A Cruel Fortune Cookie

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In the far future, mankind knows not death nor pain--except emotionally.

Submitted: July 08, 2015

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Submitted: July 08, 2015



He works in a Chinese restaurant as a cook

A man named Mandarin

His wok is hot as he kneads the dough

A bit of batter cools on the side platter

It's all just a show, though

For the main course is neither wok nor dough

It's the fortune cookies, you see

He slips in a fortune slip

Pinches closed the iconic treat

And delivers it to yet another family

"'People are naturally attracted to you,'" says the businessman at table two

People look to the man who spoke

He's in tears for the first time in years

Because of what the cook wrote

The businessman leaves, in a mess of tears

For over the years, all who he has held dear

Have grown to hate him the most

"Order up!" Mandarin says, and looks to the last family

A pair of newborn twins, gene-locked into childhood for eternity

And he remembers what he wrote:

"'If you love them, let them go'."

Which he expects the mother will soon read

Hurting another soul, as only the targets would know

For Mandarin looks like any other cook

But, for a price, he'll hurt your foes

In ways most deliciously

© Copyright 2018 Jack Motley. All rights reserved.

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