Anon No More

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"Please, Lord, let me smack a mofo over TCP/IP."

Submitted: June 25, 2015

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Submitted: June 25, 2015



"Hey," Alex asked his friend in the internet cafe, "Do you remember back when people could be smartasses anonymously on the internet?"

"Yeah." Jake grinned. "Those were the days. They still haven't enforced IPunch on 4chan, though."

Alex tipped his fair-trade coffee in salute. "May they-who-shall-not-be-mentioned live free of repercussions forever and ever, amen."

Someone at the tables near the windows made an 'ooph' sound and crumpled over in his chair. Everyone looked at the young dude.

Alex got a glimpse of the dude's screen. "Shotgun-rocket combo in Call of Duty," he noted.

"Asshole," Jake muttered. "What, did he think he managed to disable his IPunch device, or something? Doesn't he know it has to be on and active to play online nowadays?"

Alex shrugged. "Noob."

The young dude recovered, and with shame and the stares of condemnation following him, left the internet cafe clutching his laptop to his chest.

"So," Jake turned to his friend, "what ya working on over there on Readit?"

"Just a fanfic prompt," Alex replied. He typed some more, and then hit Enter with a smile. "Anddd, done."

Jake leaned over, reading, "'Imagine a dystopia where a female autocracy has banned free speech on the internet.'" He pushed away from Alex.

"What?" Alex asked. "It's just a writing prompt--OOPH!"

Alex was on the floor, doubled-over.

Jake leaned over to his friend, serving him notice, "Pwned."

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