmly.

“How absolutely refreshing my darling”

“Yes I thought you were perhaps in need of an opportunity to spend yourself”, she said with a touch of amusement in her voice.

He remained for several minutes apparently luxuriating in the dramatic turn of events and having had an exhilarating sexual diversion.

Before long he took his leave and after a much hurried and passionate embrace he quietly asked if they may at some time extend their congress.

“Why yes my darling but not  here at my flat, it would be quite wrong to carry on so to speak where there may be some chance of idle gossip”

He left and began to consider their conundrum. It posed a question for which he would find that his friend Samuel Wolfe would later provide the answer.



The Wolfe family accompanied by their housekeeper Minnie and Dianna departed Toronto by train for Montreal in late May 1914. They stayed at the Mount Royal Hotel in Montreal  overnight and the following morning were taken by autobus to the dock where they boarded the Canadian National Steamship Bermuda Star.

Dianna decided to document her trip in a daily journal which she decided to write to her sister Evangeline to whom she wrote the dedication on the inside cover. On the first page she began her daily diary:


My dearest and most wonderful sister the great voyage of my life has begun.


May 28th 1914:- Today we boarded the ship in Montreal at Pier 27. All my luggage was taken into the bowels of the ship and when the steward took us to our cabin , most surprisingly all of suitcases and those of my “shipmate”Minnie were in Cabin 304d. We are on the 2nd class deck among other retainers and servants and the like. The cabin has a wash stand and the biffy is just across the hall. We have two small beds across from each other just like we had as children when we lived on Windsor Street in Toronto. There are numerous towels and lots of wrapped  perfumed soap. Minnie wanted to sleep near the tiny porthole and I agreed and offered to make my bed . I mentioned to her that we need not make our beds as that was the job of the steward.

“Oh I have so much to learn she exclaimed” I was able to calm her fears.

We spent quite a long time in hanging up our clothes in the closets space but there was a minimum of space and soon I decided that I would use my sea trunk as much as possible ..  Mrs Wolfe had thoughtfully provided us with a list of items to take on the voyage and we had clothing for all the special occasions and also bathing costumes as well as several light shirtwaists for warm weather. I soon discovered when I had a call of nature why we needed to carry our own bathroom tissue as there was none in the biffy and I had to return to the cabin for some and reminded Minnie who blushed red at my assertion.

The Steward  came along and rang a bell for the afternoon tea and we made our way to the dining area where we met  other passengers. We have eight at our table including a very handsome young military officer who was on his way to Bermuda. He was in the Royal Canadian Regiment. If you remember cousin Sandy fought in the Boer war with  the RCR.  Others at the table included a Mrs Boxmeer who was a housekeeper and a Mr Gilbert who travelled often by ship to warm climates. He was accompanied by his son who I found never spoke a full sentence during the entire tea time. Minnie called him “Mr  Grunt. The army officer also turned out to be a dimwit who spoke as if he were from Britain but when he had a few glasses of wine  his real heritage surfaced , proving he was no more English than the man in the moon. Minnie called him “Captain Funnytalk. All this we learned before dinner. Minnie proved to be a great travelling companion as she immediately on return to the cabin proclaimed her ability to name call and I collapsed onto my bed with laughter. There was still one other table party for us to meet. Minnie laughingly stated that she would soon solve the mystery and called me  “DR Watson”. You know as if she were of all people SHERLOCK HOLMES.

Dinner was at six and we dressed in our finest but noticed the other passengers in the dining room were still in their day clothing. Later the steward, whose name we found out was Joel advised us that the dress for dinner was posted in the instructions found on our writing desk. We both were quite sleepy and rather than walk out on deck we decided to have an early night.

May 29th:- We awoke to the breakfast bell and after carrying out our morning ablutions we dressed and made our way to our table for breakfast. We discovered we were alone as the others had selected to take their morning repast at the second sitting .

When we returned we discovered a note from Mr Wolfe which bid us to meet him in the lower lounge within the hour and we made our way through the companionway and at the  direction of a ship’s crewman found the lounge.

It was quite empty at that time of the day and Mr Wolfe proceeded to ask if we had slept well and to give us our instructions for our duties. Minnie was to assist Mrs Wolfe with her unpacking and to stay with Mrs Wolfe,  to insure the children were looked after while they were with Mrs Wolfe and not at their lessons. She was to act as a guardian while the Wolfe’s were at their meals and during other onboard functions. She was also to take her meals at the appointed times which was earlier than had been arranged for the Wolfe family. Mr Wolfe did tell Minnie she would be free in the evenings.

I really was overjoyed at the amount of my free time but poor Minnie is going to be very busy.

I was given to understand that lessons would continue in the ship’s Schoolroom located on the Mezzanine deck and that we were booked from 10 each morning until the lunch bell. Minnie departed with Mr Wolfe and I returned to our cabin and made my way to the school room to inspect the facilities. The room was quite large and had a blackboard as well as sets of books  on the shelves which surrounded the walls.

A youngish woman sat behind a desk briefly glanced up from a document she was working on, and bid me to take a seat along the wall.

“Are you ere for a class” she said in a quite well known cockney accent.

“NO “ I exclaimed “I am a teacher and governess”

“Well why didunt you say so “she barked”

I made no effort to answer her extremely rude behaviour and remained seated  staring her down with my famous glare which you often said would scare a scarecrow.

After several moments she broke into a beaming smile

“Well aint you the one, being upity likes a queen”

We both laughed and exchanged names.

“I’m Jane Jones, but everybody calls me Red cause of me hair”

I introduced myself to her and suddenly we were engaged in friendly banter with her telling me she was a ship’s writer working in facilities registration. Today she was working in the School Room and my name was already on her list as governess for the Wolfe children.

We chatted for a few moments and then Minnie brought the children to the room and Jane left me some instructions for the room and I began the daily lessons both in English and French. The children were quite tired and I decided to read to them from a book I had selected which was the new Jack London book the Call of the Wild. I had not been reading to them for very long when their father appeared and told me that the ship was about to come to a full stop because of a sea accident  very near to our location in the St Lawrence.

He ushered the children to the upper  deck area and I returned to my cabin to get my shawl and Minnie was already dressed to go out on the the deck as well.

We made our way along with several other passengers to the outside walking promenade area and realized that the weather was very bad. Intermittent rain fell and Minnie had taken the trouble to take our umbrellas which we tried to open but the wind kept catching the underside and pulling us to the railing. We finally gave up and searched the horizon for the ships that we were told had collided. We could see smoke and smaller craft moving towards the crash. The rain came down harder and we were becoming quite soaked but we remained to observe the cataclysmic effect of the ship wreck. Shortly we heard several bells being rung and  crew members moving  to tenders which were being lowered. The crewmen were dressed in heavy rainwear. The weather continued to deteriorate but we held our position. Many passengers had returned to the interior warmth of the ship.

Minnie was unable to continue in the downpour and we returned to our cabin to change our clothing. We met our Steward on the landing and he brought us up to date. A Canadian National Steamship had collided with a Turkish Freighter and the two ships had been so badly damaged that they began to list very badly. Several lives were lost he reported , as he had  spoken with the radio operators only minutes before. We were shocked.

The ship remained at full stop for the next four hours as the sailors from the Bermuda Star picked up survivors. We tried to return to the outside deck but the rain had become a full fledged storm. We learned at dinner this evening that the Bermuda Star had picked up twenty survivors whom were to be taken by tender to Saguenay Quebec the following morning. The Captain came to the dining hall and announced that over 1500 souls were lost in the calamity. It was a stunning revelation and we all shed tears at such a loss.

A memorial service was set for Sunday two days hence.


May 30th 1914:- Today is a free day, as the Wolf’es being Jewish remain with their children in their cabin except for their meals. Minnie and I begin to explore the ship, but not before the Tender arrives and takes the passengers  from the accident away. Afterwards we explore the ship, mostly on the 2ndclass deck and below. After lunch we met the red head cockney Jane who fills us in regarding the accident and that we would be in open sea the next day bound for Bermuda. The weather has sufficiently cleared so we are able to walk several times on the deck. We find deck chairs and blankets and settled in to relax and talk. A young crewman arrived shortly afterward and served us coffee from a silver coffee thermos. Minnie confided to me that she had never been away from Toronto. She also said that she had once been engaged to be married. She also told me that at thirty-one she was still a virgin. I was rather taken aback at her disclosure but she seemed to enjoy talking about her life . She had actually gone to a university  to become a lawyer, but her father had died  thus leaving her without the resources to continue. Minnie began her domestic career as a maid and had worked her way up to housekeeper. The Wolfe’s are very kind she told me and they are very religious.

