The Slave

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Two men living in the same American town are friends and co workers. One man's spouse passes away and he goes to China to get a new wife. He is successful and although his original idea is to marry her , she becomes his slave and he treats her brutally. making her his slave. He dies suddenly and they find her near death. Her salvation comes from his old friend and his family but she is caught in a terrible immigration dilemma.

The Slave

Jack Kay

 Yorktown Illinoisis a small town among the many dotting the North American landscape. The town has several neighborhoods with grand old brick houses built long before the second world war shaded by tall evergreens and poplars.The streets are wide and the family car usually sits in the drive way. The vacant lots that had been between many houses began to fill in after the war with ranchers and large three story residences. Many people moved to Yorktown because it was quiet and almost crime free. Local residents built new style homes near the man made lakes in the area. The lakes were great for fishing and they spilled into a large waterway called the Hobart canal, named after the engineer who hadbeen responsible for the idea and construction.

 It wasin the quietude of this town that two young men grew up together and lived only a few doors from each other. They were a sampling of the strong , spirited kids who were called baby boomers. Allen Drake and Gordie Russel were exactly the same age . They both had grown up on the south part of town, attending elementary and high school together.Later they both enrolled at the community college , graduatingafter 3 years with degrees in Marketing and Management. They were both hired by a soft drink bottler the SPRITSZ COMPANY. Allen became the Marketing manager and Gordie also eventually managing the human resources department. Along the way they had both married girls they knew from school, Allen with Donna Drysdale, and Gordie with Betsy Atwood. Gordie was blessed with two beautiful daughters, Debbie and Sue. Allen and his wife decided early on not to have children to be able to live a freer life

The years were good to both men and after twenty five years they retired within six months of each other. They joined a sports club, where they played cards, bowled, and travelled on a bus tripsto various sports events in the area. They met regularly as usual at a coffee shop where they discussed world events and as always Allen complained bitterly about his wife.
"She snores enough to drive me out to the living room. he said disparagingly. And wow can she ever fart which smell like a terrible methane attack. She is really getting to be a handful to live with."
Gordie heard some of thesame remarks almost every time they met, and did try and console his lifelong friend.

Every conversation started with a preamble of Allen saying"You know what she did this time?"
Gordie would try and get him off subject but it was becoming impossible.

One day he arrived looking very solemn. He did not mention his wife for a very long time in their conversation when it slipped out why he was being so quiet.

 "Donna has been diagnosed with colon cancer." he said in a very timid voice.

Gordie was shocked and told him how sorry he was. Within three months she was gone . Allen hid out for a few weeks after the funeral and then appeared at their sports club in a happy frame of mind. All the members welcomed him and made suggestions on how to carry on. Gordie started meeting with him again on a regular basis. He really had very little to talk about now. They drank one cup of coffee and he was away.

 One day he arrived with smiles and seemed to be his old self and explained.
"I have been thinking about this for a while, and I began to make inquires, and its about getting a Chinesewife, over in mainland China."
He reached into his jacket pocket and put a page cut from a magazine in front of Gordie.
"Chinese Girls make good wives for Caucasian men
They are very obedient and are good at home keeping Cost is very reasonable it said.

Contact Chinese Trade Mission in San Franciscofor more information

He was very excited about what he had found and began to make arrangements. Gordie said very little but after telling Betsy she became very angry that it was a crime to buy and sell women as suggested in the ad. After being questioned by Gordie, Allen said he was sure it was acceptable as long as he treated her well. After all he said"She has chance to get away from that shithole."

Allen started negotiations to bring a Chinese girl to the USA.He made a trip to San Francisco and discussed the situation with an official of the agency. His costs were in fact quite hefty. Twelve thousand dollars which included Chinese government fees , transportation, medical inspection certificates. The US government fees were another 1500.00. He would be given a picture list of girls and women, from the ages oftwenty to thirty-one. None of the ladies spoke any English and all were , according to the picture display living at home. They implicitly stated that there were not prostitutes, or had any illness or virus.He said he would be gone for a week, but had to make application first to the US State departmentto bring over a woman to the states.

The rules he found were very strict. He received numerous documents to fill in and also had to pay lawyers fees as well. He did not have any information regarding the girl he was bring but he would have to visit the US Embassy in Beijing to complete all of the certifications regarding her status. The cost were growing for Allen but he seemed no to mind. He cashed in some of his investments and found he was still living pretty well.
After several weeks of to and frodealing with the State Department and arranging flights he asked Gordie to drive him to the InternationalO'Hare Airport in Chicago some 75 miles from Yorktown. He readily agreed and they set off the day before his flight. Allen was extremely excited and had begun smoking again which caused Gordie to flip out when he smoked one cigarette after another. He had booked a hotel located in the terminal but Gordie said he would head back home. They hugged and off Allen went on his escapade.

