A Motley Collection of Prompts and Challenges

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Just a collection of inspiration and potential challenges for other writers.

Submitted: August 20, 2015

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Submitted: August 20, 2015



[Prompt] A blood moon sits over the town of Forsaken, covering a former gunslinger who sold his soul to the Devil for the fastest hands in the land. The Devil's come to collect, but an archangel intercedes: "Make peace with your resurrected foes to keep your soul," Michael said, "or be forever Damned."

[Prompt] Help Wanted: A gunslinger, preacher and doctor to deal with our town's insignificant problem.

[Challenge] Write a story involving a mute character in a crisis.

[Prompt] A super-soldier returns home to a world that no longer needs him or her.

[Prompt] "There can only be one in this escape pod."

[Challenge] You have a God-like character that can solve every problem but one.  What challenges a God?

[Prompt] You actually like being trapped in an online video game.  How's the daily grind in this world?

[Prompt] It's an inconvenience store.  You can buy stuff that really messes up people's days from the always happy to see you owner Mr. Lowkey.

[Challenge] Write a dialogue-only debate between two polar opposites in which they find common ground.

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