We walked some more than we went lunch after hearing the bell.  The last table companion  appeared and he was a older man who from his  speech  I suspected  was from a low land country such as Holland or Belgium. He sported an enormous moustacheHis name was Henrick Vanderwhall. Minnie told me later she would call him Mr Moustache and we both giggled at her humour. He spoke very little English, but I soon discovered he spoke French and I was able to convey to the others his thoughts. The conversation was entirely on the terrible misfortune of the previous day.


May 31st 1914:- Today being Sunday we attend church services and the memorial for those lost at sea. Later we walk on the deck and Minnie walks with the children who bounce along  asking questions about everything. The sea is quite calm and the weather is much warmer. We are in open sea now and there are less people seen because of sea illness. Minnie returns the children to the Wolf’s in first class and then we find the card room and engage in a game of Wisk. Minnie tells me that  The Wolfes like their Sunday mornings away from the children . She adds darkly that she supposes  its to  have their weekly romp. I realize she is in need of male companionship and  I casually remarked to Minnie that I have seen several unattached young men aboard. She brightens up and we pledge to try and meet some of them. Before long we are joined by two youngish looking men who ask if they can join us in a few hands. We spend a very pleasant afternoon and repair to our cabin with a promise to meet the next evening for cards and talk.

Both men are a bit too young for my tastes but Minnie is taken with one.

June 1st:-1914

Minnie leaves early and I spend a leisurely early morning bathing and attending to the children at the school room. I discuss with them the calamity at sea and the previous terrible sea tragedy -the Titanic which was in 1912. At noon Minnie arrives and the children are off to lunch  Minnie and I also head to the dining room. Lunch is always my favourite there is usually two choices and I have sea food usually with lovely Prince Edward Island potatotes. For desert is a lemon custard. YUMMY!!! I must stop eating so much as I feel like I am unable to do up my corsets! I am starting to wear my shirtwaists, which are very much in fashion. This evening we met our two young men both of whom are from Cleveland Ohio. Minnie and I find them quite charming and we think they are about 22 or 23 years old. We play cards and have a coctail with them and we  took a walk on the deck. The young man I am with is Jack and the other young man whom Minnie is very interested in is Albert. Both men have jobs with the Cleveland Marconi company and are taking a trip to Hamilton to begin the installation of a telegraphic link to the United States. The evening is warm and the sea very calm,. Minnie and her young man disappear into a corner of the deck usually reserved for children’s  games during the day. Other young couples are also making for the darkness of this terrace . I took Jack’s hand and we walked further to where the outside light is very dim and eventually he kisses my cheek like one would kiss their sister. I can feel his face against mine and he is very warm, and he began  to slightly perspire. I encouraged him to kiss my lips and he leaned forward and gathered me in his arms but he is all arms and hands and fingers.  I moved his hands and arms into a body hold on me and we kiss. I notice he is very aroused and I push against him and he knows that I have felt his member against my body and  his reaction is sudden as he pulls away and mumbled an apology. I told him its only human. I believe he was a neophyte and I asked him if he had had any experience with girls. He stammered a bit and said he was very unskilled. I suggested to him that we had a few days and I would be happy to give him some “indoctrination.” At which he replied quite humbly that he would be in my debt.

Much later after talking and some romantic kisses I left him and returned to the cabin and found Minnie was already in bed and seemed in a very happy mood. She excitedly told me about her smooching with Albert  and that she was thinking of going further. I tell her to keep her guard up as he may be just lusting after her. By the same token I fell asleep promising myself to undertake a sexual congress with the young man from Cleveland known as Jack.



The voyage was now nearing it’s end and the next day the ship was due to dock at the Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda. Mr Wolfe called a meeting in the 2nd class lounge after the children’s lessons and announced that he had decided to take further holidays and that they would stay for a month on the island. He seemed in a very good frame of mind and bantered with both Minnie and Dianna saying for them to beware of the island Perfumery . They were told that they would  reside at the Royal Palms located in the Pembroke Parish of Bermuda. . Mrs Wolfe added that she hoped they could ride bicycles and would teach the children as this was the main mode of travel on the island.

They met up with their young men later that evening after the supper meal.

“We are staying for a month on the island” announced Minnie”

“We are staying in Hamilton at the Royal Palms” added Dianna

Both men excitedly shouted out, that they also were to be housed at the Royal Palms for the duration of their stay in Bermuda as well.

Later they walked the deck as the sun began to set and found a darkened corner for romance in the shadows. Eventually their passion began to become quite intense and Dianna suggested they adjourn to Jack’s cabin while Minnie had pre arranged to use their cabin which was at opposite end of the companionway.

Jack began to reach for the light as they entered the cabin which was somewhat smaller than Dianna’s and had no porthole. Dianna held his arm indicating that they did not need the light. Their movement was soundless but Dianna bade him with hand motions to disrobe and she undressed as he did.He told her she was beautiful and she muttered her thanks. She could make out that he still remained in his long underwear and she helped him strip down and she also removed all of her undergarments. She reached down and he had swelled quite amazingly by now and she could feel he was reasonably well endowed and  was breathing quite heavily. She took his hand and had him place it on her vulva and had him move it around until she became quite lubricated. He lightly touched  her breasts  panting quite loudly, Dianna drew him to the bed and placed her buttocks on the edge of the bed allowing him to be in a standing position and then she guided him into her vagina and could feel the heat of his rod as he entered. She clutched his buttocks with the palms of her hands moving up and down the cheeks softly whispering to him to move slowly so as not to come too quickly. He is held back by her softly grasping and loosening her hold on his well formed and active behind. He is a very quick learner and his action of moving back and forth  in rythmic strokes is quite erotic. Eventually she takes a firmer hold on him pushing him inwardly toward her so as to make him understand to move more quickly. He rode her very vigourously now, creating  a sexual friction which caused her to cry out. He is oblivious to her wimpering as he continued to race to his climax and succumbs exploding within her and  roaring his satisfaction.

They fall  headlong onto the bed and he  lavishes numerous kisses upon her face, breasts and back . He runs his hand down the curve of her spine , marvelling at her beautifully shaped buttocks and as well runs his hands through her hair . She also feels his body, noticing even in the dark, the smoothness of his back and legs.

Within minutes he is sufficiently aroused again and she  asks him if this was his first time. He takes a long time to answer in the affirmative.

“May we have another go” he asks expectedly

“Well you are a tiger, young man”

He giggles and smothered her with a several kisses and she can sense by his shallow breathing that he is ready to ravish her again.

After feeling his member which is quite hard and pulsating she turned with her back to him and raised herself up on her knees. Dianna bid him to press his body against her buttocks wherein she reaches back and grasping him in her hand showed him where he can enter her. He is quite thrilled by the prospect and achieves his entry immediately cautiously thrusting back and forth in her vagina. With his free hands he roves over her body, and she also  moves her tail bone in time to his movements. He is unable to contain himself and howls  in long wailing cries.

“Oooh… ahhh Oooh- ahhh” he exclaims over and over until in a reckless abandon of rapid action he fires his rod flooding her with his spending and jolting her insides with his seed.

* ** *

June 2nd 1914


Well my dearest and most loved sibling I have once again sinned !!! WHAT A JOY. This time a it was a very young man with something to be proud of and I must say it was his VERY FIRST TIME. Its so much nicer on a ship feeling the calm sea beneath us as we made sensuous love in the heat of a South Atlantic night. This is our last night on the Star and we dock tomorrow. Jack(that’s the name of my young young man) is staying at the same hotel that we are the Royal Palms a historic hotel in Hamilton. Today  Mr Wolfe enlightened us on his plans for the next month. His program is to remain in Bermuda until July 5th at which time we will be taking the Devonshire Clipper to New York and hence the train back to Toronto from Grand Central Station. We will be staying  in the  servants quarters on the estate and have been allocated a room with two beds and our very own bath and facility. HOW LAVISH  is it not? The ship docks at 1100 am.

After my tryst with MR JACK I returned fully sated to my cabin and the room was empty.

I noted the time being nearly 2100 hrs, way past Minnie’s bedtime and I became quite concerned. Just when I was getting up to go and fetch her, the latch opened and she breezed in with a kind of crooked smile like she had done something really very wild. She was smirking at me and I could discern that she had carried out her evil strategy(as I had) and was lifted from her virginal burden.

“Well are you going to keep on looking like the cat got your tongue or do I have to be kept in the dark”

Minnie laughed and flopped on the bed in an amazing display of agility.

“”Oh God Oh God what a time we had, more so with my deflowering”

She was now laughing so hard  that she held her stomach in pain.

“And where may I ask did this deflowering take place-- on the deck?”

“Why no” she replied after more chortling “In a place reserved for complete privacy, and indulgence, a lifeboat” with which she shrieked as I put my hand over her mouth to calm her down. 

I was really curious as to how this was accomplished but she would not go into detail and I realised she was in such a happy frame of mind that further questioning would be fruitless. I did ask her if she considered protection but she declared that her beau had withdrawn. She questioned me on my depravity and I also kept my own council but with the cameo that it had been quite enlivening.