Allen's flight left early the next morning and was not direct. He flew to Frankfurt Germany and thence to Hong Kong and then on a China Airways flight to Tianjin in the north of China near the Yellow Sea. He had spent hours waiting in airports and it was a pleasant surprise when he arrived at the Airport that a man and women who spoke English held up a sign with his name.

He spoke with them and he was treated with a special kindness that made him relax. Allen was not very impressed with the hotel they took him to, he had paid in advance for a luxury hotel and it was everything but. He overcame his anger and just went with the thoughtthat their idea of luxury was different than his. He had arrived in the late afternoon and so he needed to rest up overnight. The couplereturned the next morning with the same Toyota Rave with adriver . The city was very modern with huge skyscrapers and the two people from the agency pointed out all of the highlights.It was a long journey until they arrived at a rather decrepit building where he was sat down in a very spacious room with very comfortable divans. He asked he could smoke and they brought him an ashtray. Next they arrived with tea and a special arrival cake.

 Next two men arrived who he found out were treasurers of the society with whom he was dealing.They spoke about enough English to get through the negotiation . He paid them with a certified cheque and by that time it was time for lunch which was served in asort of dining room arrangement. The food was an adventure with lots of rice and a few vegetables, with something that looked like meat of which they said it was mutton.He was returned to the sameroom and a set of photographs were provided of the girls available. He went over each picture several times. The group he was presented looked quite old. He indicated to the woman making the presentationthat he wanted a younger girl. Another group of photographs was unveiled for him and he immediately spotted a girl with abroad smile who looked like she might be about 20 or 21.

They then brought out a VCR and loaded a tape to show her at her home . She was quite good looking. Her hair was wavy and she had a full figure. He noticed she had no blemishes on her face, she was dressed very simply but she had the curves of a young woman. They said she was 5 feet, six inches tall and weighed about 125 pounds. She walked around the street where she livedand he was smitten. When he said she was the one, a treasury man came in and spoke in Chinese and Allen was told she very expensive and that four other men wereinterested in her.He did not understand what they were talking about
"I have paid the money for a wife and there was never any discussion about any further fees for any of the girls offered."He was now becoming angry.
But they explained he had agreed to take a girl off of their special introductory photographs list. They insisted that their offers were quite clear. He felt cornered.
"So how much would she cost, " he said in frustration.

They seemed to stumble around about the extra he would have to pay. They were desperately trying to eliminate the girl he wanted from the scenario. He waited while they discussed the battle over money. He suddenly came up with his solution.
"You need to tell the money men that I have lots of friends in the USA who want girls to marry and if you are going to change the price we will seek another agency. As well if I can't have this woman I want my money back."

The silence in the room was immediate. Allen stood up and lit a cigarette. They spoke in Chinese and their conversation went on fora few minutes while Allen wandered over to look out on the street.Eventually the women left the room , returning after a few minutes with a girl who was the women he was seeking.He was really shocked because she looked even nicer looking in real life. She walked over to him and bowed slightly, and he was taken with her demeanor. She spoke a greeting in Chinese to him and the agency girl told her to say hello in English which she did. They were now ready to take a train to the capital which was a overnight trip. He was driven in a van with the girl whose name he discovered was "May Ling.'

 It was a very tedious ride with numerous stops, and the girlMay Ling slept quite a bit. She pointed at times to various special sites which really didn't interest him.The couple travelling with them were not very talkative so he read some of the English language magazines. A food vendor arrived at meal times and Allen found out that he was paying for all their meals. He was getting quite frustrated with all the expenses but every time he looked at May Ling he thought it was all worth it. She did not, however appear to be very interested in him. They were delivered pillows and blankets for the night and very shortly everyone in the train car were snoring away. He hardly slept and had plenty of time to think about the general state of things. He figured by the time he was finished he would have spent twentythousand dollars.That was a big chunk out of his savings.He still had to get through all of the requirements at the US Embassy which he realized was not going to be a walk in the park.