June 3rd:

Today we rose early and had breakfast. Minnie dashed to the Wolfes’s cabin. The cabin steward arrived to bring our luggage and trunks. Minnie returned at which time we packed all of possessions.

The ship had docked earlier in the morning so we went up to have a look at the scenery we would  enjoy for the next month. It was breathtaking. Palm trees under blue skies and small craft darting all around the harbour. The ship’s crew bid us goodbye with a rendition of the Scottish song Auld Lange Sine…. Eventually we disembarked with the children in tow and the Wolfe’s leading the parade down the gangplank to the wharf.

A closer look on the land revealed well-ordered homes with white roofs with a profusion of flowers. Some of the varieties I do not know but there was a multitude of gladioli and hibiscus that I recognized.

We took a Ferryboat from the dock area to Hamilton and were met by a horse drawn carriage . Our luggage was to follow from the ship. We found the weather was quite warm and the sun beat down upon us with intensity.

When we arrived at the Royal Palms, Mr Wolfe went in alone to make all of the arrangements. On his return we noticed his demeanour had changed quite dramatically and we found out shortly that Minnie and I were not able to stay at the same hotel with the Wolfe family. The children and Mrs Wolfe uttered their disappointmet. I thought is wise to contain my anger and said I would willingly  accept whatever they could provide . Minnie also recognized the need for prudence and agreed with me. Mr Wolfe was taken with our understanding and said he would search out proper accommodation immediately as the children and family were settled.

It was’t that easy my dearest Evangeline. Most hotel space was taken and cabins reserved for tourists were also taken . We waited at each of the locations while Mr Wolfe attempted to house us and his frustration grew as the afternoon began to wane. The cab driver was also becoming quite touchy and demanded Mr Wolfe pay him for his time and hire another cab. Both Minnie and I had really begun to become unnerved but just as things looked blackest, a sudden turn of events brought us back into the sunshine.

As we began our short journey back to the Royal Palms, Mr Wolfe noticed a sign reading “Rooms to Rent with meals for Upstanding Ladies”. He stopped the horse drawn  cab, paid off the driver and he escorted us to a very clean stucco building surrounded by flowers which I later learned were a called oleander.

Mr Wolfe rang the bell and a very petite black woman eventually came to the door and spoke very politely to Mr Wolfe as he gave the woman a background on our quandary. She , we found out was the housekeeper and the owner of the home was not yet home from a day outing.

Within a a few minutes she returned and we discovered to our absolute joy that she was a very jovial and well spoken rotund woman who said she would be quite happy to rent the rooms to Mr Wolfe for the month long visit. We were taken to the back of the house and discovered that our entrance was  private in nature.  We would each have our own room and that the facilities including a large old fashioned bath tub with a sink which  was close by. I did not see a biffy so I presumed it was not shown because of Mr Wolfe being present. The lady whose name was Violet Archer told us that  Meals were included.  Mr Wolfe completed the arrangements paying the women with cash. Our luggage would be forwarded from the hotel and we could get settled  immediately  Mr Wolfe bid us good afternoon and told us that he would return the next morning after breakfast with our schedules. We were quite exhausted as the sun was very warm and there had been very little breeze and I laid down in my clothing.  I fell into a very sound sleep. When I awoke Minnie was sitting in my easy chair with a half baked smile on her face. She then advised me that the biffy called  was called“john”and  had a half moon on the door. I guess I didn’t get the obvious point  immediately. Minnie stopped smiling and explained what she had laugingly called “the John”- I was shocked.

Oh well she exclaimed better our bottoms get bruised than our egos.


**** ***********

Both Dianna and Minnie were kept busy  taking the children on short jaunts around the island and helping them to learn to ride bicycles. The children became quite adept at riding around on the left side of the road which was in vogue in Bermuda . As the days passed the girls spent time walking in the evenings with their gentleman friends and some of their nights passionately making love under the stars. They avoided the rented rooms for their assignations to remain discrete  in their romantic interludes. Once they had discovered beach areas that were quite concealed from public view they were able to continue. Dianna was very careful with her young man to insure she would not become with child. Minnie, however began to take chances and fortunately she was somewhat barren .thus being able to avoid up that time an embarrassment.

Dianna contined to warn her that what they were doing was dangerous and they needed to avoid pregnancy at all costs.

“I have other fish to fry” Minnie told her on several occasions.

She knew by the way in which Minnie cried out as she engaged Albert in  copulation that Minnie was attempting to lure Albert into a long term relationship.

Dianna also felt the need for love-making but she soon learned jack was somewhat dull and quick tempered. He pleaded with her to come to his room at the hotel and spend the night but she resisted. He became quite insistent  but Dianna held her ground.  She relayed to jack that if Mr or Mrs Wolfe saw her at the hotel under any  circumstances other than when  she was picking up the children as she did every morning she would end up in very deep trouble. Both girls were adamant that their relationship appear quite harmless on the surface so as not to arouse any curiosity. Albert was very understanding. Jack became quite angry and on more than one occasion stomped off leaving her standing on a darkened roadway. His behaviour was visibly quite uncompromising .

On the last occasion of their meeting Jack came very close to her face and exclaimed , “you better watch yourself Dianna, there are some very gruff characters in Hamilton”.She took this admonition as a threat and later wrote of her concerns to her sister.


June 15th 1914-

I am thinking very seriously of ending my association with Jack, my dearest Evangeline. He is being quite rude and aggressive. I find that he seems to enjoy my “favours” but wants things his own way and is not satisfied with a fling on a quiet beach. I can’t understand why he is annoyed, I’m the one who is getting sand on my bare bottom!!! Nonetheless I feel certain I will be ending the “encounters” with him”.The fact is that he made a veiled threat to me recently.

** **


The weather had become quite windy and cold and Dianna and Minnie took the children to the newly opened Bermuda historical museum. The sky was quite overcast when they exited onto the street, Suddenly Dianna was accosted with a push from behind. She fell headlong into the street falling heavily on her back. The perpetrator ran away  into the large crowd who were exiting from the museum. He had made no effort  to wrench  her handbag. Minnie came to her aid. She held Dianna and shouted to some onlookers to call a Doctor, and the police. Within minutes a young black physician arrived along with a local police officer . The Doctor attended to herand determined that nothing had been broken. He concluded that she had sustained a frightening fall.  She whispered to the Doctor that she had fallen on her back as she had turned to see  her aggressor . Minnie was questioned as were the children who were very alarmed by what they had seen. As luck would have it their landlady Violet Archer suddenly came upon the scene.

“Minnie she said be nice and call your employer or he will be concerned about the children. Doctor I think we should have her taken to the visitor’s clinic for evaluation and I also suggest the police - you kind sir should take her statement at the Victoria hospital on Putney street”. She said taking charge of the situation.

Onlookers stood back as a motorised ambulance arrived and Dianna was gently placed on a stretcher and the Doctor joined her through the rear door of the van. Mrs Archer corralled the children while Minnie called the hotel to advise Mr Wolfe of the accident and Mrs Archer hailed a cab for them all to proceed back to their temporary abode.


In a letter to Evangeline

June 28th 1914

Dearest Evangelibne,


The most astounding situation arose here in Hamilton. I am still puzzled about what has happened to me. Last Monday Minnie and I took the children to the new museum in Hamilton. As we walked out I was pushed and struck from behind by what we thought was an unknown assailant. We were sure it someone attempting to make off with my purse which I had strung on my shoulder as I was holding  Mr Wolfes daughter with the other. I tried to turn to see the lout but he had pushed me so hard that I was knocked down backwards falling very forcefully on my bottom and wrenching my back. I was in extreme pain when I was taken by motorised ambulance to the visitors clinic and thence for admission to Victoria Hospital where I am presently recuperating. I was extremely frightened. Fortunately our landlady Mrs Archer came upon the scene. She “barked” out some commands with the result splendid help arrived and I was bundled off to hospital.

The police were magnificent. They questioned me quite extensively regarding my associations and I was forced to admit I had been having a liaison with Jack. Propitiously Mr Wolfe was not brought into the matter. I think I know what has occurred but I am waiting until the next occasion when I am visited by the police.

* **

Mr and Mrs Wolfe visited Dianna in hospital and told her that they had a surprise for her.

“We have a visitor who has come out especially to see you” they exclaimed almost in unison.

Dianna was therefore astounded when a smiling Nicolas Goldsmidt entered her room and presented her with a very large bouquet of flowers. A young hospital worker suddenly appeared and placed the flowers in a vase. Dianna  blushed as Nicolas bestowed some very soft kisses on her face and lips. The Wolfe’s looked on intently as Nicolas took her hand.

“My dearest Dianna , I am indeed saddened to see you incapacitated, I came as soon as I heard of your dilemma”.