They arrived in the main railway station in Beijing where there was a mass ofpeople on the move. They took a cab to a very decrepit hotel which the cab driver drove by several times,Allen realizedit was a cab driver's racket. The two escorts disappeared with May Ling and he was taken to a room on the third floor which was dark, dank and smelled of all the body functions. The bathroom he found had mould in thetub and sink and along the walls. He did not drop his bag but went to thedesk to speak to the clerk. The clerk spoke very little English. He wanted to find the two people and May Lingand the man he told him. He got the room number and knocked on their door only to findout t hat May Ling was on her own! She pointed out the window when he tried to get her to tell him where they went. He took her bag and pulled her out of the room and down the elevator. He found out by talking and sign language that they had taken their bags and gone to eat leaving the girl on her own. He paid for the room and took her in a cab to a so called luxury hotel near the US Embassy.He took two rooms so as not to make it look like he was there for insidious reasons.Next he called the US Embassyand asked for the officer in charge of non immigrant visas. He was put in touch with a Ms. Joan Nolan. He asked if she had the file and she politely told hm she was expecting him.

"Do not bring your visitor at this this time" he was told

He found out he was a walking distance to the embassy which was located in a large quadrant surrounded by a wall. Chines police stood guard and after inspecting his passport buzzed him in to theguard house right inside. The marines on guard asked him several questions and he was then asked to go through security cameras. He then was escorted to the main building and a young woman directed him to an office on the fourth floor. He met the woman he spoketo and she congratulated him on how hehad handled his request saying that very often people did not make arrangements like he had. She completed the information which would permit May Ling to accompany him on his return trip to the USA.

She then filled in the visa information which contained the full name of May Ling Chan. With all of the preliminaries completed, he was given instructions on how to proceed. He was acting as her guarantor forthe first 6 months which was the length of the visa. It couldbe renewed on the basis of a change in circumstances such as marriage. You must then apply for a citizenship hearing for herwhich is a long process. Allen did not ask very many questions and he was told to return with his friend the next day and provided him with entrance badges.

Allen returned to the hotel and took May Ling to the hotel restaurant for dinner.She had now learned to say hello and goodbye and was pleased that she was getting onto the 'lingo' which he said to himself.

He dropped May at at herroom thinking it would not be a good idea to indulge in any hanky panky. He did not sleep very well and ran out of American cigarettes and had to smoke Chinese Wings which were terrible. He also made his return flight for which he had two open tickets from Beijing directly to San Francisco. One thing he needed was to insure he had May's exit pass and her passport.He then had to get a desk clerk to explain the procedure. He tipped the man and she seemed to understand the arrangements.The next day he took May to a shop where he purchased several items ofclothing for her including a good jacket and fake blue jeans as well a a suitcase. He also helped her pick out some cosmetics which the people assisted her in using. She was thrilled and hugged him several times. He then made arrangements after considerable delays he booked two tickets on a American Airlines flight to San Francisco. He found out that there was a four hour refueling stop in Honolulu. The flight was leaving in 48 hours.

The next day he took the dolled up May Ling to the American Embassy to see Ms Nolan. He was surprised that she spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese to May and the travel documents as well as other papers were signed. Having completed thefirst phase of his journey he returned to the hotel with May who was ecstatic. He went down to the desk to pay the bill the next morning and was shocked to learn that the four night stay in the hotel was over a thousand dollars. He buried his anger and returned to his room to figure out what the entire venture had cost him. He gathered up May Ling and headed to the air port where he checked in at the American Airlines check in counter. They then had to stop at the Chinese exit counter before entering the departure lounge.
The man spoke perfect English and began to ask several questions of Allen and then May Ling. He read the documents carefully but Allen knew right away that he did not understand any of it. He called his supervisor and a woman appeared and she began to question May Ling , who became quite frightened. The woman then changed the directions of her questioning to Allen.

"You are not married." she asked ina very pointed way.

He responded that all of the information was contained on the exit visa, which was prepared by the agency he had visited. She told him "we have many illegal agencies in China and she wasn't surethis is a legal document under Chineselaws. We fear girls are being sold into slavery."
"Look lady I dealt through an agency that advertised in America and theUS Embassy accepted their legal status that is all you need to know, and in about two seconds I am going to call them and your searching will be fornothing so please let us stop the BULLSHIT RIGHT NOW.She glanced up and was dismayed at his anger
"Please proceed" she said pointing to the exitlounge.