Mr and Mrs Wolfe soon departed and she and Nicolas both got caught up on all the developments. She was careful not to mention about her indiscretion with Jack, but maintained that a she was attacked by a thief who attempted to grab her purse.They talked for quite some time until a nurse arrived to announce that the visiting hours were over. Nicolas mentioned that he was staying in the  Bermuda  Palm Resort near the hospital and he would be in Bermuda until she was able to travel to the mainland United States.

July 15th -1914

Dearest Evangeline:

I have a lot to tell you about today some very exciting news.  The decision was made to stay on in Bermuda by the Wolfe family until I was able to walk without the aid of crutches. I was released from hospital and was met by the children and Minnie along with several well wishers. Nicolas was there to steady me as I taken by carriage to the  Bermuda Palm Resort where all of my possessions had been moved by Minnie. She was to become my “nurse”and we were to sharea room . I must now tell you about the situation regarding my attacker. A man was arrested by the Island police only a few weeks after the assault. He turned out to be a tough from New York who lives here by his wits. The police questioned him asking if he had any accomplices, but he denied the charge. I rashly interjected into the interview I had with the detective constable that it was my feeling he was paid by another to thump me. Characteristically they would not listen to my review of the events. But I knew of course that Jack had paid the thug to push me in an effort to scare me. You know of course what happened to my husband in Canada, and I had the distinct sense this was by and  large the very same circumstances .In any event Jack did not come to the hospital but sent flowers and a card. Minnie also stopped seeing Albert. My feeling is that Jack is not finished with his lawlessness.

Now the very good news I have for you. Nicolas has proposed to me!! I have told him I will respond very soon. He also mentioned that there will soon be a war, he has been following the events in Europe very carefully.

* * *

Dianna recuperated enough to begin walking short distances and she was accompanied by Nicolas, who regaled her with stories from his practice of law. He often referred to current events , speaking in  a very low and  confidential narration. In the evening they dined together with Nicolas walking with her to the many terraces of the resort where they kissed passionately. Nicolas did not press her to go beyond their spooning interludes.

They had decided after dinner to walk in the gardens of the resort which was very dark and equally as tranquil.

“They had found a stone bench situated behind some very large growth elm trees which were very popular on the island for shade. “He was uncharacteristically very quiet and held her hand very tightly. She sensed he was searching for some declaration to make.

“Are you lost in your judicial thoughts” she said smiling and moving closer to him.

“You know Dianna, Mr Wolfe invited me here even before your

untimely attack. I waited until my annual vacation to book

passage because I wanted to see you again as  I am quite desperately  in love with you”

“My darling Nicolas I feel your love and  I am also in love with you, but the division of our faiths is an enormous chasm to cross”

He hesitated momentarily and decided to continue.

“I discussed our attachment with my father and mother. I knew that there would be opposition but surprisingly they offered none. It was as if they had expected me to marry outside our faith. Mr and Mrs Wolfe also agreed, despite their obvious religious fervour they have broad minds”

“ Nicolas where is this leading may I ask, and with many people must you  discuss our relationship.”

Nicolas glanced at her and then taking her hand and placing his arm around her shoulders addressed her in an near formal tone.

“Dianna will you do me the honour of being my wife”

She fixed her gaze on him as he bent to kiss her.

After a long and ardent kiss, she pulled away slightly from him, emoting  an even stronger desire to stand, which she did and  began to pace slightly in front of him.

“I must have time to think about your wonderful offer of marriage. It is exciting and quite breathtaking that you would have come all this way to propose to me. I will have tremendous difficulty with my parents as my father is a very  narrow-minded man especially regarding people of the Jewish faith. Further I have been married and it was intolerable because I was nothing more than a chattel. You realise that my husband spanked me as if I were a child and he was  legally within his rights. The marriage was never consummated and further he was such a lout that he  copulated with my maid right under our same roof.”

He reddened slightly as she continued her soliloquy and averted his eyes from her face.

“Dianna there is no use to bring to the surface a most unhappy and appalling period of your life, remember I am also your lawyer and I know of his perversion”. 

 “But dearest Nicolas that is not the whole story” she said abruptly sitting down and breaking into tears.

Within moments he had taken hold of her in  his arms as she continued to sob. He held her for quite some time smothering her with a vast kisses and waiting until she had sufficiently ceased crying.

“Your past history is really not any business of mine. We must move on hopefully together. I love you and I know you have affection for me as well and that is all that I need. As to being a chattel, I can and will promise you an equality beyond your wildest dreams. “ he said looking into her eyes.

Speaking in a very controlled voice and with as much sincerity as she could muster Dianna told him she would let him know within a few days.

Within a few weeks on August 5th, 1914 the war broke out in Europe and Mr Wolfe arranged passage for all of them to New York on the Clipper. Dianna decided to go back to Toronto and discuss the proposal with her parents before giving Nicolas her response.




Dianna had documented her life in a series of diaries  in which she entered the most intimate moments of her life.

The last entries were the most ambitious as she summed up her  life after the return to Toronto in 1914. As always she wrote to her sister who had never seen the diaries but remained throughout her life in touch through mail and later by telephone.

July 7th 1954 Vancouver

My dear Evangeline:

It has been several years since I had contemplated my earlier life, but now that as I am indeed in the winter of my life, I have reached a decision to tell you and my children about  the days following the return to Toronto in 1914 and the events of my life since that time.

When I told father and mother of my desire to marry Nicolas, they became  very upset. You will remember when you and your husband Maxwell tried to intervene on my behalf how really incensed they became. I was told that we would not be welcome in their house. The war intervened of course and Nicolas joined up only to be transferred to  the Legal branch of the Army. In early July of 1915 he left to go overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. We had decided to marry when he returned. It was a week before he left that we made love at the Hotel London in London Ontario. He was so ardent in his lovemaking , but that is another story I suppose.

Sadly he was killed while interrogating prisoners at Rhems during a bombardment. We were all devastated. But my one beautiful momento was Nicola. A wonderful daughter who has been my angel since she was born in April 1916. Father was disturbed that her colouring was so dark and born out of wedlock but I was overjoyed at her arrival. She has brought me three beautiful grandchildren and her marriage to Allan in 1937 has been a loving affair. I have never regretted my decision to leave Toronto and move to Vancouver in 1922 .

I met and married my wonderful husband Kenny at University when I decided to return to school in 1926  He was such a trusting and comfortable man and the fact he easily adopted Nicola as his own was a blessing. Together we had our divine children, Stephan and Elizabeth- Ann. He was a magnificent father to them and I can never forget his love for me. He left us in 1950 but he still remains in my heart. Minnie has continued to be  my life long friend and she lives in Los Angeles with her third husband Ricky who she says is an “actor”. I imagine her desires have been fulfilled. I met a very charming man recently and we have been taking walks together and having dinner at local restaurants, he is a man driven by sexual impulses which is very flattering even at my advanced age.. Lucky for me that Kenny provided for me from his salary as a school principal. I have a new car and the house is paid for. My investment is now quite good. Alfred stopped paying me the 250.00 per month in 1929 when the banks went bust in Canada. I still hear from the Wolfes who are now in a senior’s home in Toronto and are in their late 80’s. Their children are spread around the world, but never cease to amaze me with regular letters and cards.

I will finish for now as Sandy my affectionate gentleman caller is here and has rudely patted me on my backside!


Vancouver BC July 9th 1954:-

Now I must relate what occurred in detail on my return to Toronto in September 1914.

The war was on in earnest and men were lining up all over Toronto to join up and battle the Kaiser. The number of parades were so numerous that one could not plan on getting anywhere in the city.

Nicolas and I met regularly as we had done before I left before Bermuda, but he was becoming increasingly thoughtful about joining up. His father warned that there was a possibility that both Germans and Austrians would be interned for the duration of the war. Austria was technically not at war with Britain as yet but chances were quite good they would come in on the side of Germany.  In November the entire Goldsmidt family were arrested and they were interned in a camp somewhere outside of Toronto. My father guessed it was in St Catharines and he proved to be right. Reginald DeMontigny , the lawyer whom had taken my divorce case appeared before the authorities and pleaded that the family should be freed as they were loyal Canadians . By March of 1915 , they were released but had to move to a farm outside of London Ontario for the duration of the war. Nicolas enlisted and was accepted into the Legal Branch and with his language skills was attached to the military interrogators squad. He finished his training in May and by July he was ready to go overseas .

I took the train to London and we met at the station. I had made a decision to make love with him, the term they now use is sleeping together . I still retained my wedding ring and we took a room without questions at the Hotel London. We ordered a wonderful dinner and  after being wined and dined we returned to our room. He was as I realised quite gauche, but it was not long before we were bereft of our clothing  and inhibitions. His member was fully engorged and  was as I remembered quite enormous. He touched me in all my favourite places and we fell headlong into the bed .I was not however ready for him. I whispered for him to slow down which he gladly did and we kissed and stroked each other until I felt a very deep thrill and I became very wet and lubricated. I now encouraged him to mount me which he did and within a few moments he was thrusting in a very natural way which was extremely exhilarating. The dear man however was beyond his point of control and with a final plunge shot a great load into my insides and moaned as if mortally wounded.