The flight was delayed but finally took off . May Ling sat near the window and took it all in. He knew he couldn't smoke so he purchased some gum. It was a very long and tiresome flight which landed on it'sfirst leg in Hawaii . They got out to stretch their legs and May Ling noticed that there was apool inside the terminal. He noticed a shop where they sold bathing suits and he had her try one on. He purchased it and she excitedly walked with him to the pool whereshe changed andsplashedfor over an hour.He had rented atowel for her and she changed. He found a dryer in the pool area where he put the bathing suit , eventually getting her a cotton string bag for her suit.

The rest of their flight took some hours and they finally landed in Chicago. Gordie was there to meet them. He later commented to his wife that Allen had a gorgeous young girlas amate. Betsy was quite non committal. It took nearly a month to meet May Ling and by that time Allen had settled into a new routine where hebarely ever saw his neighbors or anyone. After several months Gordie gave up and sought other friends.

Gordie and Betsyrarely saw Allen or the girl whom they knew only as May. Allen cut the grass , shovelled snow but his girl made no appearance. After awhile it just became a matter of gossip. Their next door neighbor saw May out the yard occasionally sitting on a lawn chair. Betsy spied them a few occasions at the Dawn to Dusk grocery store. But he did not look up and the girl looked very sad. Betsy took sick and began having very painful stomach cramps, it was diagnosed as bowel problem. Gordie was very worried but she began to lose weight. She hung on for nearly two years until one day she took an overdoes because of the pain and her life seeped away.

Allen learned through thenews paperobits that she had passed, but did not come to the funeral. Gordie's daughters weredevastated and with their husbands tried very hard to help Gordie over the loss. Allen began trekking to the coffee shop occasionally and would sit with Gordie but said nothing about Betsy or May Ling. He was smoking very heavily, and spent most of the time even in bad weather standing in front of theircoffee shop. A few times he said very disturbing things about the Chinese girl.

"Gordie she is so fucking stupid she doesn't even know how to make a bed. She waseating em out of house and home and I had to put a stop to that. She cost me 20 G's to bring here and she is useless."
With those remarks he began to cough and raced outside for a smoke. Anytime Gordie saw him he spoke only about May Ling , how dumband that she was hopeless.
"What a moron," he would saybut never gave Gordie a chance to ask any questions.Gordie began to inhabit another coffee shop just to stay away from him because of his detestableremarks. Gordie began to notice that other people who he knew beganto frequent other coffee shops to get away from Allen. He didn't noticethe exodus and as the weather improved he stayed outside after he got his coffee. He smoked incessantly, lighting one from the other, which some of the guys said was chain smoking.His coughing got worse and he could be heard everywhere in the vicinity of their localcoffee shop.
It was Tuesday just like every other day to Gordie. He always said"itsa holiday on Primrose Lane" after the song by the same name. He finished his miniscule breakfast and peered out his his front window and saw Allen out mowing his lawn. It was his favorite time of day because Casper the mailman arrived with his mail. He sat down in his living room and spoke to Betsy who had been long gone but was always therein his heart. He sat for a long time and began to wonder why the mail was taking so long. He wandered out on the front porch.It wasthen that he realized that there was activity over on Allen's driveway. We walked swiftly across the street and noticed immediately that Allen was lying stretched out on his lawn , the lawn mower was still running and Casper was on his cell phone.Gordie went over to see if Allen had fainted but he could see, that Allen was covered in grass cuttings . Within a few minutes an ambulance followed by a police car zoomed up. Two policeman walked over and asked him to move over on the sidewalk. They spoke to Casper who told them he was the person who had called. He stood by with Gordie while Allen was examined by the ambulance crew. Both shook their heads to the police officers.He was placed on a stretcher.

"Can anyone here identify this gentleman" one of the police officers asked.

Gordie stepped forward and told them he was a friend and neighbor and that there was a woman inside the house as well.

Both police officers entered the door a told Gordie to stay put.Asthey entered they could not hardly breath because of the smell and odors. The place they noticed wasa catastrophic mess. They walked around to all of the rooms where they found garbage, half eaten meals and began to open the windows. They checked the bedrooms but they were just a jumble of beds, more garbage, and a terrible smell that they could no longer standthe sickening odor. They called for backup and questioned Gordie.

 He told them "there is a youngish Chinese woman in the house, she lives there, my daughters can confirm that for you. I think I have an idea where she is."

While they were talking, the back up police arrived wearing masks and personal cover over their uniforms.Gordie explained that he could remember that the owner had installed a room with a toilet in the basement
They moved quickly and within a few minutes they called out to the other policefor an ambulance , which arrived within a few minutes.
"She is on her last legs, and barely breathing ."One of the cops reported to the others and to Gordie.
By now theirstreet and sidewalk was covered with onlookers.
Gordie stood by as they brought out May Ling who had an oxygen mask and looked quite pitiful to Gordie.
Gordie's daughter Debbie had joined him. She came almost every day to see how he was doing.