We made love numerous times during the weekend, often talking well on into the night. I knew though that his first encounter with my body was the very moment of conception of my darling Nicola.


 Vancouver July 15th 1954

Today I have decided  after fifty years to address my thoughts on the terrible incident with my tormentor  who somehow  followed me to Toronto and caused me  terrible and frightening consequences………….


 May 1915-Toronto

Dianna had fully recovered from her ordeal and began to visit regularly with her parents to prepare them for her announcement of marriage to Nicolas. Minnie had continued in the employ of the Wolfe family. Through the generosity of Mr Wolfe, Dianna had been  paid while convalescing. She regained her strength and took up her duties as governess with the children in late May, Nicolas had gone overseas with the first contingent of the expeditionary Forces and they had bid goodbye after their torrid love making in London  Ontario in early July.

* ***

One day  while she was waiting at a trolley stop  she noticed a man who  had attempted to disguise his appearance but looked very much like Jack. She disclosed her thoughts to Minnie who laughed it off by saying’

“He is your nemesis no doubt sweet friend.”

But she became more concerned as he seemed to be following her when she walked to the meat market and green grocer on Saturdays. She tried a different route but he always seemed to  re-appear , simply by watching her movements from a distance and guessing her destinations.

She began to take motorized taxicabs to avoid him , but he caught onto this ruse and used the same means of transportation.

Suddenly the harassment of following her stopped. She had contemplated confronting him in an area where throngs of people gathered but with his disappearance she breathed easier.

One Sunday in Mid June she returned from an afternoon outing with friends to find that her door was wide open and that her books and knick-knacks were strewn all over the floor.  She immediately called the police and her father, she knew now that her life was in danger. Her father was away but the police replied that they would send a team of officers immediately.

** **

She decided to leave the apartment exactly as she had found it and waited for the police at a neighbours.

Within a very short time a man with bright ginger hair who was very noticeably bucktoothed arrived and was shown in by her neighbour Annie Glover.

“Names Perkins he said heres me ident” he said pulling a card from his massive overcoat which was far to big for him and appeared to be  too warm for Toronto’s mid summer weather.

“Thank you for coming and she led him to her apartment which was across the hall. He was accompanied by  a very large framed uniformed policeman whose jacket buttons looked almost ready to burst  . He had an enormous moustache which he constantly licked.

Perkins spoke very little but began surveying the entry. The bulky policeman motioned her to remain in the hallway.

Other apartment dwellers began to gather but the corpulent policeman waved them off with the admonition”no one has any business here cept the lady whose lives here”.

Perkins wandered around the apartment , jotting down notes in a oil stained black  notebook. The moustached man kept licking his upper lip and momentarily  Dianna distinctly heard  the  sound of someone within her apartment breaking wind at least three times in loud succession.

The policeman in the hall, fixed his eyes on an non existent spot on the wall above her as if to say he wasn’t responsible and abruptly Perkins dashed out of the apartment.

“You are free now to go in and if you would please let me know what is missing.” He said walking a way down the hallway. A putrid odour had however followed him out of the apartment and Dianna thought she was going to faint from the noxious fumes. Perkins pretended he was checking the hallway windows but Dianna darted into her apartment and went to an open window to get some fresh air.

Perkins re-entered the apartment and glancing at his notes he asked her if there was anything she could detect that was missing.

“No Mr Perkins, this is mostly vandalism. I would like to know how the person got in as I have the only key except for the manager who has the master”.

“Pardon me miss but second story artists have a batch of keys for almost every  door.“ he said waving his hand toward the doorway.

“Would you mind sitting down Mr Perkins and constable ah … sorry I don’t know your name”.

When neither man responded she continued “I have something which may help in your investigation and which I feel may be apropos this break-in”.

The constable moved over to the door and shutting it  he  took a position as if he were standing on guard.

Perkins sat down on her settee and again removed his notebook from his oversize and bulky overcoat. “Go on “ he said motioning with his pencil.

She began to relate the circumstances that took place in Hamilton Bermuda the previous year and then brought the story forward to the present where she sensed she  was being stalked. The detective asked  a few questions but wrote  verbatim what she told him. When  she completed her evidence there was an awkward silence which prevailed and the constable without prompting  disappeared into the outside landing.

“Now miss” Perkins began “I must know a few verydetails which may or not be pertinent and they will be of the intimate nature. Whence on the Steamship or in Bermuda did the man known as Jack have carnal knowledge of your person?”

She did not hesitate and answered to him in the affirmative, looking him straight in the face.

After getting a description of  her former lover, he asked about the man who had been arrested by the Bermudan police.

“He was not held very long and I actually did not see him at all after the episode at the Museum,”she responded

“Then how would have known it were him?”

“ I can’t say, I was just told he was a New York professional criminal who they suggested was among the most usual suspects.”

“So let me get this information straight. They said it were him cause he fitted the description of the perpetrator and you did not identify him as the guy wut done it”.

“Well yes that is how the situation seem to be concluded”

Perkins made a face and looked very much  like he was going to become agitated, but held his temper long enough to write down more information in his dog-eared book.

“Wut about the guy  you was…… you know  what I mean?”

“I am sure it is him that has followed me , he is wearing a faulty disguise but I am sure it is him”.

Okay wut happened to the Yank they accused?.

“He was escorted off the island by the police according to my fiance”

Perkins began to rub his ginger hair with his dirty fingernails. He questioned her about Nicolas who he knew from the criminal courts  but did not tell Diana this fact.

In the meantime there was loud discussion in the hallway outside the apartment and Perkins got up to see what the commotion was all about and Dianna’s father entered the apartment quite red faced.

Dianna began to sob when she saw her father and he went to her to console her. Perkins withdrew to the hallway where he could be heard angrily deriding the constable.

“Dianna close to her father when the detective returned.

‘When can we speak to Mr Gold Smith your fiancée”

“He has gone overseas , he left in March for the Front”

Perkins wrote down more information in his notebook.

“So Miss my work is done for now, but I think it would be a good idear to let me know if you see this sneak, there is plenty of them guys in Toronto specially house burglars. I am going to contact the Cleveland Police about this guy Jack and also the police in Bermuda about the bum that pushed you or if it were him.”

As an after thought he turned back to her and asked “ Just for my knowledge what did you say the name of the landlady was again”

“Violet Archer”

With that he waved her goodbye and fled the apartment .Her father spoke to her for quite along time and began to help her to clean up the mess which had been left. He offered to house her while the matter remained under investigation but she refused.

Later that night she decided to write Nicolas but did not tell him of the incident.

 Several weeks passed and  Dianna returned to her usual routine of going to the Wolf’s to teach the children and taking them on excursions for which Minnie often accompanied them.Dianna was now also feeling the first effects of her pregnancy.It was near the end of summer during a Sunday picnic at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds that Dianna noticed the person she thought she recognized as jack standing behind a pillar. She pretended to be in conversation with Minnie but told her to take the children and walk up to the swings and slides and that she would follow momentarily. An ice creme concession stand stood close by the pillar. She measured the distance with her eyes to where the individual stood. He was unable to see her because his line of sight was now broken by a group of woman rowers holding a small boat above their heads.

Dianna ran full tilt until she was within a few feet of the pillar . The person had begun training his eyes on the boaters and following the path of Minnie and the children.

Dianna knew she was no match for the very hefty looking individual which she now realized was not Jack but seen at a distance had a likeness to him. The face was covered with a fake beard a black hat with a broad brim was pulled down almost completely over his eyes.

The man turned toward her quite unexpectedly. Dianna sensed a danger and with a short scream began to run across the field which adjoined the grounds. She had made a serious mistake because the field was completely uninhabited by the public since it was bare of trees. The man began to pursue her, and began to gain on her  as she ran towards the waterfront. Her walking shoes had now proved to be a hindrance and she flung them off as ran. Looking back she notice the man now had a knife in his hands and she became even more desperate. Her breathing was now becoming quite laboured . The distance between them was closing and Dianna’s entire body tensed up to impact her fear.

Just as the man reached out to grab her she reached  down within herself for all the strength she could muster to make a last stand. She waited until he was upon her and before the attacker could raise the knife she took her fist in the form of a hammer and smashed it as hard as she could intohis face . His nose instantly exploded into a massive contusion and blood flew into his eyes. The hat flew off, but Dianna did not wait she ran out into a roadway where several cars stopped to see what was happening. Before long she was escorted to a police van which was parked near the CNE and fainted onto the ground The aggressor disappeared leaving behind the wide brimmed black hat which the police recovered.