He explained what had happened as the ambulance with May pulled away with it's siren on. She went and asked where they were taking May Lingand called Gordie's other daughter Susie and made arrangements to meet at the hospital. Gordieasked the police how they could safe guard Allen's house and they calleda security company who arrived within a few minutes.

Gordie and his daughters drove up to the hospital, May Ling was in emergency and two Doctors were already on the scene. Nothing more was reported for several hours. In the mean time , Allen's cousin Howard arrived to find out whathad happened. When questioned about Allen, he said that he had not spoken to Allen for several months but had an idea he was not well. He asked about May and was told that she was just hanging on according to information they had.

"He said he would make the funeral arrangements for Allen, and that he was the only living relative as far as he knew.Gordie said that there were security people guarding the house. Susan arrived and as usual she took charge. She was a bank security officer and was use to critical situations.
Within a few minutes a Doctor came out and introduced himself,

 "I'm sorry to say that she is very near expiry and I can tell you that she has been terribly neglected. She is undernourished, lost nearly all of her muscle capacity and she is giving off a very terrible odor from alack ofpersonal hygiene. I actually have never seen a person that has suffered so much froma lack of care . I checked her teeth and they are beginning to decay. I have called a specialist named Doctor Rodhamwho may have some ideas on how we might be able to save her, but right now I am sorry to say she is not responding. I am really not concerned at this point with her background butit would be really important if we can save her to get her out if that environment.Once we get her cleaned up and put all of the life saving equipment in place you can see her."

With that he walked away. They were stunned and unable to speak. Gordie sat down and was overcome withimmense sorrow, Both girls were tearing up and Allen's cousin Howard actually broke down . The sadness that surrounded the group was more than anyof them could endure.Gordie muttered that he could have done something for her and just pretended that May Ling was not there. The girls told him it was not any of their faults. Howard said through swollen eyes that Allen was responsible for the little girl and it was unconscionable totreatanother human being like that.They sat in silence for what Gordie felt was a lifetime.A man pushing a cart brought them coffee. The girl's husbands appeared with bagels and sat with their wives. Debbie's husband Bob spoke quietly to them all and brought calm to the unusual situation.Within an hour a nurse appeared and said they could see her with only 3 at a time. Gordie and his daughters were the first to enter the ICU where May Ling was being cared for. Two nurses were sat near her. She was told she had visitors. She opened one eye and smiled very faintly.

In a very soft timid voice she said hello. "You are neighbor Gudy and girls Deb and Sue she she said in a whisper. Gordie could hardly believe what he heard and Debbie answered for the three of them.
"She knows our names but we never met her"
They all smiled at her as the tears flowed from their eyes.
"This isa wonder" Sue said .
The nursestold them that she was getting weaker and despite allefforts to save her, she may not live out the night.

They went out into the hallway and discussed what they could do for her.

We have to give her willto survive they agreed.They made a decision to take three shifts to stay with her. They then spoke to the nurses who agreed and would be there if they were needed. Gordie took the first shift and sat with her, Doctors and nurses came and went checking all of the tubes and Gordie watched the different apparatus she had applied to her.At midnight Debbie and her husband came in and relieved him. The next morning Susan and her husband arrived. She saw that her breathing was becoming somewhat normal. At noon Gordie came in with a plush sheep. He put it near her and the nurses helped to prop it up so taht when she looked up the little plush sheep. At about three o clock Gordie dozed off and May Ling took a turn for the worse. She was only a few moments from near death. Gordie bag to speak to her.

"We love you May Ling please don't go, please stay and we will look after you. Stay with us dear girl, we want you we will care for you and we love you , we love you , we love you little May Ling.Please don't leave, I will look after you with Debbie and Sue. Debbie has two children , you will love them.Much of what he had said was really not in his tool box and he described it later to his girls and to Howard.

As they last rays of daylight receded May opened her eyes. It was a miracle and he began to cry and speak to her. She was getting some of facilities back, but her blood pressure was almost non existent. The brought in new meds whish they used to gether pressure up. She was moving slightly and the nurse came with a bed pan at which time Gordie walked out for a moment.Howard was waiting out in patient's lounge.
"I have takenit upon myself to find Allen's will without any luck."
"I would suppose then that the place falls to you, I am only guessing." Gordie said.
"I want the house to go May." he said wiping away his tears.
Gordie was astounded at Howard's generosity.
" That is mighty good of you Howard but after what I saw the house will need a complete makeover. I think it will cost a small fortune to bring it up to a sales standard."