*** ****

Vancouver July 30th 1954

Well the balloon had definitely gone up. Toronto Police detectives arrived in droves and I was attended to by the St John’s Ambulance persons. Minnie had missed me at the children’s activities field and had returned and noticed a big crowd had gathered. Within the hour Mr and Mrs Wolfe arrived and had gathered the children and immediately headed for their home after ensuring that I was just winded. My shoes had been found by a young man and returned to me. Suddenly the onerous Mr Perkins showed up along with an exceptionally portly man who gave his name as McGregor and spoke in a thick and indecipherable Scottish brogue.

Perkins stood by listening as McGregor who appeared to be his senior asked numerous questions. Perkins had shed his winter coat and now wore a long and shapeless rain coat which fell well below his knees and was at least three sizes too big for him. McGregor by contrast was immaculately dressed.

He was as I discovered more business like and without having to jot down my comments in a book he remembered everything I told him . Eventually told Perkins to go and poke around and see if anybody had seen anything. Perkins ambled off and McGregor sat down on a stool in the Ambulance where I was to rest briefly and questioned me further. His questions were very intimidating but he was also able to determine that I was being hounded. He told me he had read Perkin’s report but mentioned nothing about my affair with Jack. He referred to Nicolas as a good man. He left me with the words “we will have to get to the bottom of this as there is a vengeful person out there.”

I was now truly and for certain quite afraid. I was pregnant and had taken a terrible chance in my lifesaving run.

I chose over the next week not to go to work and one day Mr Wolfe showed up at my apartment to tell me I should “stand down” as he put it , meaning I was going to be out of a job. I was not angry only disappointed. I needed the money as my expenses were climbing, especially with a baby on the way The war had made everything more costly. It was you my dearest and loving sister that I confided my dilemma andcame to my rescue, along with Maxwell who found me employment at the Timothy Eaton Company in their outside selling department. The store was only a few blocks from my apartment and luckily a streetcar passed in front of my door. It was also very providential that my neighbour Annie Glover worked as a clerk at the very same office and she was met everyday by her beau Freddy.(remember Annie married him in 1916 and he was at Vimy and won some kind of medal ). In any event I was sure my troubles were now at an end. I was very careful not open my door and except for some short outings on Sundays I was either working or at home. You and mother brought me shirts to sew and books to read and I wrote to Nicolas every day. Father came to see me some time in October and presented me with a pistol!! It was a very small purse sized revolver. It shot six bullets from its chamber. I was stunned beyond anything you can imagine. I would never carry such a thing and I was afraid I would shoot myself before anyone else. Nevertheless he told me to at least hide it somewhere. You must protect yourself from this maniac he said. I was now even more frightened than I had ever been. I did tell him with some apprehension that I was with child. He became quite red faced  over my disclosure but held himself in check saying something about chastity before marriage. I think he wanted to scold me but I cut him off with the exhortation that Nicolas and I were in love and that he may not possibly return.

Nothing actually happened for several months but near Christmas when I was beginning to breath easier , several unrelated but terrifying and sorrowful events occurred.

I had just returned from my employment one evening shortly before  when I noticed a telegram had been shoved under my door. It was from Abraham Goldsmidt who wanted to see me as soon as possible. I made arrangements to take the train the next day to London Ontario and we met at Campbells Restaurant on Dundas street near the train station.

Mr Goldsmidt was accompanied by his wife Rheva. Both were very solemn and I knew this meeting was about Nicolas. Their eyes were quite red from crying. Mr Goldsmidt related what he knew which was very little but it appears, Nicolas was interrogating prisoners during a bombardment and a rogue shell fell in the tent area where he worked killing all of the interrogators and prisoners.

I remained in a stunned shock for several moments because the truth of the matter had not sunk in. Death is so final, it comes often at the time you least expect and leaves you with an emptiness almost beyond the human capability to respond. We stayed together for several hours and they walked me to the station to get my train back to Toronto. We talked and cried many times hugging each other. I then told them I was pregnant with Nicolas child. Their joy was tempered by the terrible circumstances of their son’s death. They left me with a thought I will never forget

“Our son loved you from the very first moment he laid eyes upon you. We cannot think of what might have been but of the happiness you brought him while he lived on this earth. Go with God dear Dianna.”


Even as I write this I think of that moment. It was brought home to me even more when Nicolas’s last letter arrived on a very snowy Toronto day in January. I have kept the letter all these years. it has yellowed and dried out. I read it often to try and remember what he looked like. How time dims our view of a loved one. I can hardly see his face anymore, but the expression conveyed to me shall last me to the end of my days and it began:


“Somewhere in France:-

My dearest Darling Dianna:

I am moving up to the front lines today, but just before I leave I thought I would dash off a short note to you my beloved. Your picture remains near my heart in my inside tunic pocket. My love for you grows each day we are apart. I could have searched all my life and never have found anyone so lovely  and charming. I am indeed a fortunate man!………………”


* * **

Angus McGregor had been a policeman for forty years. He was a no nonsense copper  who had one fundamental policy, that being, the biblical expression of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He was also very astute. He had an uncanny ability to employ his sixth sense in analysing crime. The detective relied completely on his instincts. In the weeks that followed the attempt on Dianna’s life at the Canadian National Exhibition he studied the hat discovered at the scene . He visited hospitals and sent Perkins to all the local Doctors in Toronto in his search for any medical practitioner who had treated  anyone with a possible broken nose. McGregor’s sleuthing finally paid off when a young Doctor whose practice was in a pastoral area of Toronto called Eglington West related that he treated a person for a fractured nose on the day of the attempted assault.

McGregor sought to find out how the person arrived at the Doctor’s office but no one had seen the individual prior to access into the street entrance.

McGregor sent Perkins out to canvas the taxi hacks but this proved to be a dead end. The hat remained a  link to the perpetrator’s identity and Mcgregor kept up his daily viewing until he decided to visit a Hatter he knew on Spadina avenue.

“Not from Canada” exclaimed the hatter, after looking under the hat band.

“From where then would you guess?”

“Not a guess Mr McGregor this hat is from a warm place because the material is quite thin, we don’t make hats that I know of here because its too light for our climate”.

“Which warm climate do you have in mind”

“Well could be a Yankee hat from maybe Florida, but my feelings is that it comes from the Caribbean or maybe Bermuda”.

McGregor thanked him and taking his usual mode of transportation which was his bicycle made his way to the Doctor’s office which he found was mostly on a unpaved dirt road. The dust covered his clothes and he had to stop before entering the office to brush himself off.

Several people were seated in the outer office and after showing his police card to a tight lipped woman dressed in a white jacket he was ushered into the Doctor’s office.

“McGregor came right to the point asking several questions about the person with the broken nose, includingthe name that was given and the Doctor quickly responded.

“How old would you say that this man whom you treated might have been.”

A look of surprise on the Doctors’s face caused McGregor to hesitate before proceeding and finally after a moment the Doctor leaned forward very confidentially and said:

“I told your collegue that this was a woman who was dressed like a man  whom I treated”.

* **

McGregor continued firing questions at the Doctor and then left, stopping long enough to go to a telephone call box to summon Perkins to  police headquarters office on Bloor Street.

By the time McGregor had journeyed through the suburbs he was covered in dust. He retired to his small office on the second floor to brush off his suit and clean himself up, and to await Perkins . In the meantime the desk Sergeant urgently rapped on his glass door. McGregor was surprised by the interruption and  patiently waited as the Desk man advised him  a young constable had information for him regarding one of his cases.

“Send him up when he gets back off his beat”

“Well that’s just it, he is in the lunch room waiting for you”

“Tell Perkins to wait downstairs when he comes in and send the fellow up, by the way what’s his name”

“Mick Ryan you know the lad what joined from the Metropolitan London Police last year”

“You mean that dinky Irishman with all them kids, that I saw at the St Nicks party at Christmas”?

“One in the same , and he is going to be  good copper if you asked me”

“Okay get him up here”

Mick Ryan was twenty-four years old and had emigrated to Canada from England hoping to get a police job. His salary in the  London Metropolitan London Police was not enough to feed his growing family, so he had decided to come to Canada.

He knocked on McGregor’s door quite firmly and walked in without being bid to enter. Angus looked him over and saw a young serious looking constable dressed very smartly in a high neck tunic which was carefully pressed and trousers with a sharp crease. His boots shone like glass and he had a very neat  trimmed haircut and moustache.

“Well me boyo what have you got for me” said Mcgregor pointing to a chair in front of his desk.

Without preamble Ryan launched into a short and clipped report.

“My beat is Dundas street from  the two hundred block down nearly to Yonge. Yesterday I was checking the back entrance to a rooming house called Brown’s, I noticed a man or maybe a woman in man’s clothing coming around the corner from the back door . The person had a large medical bandage on the nose area. I attempted to speak with the individual as I was aware you were looking for a person that had a facial injury. When I approached the man/woman dashed down the alley behind Browns and I lost sight after a few moments chase although I shouted for the person to stop in the name of the law,”

McGregor reclined in his desk chair sizing up the constable’s statement. He hesitated before beginning his series of questions mainly by asking how Ryan knew he was seeking an injured person.