" Allen was my cousin , although rather non-existent but I am really pissed at his mistreatment of this girl.I foundher clothes in Allen'shouse that were in tatters. I also found what he tried to represent as a marriage licensecertificate but it is easy to see it is a fake.You know it was taken off the internet. So I figure he did not marry her and she is here illegally. There is passport from China which is expired, and no other documents. She has been here five years and is really not married to Allen and as well he did not apply for American citizenship. We will have to make sure we follow up and I will contact the citizenship department , with the hope of course that she survives."
"I will go surety for her because if it the last thing I do on this earth along with my daughters and their families will be to look after May .This is a terrible injustice that Allen did in bringing this lovely little creature to America and then neglecting her. His behavior is so unlike the character that I knew. Frankly I feel guilty Howard of not trying to do somethingfor her. The Doctor said she was undernourished and nearly all of her body functions were breaking down.Allen had no compassion for her, he left her to her own devices andI guess that after awhile she just gave up."

While they sat and talked both of Gordie's daughters had arrived and gone to the ICU. The Doctor they had met originally told them there was something hewanted them to see. The nurses were bathing her and she was on her side facing away from them. He pulled to hospital gown strap displaying her back and buttocks. Her back and bottom were covered with welts, black strap marks with several that had begun tobecome infected. They had applied some kind of medicated cream to the whole area, but just rubbing her back and buttocks caused May to shake with pain. The Doctor told them that they were also now giving her meds to ward off the infection. She was still heavily medicated but often opened her eyes and try to smile at them.
She began to hold the plush toy in her arms and Gordie's daughters cried like children whenand she was holding her toy.


The Doctor was angry and told them she was brutally abused and that he was going to make a report. The girls advised him that the man she lived was dead. He left but remained furious about what he  had seen. Howard and Gordie entered the hospital room and Sue explained what she had seen through tears. Gordie was absolutely speechless and Howard walked out. They sat silently but very soon she opned her eyes and gave them a lovely smile. They told her how much they loved her and she held the plush toy to her body.
The weeks went on and May Ling began to get stronger. A Dermatologist came and inspected the sores and she began a therapy. A dentist also came to inspect her teeth. He said that they all could be saved but the procedure was very expensive. Gordie said money was no object and that when she had regained her health the specialized dentistry could begin. In the mean time they did some emergency cleaning and manyof the teeth could be saved.

Howard had Allen's house completely cleaned out and threw away all of the furniture. He discovered that Allenhad not paid his taxes on the house for three years and brought the house up to date. He researched Allen's finances only to find that there was several bank accounts amounting to three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He was able to have all of the money signed over to him as a the only living relative when he had discovered that all of Allen's assets had been left to him in a will drawn up by Allen himself and where an X appeared as a witness.It was acceptable and he had his lawyer make up documents wherein he had May Ling's name entered thetitle holder.Howard made it plain that he wanted all of the estate to go to May Ling.

There were obstacles but they could be overcome he was told by his lawyer. The real problem was that she was living illegally in the USA. He sought an immigration lawyer but there was not one inYorktown.There was a lawyer who specialized in these cases in Peoria Illinois. He madea calls and got an appointment for the following week . The Lawyer's name was Arnie Millinoff, the secretary told him it was $500.00 for a consultation. He was a bit taken aback but when he related what he had done, Gordie told him that he would pay all the expenses, but Howard said it would come out of the estate.

Arnie Millinoff proved to be a dud, he was a mountain of a guy who spoke very loudly and smoked a cigar. Howard knew almost immediately that the guy was all talk and no action and after he had paid the five hundred the guy was already telling him it would be another $5,000 in cash of course to continue with the case. Howard told him right away that there cannot be any payment further unless there he could see activityon the immigration status of the May Ling.The lawyer said he would not undertake the case without a contingency and Howard silently departed. He checked the phone book for other immigration lawyers in Peoria and their it was- Tina Wang Immigration- Law is my Specialty.

He called from his cell phone and the call was answered by Tina. He explained he was from out of town and she invited him immediately.He met with her and he was impressed at once. Tina Wang was a second generation Chinese girl whose parents had immigrated from Taiwan. She spoke Mandarin Chinese and was very pleasant. She did not ask for any money and opened a file after Howard explained what had transpired. She was very sympathetic but she warned him that the problems with girls brought over from China were very difficult. NOnetheless she said she wanted to meet with May Ling and they arranged a date. Howard said he would pay all expenses and her fees after the visit in Yorktown. The date was set and Howard returned home where he explainedthathad occurred.
In the weeks that followed before the visit by Tina, May Ling was regaining her strength. They got her out of the bed to walk a bit and she just seem to gain back some color. Every day she hugged them and when Debbie brought her girls she was overjoyed. May was still unable to walk very well because of the terrible damage to her spine.

Tina Wang came on a visit and proved to be a God Send.May Ling had some difficulty at first conversing with her because she had not spoken her language for over five years but Tina was very patient. Tina said she would take the case and she and May talked for nearly two hours. Tina asked for 350.00 but Howard gave her 500.00 on account.
The hospital bill was becoming immense and Howard paid it. Gordie tried to reimburse but he said he could afford it and he would also use some of Allen's money. He had a sale for the house which had been completely refurbished .He told Gordie that he wound pay the lawyer and when the house sold he would take some money after the expenses were paid.

They discussed the future with Gordie's family and the extended family. Gordie proposed that when May Ling wasstrong enough that she needed to be schooled .Sue mentioned that there was an High School that had courses for Adults.She needed to have friends of her own age and several ideas were suggested.
It was clear that May Ling would need a long time to convalesce. Gordie told them that he was going to fix up his second bedroom for her to live permanently and hire a maid who couldcook.
Tina Wang had gone on with the case of May Ling's citizenship and she discovered that it was going to be a difficult chore. A citizenship court ruled against her remaining in the USA and that she would have to return to China and re apply. Tina gained time for her by having a removal order squashed due to May's injuries.

It took nearly a year for May Ling to recover her total strength, she ate substantial meals andas time would tell she began to learn English properly. Her expressions were learned at the school and she studied very hard to learn colloquiums which made them all laugh at times when she said English is 'tricky ' . May Ling was not stupid or dumb as she had been described but just theopposite. She studied flower arrangements and had other courses which helped her get a job in a nursery and eventually in a flower store.

Howard and Gordie made sure she was well looked after with the sale of the house and money left by Allen. She had learned to drive and for 28th birthday Gordie bought her a year old car.
It was not long after opening that she brought home a young man named Kevin Xie who had come into theshop where she worked to buy flowers for his mother and invited her for coffee. He worked in a computer shop.

Sue took May Ling aside and asked her some leading questions about her life with Allen.
" He did not how you say have relations with me. He did try but I guess he couldn't get it up." she said smiling and asking if she had expressed herself okay.
Sue couldn't help but giggle and pat may Ling on the shoulder. 'Well it would no doubt be prudent to stay away from anything with Kevin, you know what I mean."

"No all is okay with us he said he wouldn't fuck me till we get hooked"
Sue suddenly got very serious with May Ling which made her realize she had said the wrong thing.
"I want to suggest you don't use that fraise  May because it is very unbecoming a nice young woman. May Ling as usual smiled and said she would caution Kevin.
In the weeks that followed Tina Wang contacted May Ling and Gordieto say that the Chinese government indicatedthat they did not want her back.

Tina mentioned that she would have to seek a country that would accept her as an immigrant. The situation was really in a vacuum for all of her adopted family. Howard began to make applications for Britain and Sweden. He discovered that it would be several months before any decision could be made from that front. On their behalf Tina applied to Canada where the waiting time was not as long but could be sevearl months.For political reasons Taiwan would not accept any mainland Chinese immigrants.Tina went back to the State Department and asked for a furtherance and she was given another three months. Tina also warned them even if May Ling was married that they would still ask for her to be removed. Howard and Gordie even wrote themselves but to no avail. May Ling broke off her relationship with Kevin saying it was just too difficult to get involved if she was going to be relocated.But she remained stateless for another three months.

With only weeks to go she was driven to a immigration and relocation center in Chicago and when she was asked where she intended to go she had no answer.The woman who was a immigration judge that they met with, began to peruse the documents she had received.

"So, you are not able to return to China because you are a partial invalid and several countries you have applied to have also shown no interest. Why did the person you were living with  not make application?"