“Perkins, your side kick told me two days ago when he met with some of us in the day room” he responded

McGregor let that disclosure pass.

“Okay boyo could you make me a verbal description of your suspect”

“Better than that Mr McGregor I have a drawing I made from memory”.

*** **

Vancouver August 10th 1954

The final episdode  in the events of 1917 now took place after I received the letter from Nicolas .  In February I was already in about my seventh month and I decided to leave the Timothy Eaton employment and live on some savings which I had accumulated. Mother came one day and gave me a cheque for five hundred dollars. She insisted I take the money and not tell father. But within the same week, father was at the door with another five hundred dollars also forcing the money on me as if I were indigent so that I dared not take the money.

Satisfied that I would be  financially secure in the short term I decided to hire a mother’s helper. I interviewed a few young women and was able to select a rather stocky lady of good breeding who had two children and whose husband was in the military in France. She made me lunch and prepared dinner and cleaned the apartment twice a week. She was not very talkative and therefore worked very diligently. Her meals however suffered from too much salt and often the food was undercooked. But she was sincere and was very helpful, during  a trying period of my third trimester.

I often napped before the helper left and one day I was awakened by her to tell me a man was in the foyer and wished to speak with me. He turned  out to be a tiny little man named Ryan who was immaculately dressed and showed me his police card.

* **


“Yes Miss if you don’t mind I have been sent by my superior Mr Angus McGregor  for you to look at a drawing of a suspect in your attempted ….ah intended slaying”

“Thank you but where is the other man named Perkins”

He is I understand otherwise employed in the city bylaw department”

“And you are his replacement”

Yes indeed madam I am a newly promoted detective”

“Right well let me see the photograph” she waved him over to the settee.

“There is more light here “

He handed her a folder with one piece of paper, and she glanced at it for a fraction of a second.

“But this is a drawing, you mentioned a picture?”

“ Actually this is a drawing I sketched as I have  seen the person shown here but I was unable to apprehend the personage. If you can make an identity we can possibly  match it up with our rogues gallery of assailants”.

She studied the drawing trying to make out the face by imagining that the plaster on the nose area was removed. She was struck however by the person’s ears which she had remembered were very small for a man.

“It’s very much like the person who tried to stab me, but I can’t be sure, the nose plaster does make it difficult, but one characteristic is the smallish ears which are very much like a woman, as well this person now looks vaguely familiar”

Ryan was very elated at the news but noncommittal as to the person’s gender. He thanked Diannah and left after which the helper, Eyrelene also left leaving Dianna instructions regarding her meals and if she needed anything she was to call the her friend who had a telephone”

‘Well cheerio Dianna” she said and swept out of the room leaving a faint odour of cheap perfume behind.

* ***

Ryan walked very quickly to the streetcar nearest Diannah’s apartment and returned only to find McGregor in the so called catacombs, located in the basement of the police headquarters where he found him searching out photographs.

Ryan joined him and briefly gave McGregor a run down on Dianna’s observations.

The entire basement was covered with large metal filing cabinets with attached huge sliding doors. Each archive was marked with a sign denoting the contents. Professional criminals such as house thieves, pickpockets confidence gamers  were sorted by number with the number corresponding to a file on the shelves of the cabinets. Many had thick sheaves of papers appended to their cardboard outer file, meaning they were continuous offenders.

McGregor waved Ryan to a table and began to remove several files from a special shelf unit which contained books of photographs from agencies outside of Canada along with a resume  beside each picture. Ryan noted that McGregor had shrewdly chosen a book of women law-breakers. He bid Ryan  to match each of the photographs with the drawing. Ryan was able through his training with the London Police to look for distinguishing marks particular to the subject. The hours dragged on and McGregor disappeared only to return with two steaming mugs of coffee, and offered Ryan a cigarette from his package of Sweet Caporals.

A dim light shone from overhead and Ryan’s eyes became quite weary, just as he  had almost given up hope, and turning to the last page of a book which was quite recent his eye fell upon a woman whom he immediately recognized as the one he had seen outside of Brown’s Boarding House.

“I have it Mr McGregor “ he said anxiously pointing out the photograph.

McGregor removed a magnifying glass from his jacket and began to study the photograph and the drawing . He remained glued to the likeness of the drawing and appraising the photograph.

Ryan felt quite sure of his discovery but held himself in check beginning to sweat quite profusely.

At length McGregor reached out and taking hold of Ryan’s hand and smiling said: “I think Mr Ryan you have helped solve your first crime”

McGregor pointed to the picture and held up Ryan’s drawing.

“This is the woman, who was dressed like a man  and her name is Elizabeth Dillon, alias Bridget Cole and also goes by the name of Violet Archer. She is  a well known blackmailer, pick pocket and spent considerable time in  a American prison for attempted murder. Her last known whereabouts was Hamilton Bermuda.” 

McGregor had Ryan take the photograph to the print shop located on the second floor of the Headquarters building and requested they do a fast job of transferring the picture to a hand bulletin which would be available for police in the immediate Toronto area.

 The next day armed with the handbill McGregor and Ryan  set about to scour the rooming houses and residential hotels  located in the downtown area of Toronto. They visited Brown’s and questioned the full figured man who ran the establishment, but he remarked “they come and go so fast after they pay I just don’t got time to remember them”

‘Show us the room she was in”

“That won,t help cause the room been used three times since she vamoosed”

“Anything left behind” interjected Ryan

A pregnant silence intervened while the man searched his memory

“Might have been I guess”

McGregor’s face reddened and he walked up to the man and shoved his body right up against him.

“ Listen here Mon this here is a police investigation, you don’t want to be holding out on us, because I will charge you with withholding evidence and you will be in front of a magistrate as fast as you can say Robbie Burns”.

The man reached down under the counter and pulled up a black satchel which was quite worn and handed it over to McGregor who passed it over to Ryan.

McGregor gave the man an oblique smile and the two policeman left immediately . McGregor went to a call box and ordered a police car to pick them up and when it arrived they adjourned to the back seat and dismissed the driver , sending him out for coffee.

McGregor told Ryan to open the bag and he did so investigating the contents, there were some items of men’s clothing as well as some other items of women’s undergarments. Ryan laid all the items on the seat between him and McGregor and then began to rummage around in the bottom of the bag . He felt the lining and noticed that there was a some kind of compartment at the bottom of the case, similar to a false bottom. He kept looking for the entry place finally realising that it was a hidden zipper which he opened and extracted a wad of Canadian and American money and some loose written notes. He immediately handed the sheets of paper to McGregor who briefly ran his eyes down the pencilled list of names monetary amounts and some telephone numbers. On another sheet were addresses , one of which was Diannas and the other Brown’s Boarding House also a train schedule which McGregor recognized as the Toronto to Buffalo night train. The last note contained a name and address and a telephone number written in ink and a figure in very bold letters it said:

Jack Murtaugh, 2345 Franklin, Cleveland Ohio, call after nine at night  10,000 USA .3 now and rest when done.


“I think its time to go and  see the lady known as Dianna”said McGregor motioning to the police car driver that he was needed.

 Vancouver 1954

Detective Angus McGregor arrived along with his new sidekick Ryan about 5:30 in the evening . It was very blustery outside and both man were bundled up in Hudson Bay coats. I offered them coffee and they readily agreed.

I was now questioned about the man with whom I had had a liaison in Hamilton Bermuda , a few years before. They were interested in his name and what I knew about him. I suggested that he was quite intelligent and also seemed at times irrational. Questioned about this aspect of his character, I mentioned that he said some very nasty things to me when I told him I did not wish to see him again and that  he was very angry.


* ***

“Angry enough to wish to murder you “ said McGregor pointing at Dianna directly.

“McGregor then looked at Ryan and suddenly he sprang up and walked to the door and slipped out into the hallway.

“Now Madam I have to know, did you on occasion have a intimate relationship with him, I must know honestly and the matter remains with me and me alone” he said quite passionately.

Dianna eyes filled with tears and she nodded to the detective.

“Now if you can remember what was his full name”

“His name as I knew it was Jack -Jack Murtagh of Cleveland Ohio in the USA.

McGregor gave no indication of his knowledge of the man she named and softened his tone ,continuing with his questions.

“Now I must ask you another question to test your memory of events in Hamilton Bermuda, did you at any time meet a woman known as Violet Archer”

“She was the owner of the ladies boarding house where I stayed , my employer Mr Wolfe found the housing. My friend Minnie also was a resident there.

“Tell me more about her, what did she look like, and anything you can remember about her”

She was a plain woman who I consider in woman’s terms  a small frame. When the attack took place she suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere and….. “

Dianna abruptly tailed off in her dialogue and shoot a look at McGregor as he understood  that a light  turned on in her memory bank.