Tina interrupted. " He actually said he would marry her and produced a marriage license he made on his computer, and in fact really kept her locked up for five years, brutally beating her, gave her nothing and did not at time have sexual relations with him. Her condition is still not resolved and the dental work she requires is taking several months and is costing a great deal. She has to go constantly for therapy and is a long way from gaining her health. She does work in flower shop and has been going to community college for courses in floral decorating. She has finished High School and as you will see can speak English quite  well.She can drive and owns a car as well is able to live with GordieRussel a senior and his two daughters help to manage her affairs. She is still not self sufficient but her guarantor is Howard Jones, who is the cousin of the man who brought May Ling to the USA."
The woman continued to study some of thedocuments on her desk.
'How did the Man 'Allen Drake'get to be with her in China and bring her here to the United States?"

Sue answered "She was purchased for $15,000, and how the deal was struck is anybodies guess. Allen brought her here to be his wife but failed to follow through . He constantly beat her and starved her , and forced her to just be nothing but aslave. After five years she was found almost at death's door, and the man Drake had died suddenly. She was almost comatose and I saw with my own eyes that he had beaten across her back and bottom with a strap. She spoke in pigeon English and she has not yet, really regained her health."

By now Sue was almost sobbing and May Ling went to her and held her in her arms.
They all waited until Sue got herself under control.
"She is the most loving woman I have met and that includes my own sister"
They all laughed and the cloud that filled the room disbursed as the Judge chuckled along with them.
"Now Mr Jones" the Judge said speaking to Howard ," What happened to the residue from the Drake estate. There are some figures here which don't seem to add up."

 'Well Judge, we sold the house and because it was in such terrible condition , it had to be completely renovated. The sale price less all of the repairs which you see there leftabout $200,000. My cousin did not pay the taxes for three years and owed 20,000 plus interest and overdue fines. He left 350,000 in bonds,cash and securities. But the estate taxes took 37,000 of that so all of what is left I have placed in trust for May Ling."
"You actually turned all of the residue of the estate over to May Ling " she said with an astonished look on her face.
Howard's eyes teared up and he nodded yes
She now turned to May Ling and asked her how she felt about the matter.

"As you can see Madame Judge, if not for these good people I would be in the hands of the Lord. If only I can stay I promise to be a good person and citizen. These people love me and I love them. I am just a little person, that needs  big help maybe to stay here, as I have no place to go. No one wants mein their country but I accept whatever you say. I wanted to be treated good, and as they said I was bought and taken from home because my parents needed the money to buy a cow and other things. Girls are not very well protected in China as you can see."
Now she stood up and carefully bowed to the Judge with tears flowing down her cheeks.
The Judge who was a Black American smiled at the group and told them she would take the case under advisement and asked to speak to their Lawyer Tina Wang.She explained some of the legal aspects to Tina and said she would make a decision within three months and also asked if they could make further investigation into some other countries that may accept immigrants and suggested two Scandinavian countries as well as two South American countries.
"I am only suggesting these Ms Wang because I have to take this matter before the review board asa whole and they might not accept my findings."
Tina was a bit disappointed but did not let on that there was still a major stumbling block to overcome. They drove back to Yorktown and dropped Tina in Peoria. They were all quite silent on their way back, but May Ling with her good nature said to them all with her new found expression "lookin' good baby" They did laugh but their thoughts were , they were not optimistic.

Several weeks passed while they all waited in anxious anticipation. The letter arrived nearly two months after their visit. The news was not good and for all of them a great let down. It was headedtheDepartment of State The United States of America:

Your application to remain as a resident of the USA has been denied . Although there are mitigating circumstances which we have taken into account the committee has determined that after a five year period you should have made application for citizenship on your own account underthe conditions under which you were living. The determination of this committee is that must leave the USA by Nov 1st and since you are at present stateless,you do have at least 6 months to find a country towhich you may find as acceptable and they will allow you to enter .Ifyou are still not able to make arrangements , you  will thenbe incarcerated at the Immigration center in San Diego California until there is adecisionon your application.
May Ling was heartbroken and they all were totally amazed. Tina said it was not over by a long shot and said therewere other avenues open.

They gathered for a family meeting where there were lot of suggestions of what they could do, May Ling sat in total consternation at her predicament. AS was suggested she could spend months behind bars in San Diego or elsewhere. No one had any idea what they could do. Debbie's husband Larry did spring one idea which they discussed.  They discussed his plan for several hours, until everyone was on board. May Ling was not very sure she could follow through but after it was completely laid out she began to see in theory that it could work. Since Tina Wang was not involved she could not be blamed for the end run which what was to be the major portion of their plan.
On  September  2nd 2010 May Ling disappeared and as far as anyone knew she was never seen again.


Submitted: June 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jack Kay. All rights reserved.

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