“She did seem to appear suddenly as if she possibly had been there all along. I was in pain but much later Minnie told me she thought the person who had pushed me was very similar to Violet .I laughed it off and told Minnie that it was only by chance she was there. Minnie had a contrary opinion and even went so far as to say maybe it was Violet who pushed me and then removed her disguise to make it look like she just happened to be passing I laughed it off but now it seems to make sense”.

McGregor remained non committal but pressed on with his interrogatory.

“The last time Ryan was here you mentioned that the person you saw looked vaguely familiar and the I wonder if the photograph or drawing confirmed anything for you”

“Ah, now that you mention it I would say that the person who is dressed in a man’s clothing and wearing a wig looks very much like the woman whom I knew as Violet Archer”

McGregor appeared satisfied at the news and called Ryan back from outside the door.

“Mr Ryan please contact Headquarters and advise that the person we are seeking has been confirmed as Elizabeth Dillon alias Violet Archer.

“I want to warn you Dianna that this woman is very dangerous, and that your boyfriend has no doubt paid her to murder you”

We will be sending a guard to watch your premises.


Vancouver August 1954:-

The shocking news that Jack Murtagh and Violet Archer may have conspired to murder me was beyond my ability to comprehend. Jack’s jealousy apparently had no bounds. I later learned that he had tried similar vendettas when he was jilted by his lovers.

I was no doubt quite afraid that the woman known as Elizabeth Dillon who was still at large would try and get at me somehow. The hunt for her had now become  the sole work of the Toronto Police Department. Her ability to disguise herself as a man or in women’s clothing made her difficult to spot.

I was very tired but I managed to make my dinner and retreat to my bed.

The next day a policeman came to my door and advised me that he would be standing guard during the day and another man would arrive later in the day. I felt relived and I went about my daily chores as best I could . My condition did not allow me much latitude.

The day helper arrived  at 10:00 am and remarked that she had been stopped by the police as she entered the building and made to show identification. I apologized and told her that an ongoing investigation had necessitated a guard be placed at the entrance. She went about her duties allowing me time to read and rest. It was very cold outside and I had to ask the woman to stoke the fire in my fireplace several times as the biting wind caused the apartment to cool off. She left at mid afternoon, again insuring I knew the number to call if I felt any birth pains.

I ate an early dinner and bundled up while sitting near the fire.

After McGregor had advised me that the woman was still on the loose , I had decided that I would keep my father’s pistol nearby. Self preservation often makesa strange bed fellow.

I drifted off to sleep and was awakened by a cold draft coming from my bedroom. The living room had suddenly become quite damp. I was just about to get up when I was over taken with the horror that someone was emerging from my bedroom. The room was in darkness as I had not put on the overhead light. But I could see the outline as the individual walked very slowly in a cat like fashion. I remained very still , almost holding my breath. As if driven by providence my hand curled around the gun , which I never thought in my wildest imagination that I would ever use. There was very little light in the room except from the street lights and the natural brilliance of a very cold night, but I recognized the glint of a knife as the intruder came nearer. I remained motionless with a pounding heart. Fear had already overtaken me as I noticed I had wet myself.  The person kept on coming and without waiting I pulled the gun from under my blanket and fired point blank at the black shape standing in front of me .  I expect the first bullet did not even get anywhere near the target, but the shock of my retaliation had stopped the person’s forward motion. I kept firing wildly as by now I was standing and facing the figure , after the third shoot the figure fell with a thud to the floor. I was now so mesmerised that I continued firing. I had never shot a gun before and the sounds were like cracks of thunder and so startling that I began to shake uncontrollably.

Before I knew  it there was shouting in the hallway and when I failed to answer the door it was shattered by a burley policeman who rushed into the room and grabbed hold of my arm and wrung the gun from me. When the light was turned on , the intruder lay motionless on my living room rug. I immediately recognized her as  Violet Archer who had committed her last crime.

* **

From the front page of the Toronto Star dated April 1st 1917

The heading read: Brave Woman kills Intruder.

Dianna Etherton a resident of Parkside apartments is being hailed as hero by Toronto Police . A well known criminal named as  Elizabeth Dillon was shot and killed by Miss Etherton during what police describe  a robbery attempt. Off duty police constable Mallard Gooche arrived only moments after the shooting. Police have not disclosed why he was close by. The investigation is being headed up by veteran police detective Angus McGregor. He described the murdered robbery suspect as a very dangerous New York criminal who police had been seeking in Toronto. Miss Etherton lives alone and decided to keep the pistol at her bedside because of the reports that nefarious second story blackguards were entering bedchambers through windows near fire escapes  and preying on young single women. The Star has learned that Miss Etherton was taken to hospital immediately after the shooting for undisclosed reasons. Mcgregor has told the Star that a coroners hearing will be held within the next week. Dillon was forty-two years old and had recently lived in Hamilton Bermuda. She had a very long list of criminal acts and had been incarcerated three times in prison mostly in New York state, the longest being eight years for attempted murder. In Bermuda she went under the alias Violet Archer and owned a boarding House for women in central Hamilton. She was an expert in the use of disguises and often dressed as a man. Abraham Brown owner of Brown’s boarding house on Bloor told Star reporters that the woman had stayed at the house for at least two weeks and had appeared one day with a bandaged nose. Brown also mentioned that Dillon checked into the boarding house under the alias Victor Archer. Miss Enid Raymond a receptionist at the Firestone Hotel remembered when Dillon registered at the hotel last Thursday and paid in cash for three nights. Mr Gus Constantopolis, the owner of Connies General Goods store on Spadina said that a woman answering Dillon’s description purchased a carpet bag and several items of wearing apparel and paid with a large American bill. Doolin’s market in the same block saw the woman in question early on Friday purchasing bread , cheese and other various food products. The woman was also seen in  IZZY Cohen’s delicatessen on Friday at about noon. Miss Etherton was a clerk at the T Eaton company until some weeks ago when she left their employ.


 Vancouver August 1954

I was rushed to the hospital and Nicola was born twenty-four hours later. Mother and Dad and you my wonderful sisiter visited me often until I was able to take the baby to my father’s houes . I would never return to the apartment. A week after the baby was born I was called to testify at the coroner’s hearing which was attended by a large contingent of police and court staff. A layer named Robinson asked me several questions about my knowledge of the diseased criminal and I was very vague about my association. I had been told by both McGregor and Ryan that it would be prudent for me to remain rather allusive and the real cause of the woman’s attempted attack on me would be kept under wraps. The coroner made a very quick decision by stating that Elizabth Dillon’s death was due to misadventure and I was commended for protecting myself and the new born baby. McGregor told me some weeks later that the attempts to have Jack Murtagh extradited to Canada had failed due to a lack of evidence . The Canadian Government were very timid when they were required to act against an American citizen.

I remained with our parents until 1922, almost five years and then a letter arrived for me from Aunt Alice in Vancouver inviting me to bring Nicola and stay with her . She was as you will remember Mother’s half sister. I rather feel that our mother was become tired of my presence in their home and in Toronto. Every month another story surfaced about the murder and the furore did not seem to die down. Reporters were still asking  questions about me and my visit to Bermuda and what Dillon really wanted.

I embarked with Nicola by train from the Union Station in Toronto on march 1st 1922. We had a small bedroom which our father had paid for .My investment had matured and I took out  a large amount and had some money to get started in Vancouver if I wanted to live there.

Aunt Alice met us at the train station and immediately took to Nicola . It was she of course who was responsible for Nicola’s upbringing. I was, as you know not a very motherly type. I did love children, but I was not very good at nurturing. The story of the homicide followed me out to Vancouver and very soon, Vancouver Sun reporters were at the door. It was, as they say easy to run but not to hide. In any event as you know I never spoke a word about what occurred and this diary will give some closure to the matter. I fell in love again with Kenny and had more children but an essence of my guilt has hounded me throughout my life. To take another person’s life  is something I have had to carry around with me for all of these years. It has become a burden . Despite the fact that I was being tormented and may have been the victim I still feel  remorse. I fall asleep always with the agony of what I did and how I may have  been responsible for the entire episode. Kenny helped me a great deal but when he passed away I began to sense a great depression. And so my dearest and loving sister this will be my last word to you and  my children. The days grow long and the rains come often, making my life somewhat of a misery. Goodbye my sweet Evangeline and may you have only happy days ahead.

With Love, your adoring sister



Evangeline had died five years earlier in 1949 , but Dianna had continued to write to her in her diaries.She placed all of her diaries and her last will and testement on the dining room table.

She now walked down into her basement and taking a blue clothesline rope which she had purchased a few weeks before  attached it to her neck. She slid it around the fixture in the ceiling. Dianna stepped up on a chair and gazing out of the basement window she could see some geraniums she had planted  that were still blooming, and crying out in a tearful “God forgive me” she stepped into oblivion.












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