Build-a-Badass: Action Writing Practice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

After the invasion of Earth, the Broken remain a great threat, and the Black Dogs respond.

(Reference note: Roland Deschaine and Eddie Dean are borrowed in this for-free-fiction from Stephen King's Dark Tower, Fedhman Kassad and the Shrike are the creation of Dan Simmons from the Hyperion Cantos, and Deadpool and Tony Stark are characters from the Marvel universe.)

The Broken Four ambushed the flesh, bone and blood--FBBs--militia’s ground convoy, on its way from a fusion fuel production complex on Lake Erie Island, to Site Victor-Sigma--a chimera vehicle plant outside of Detroit, on the patched-up Ambassador Bridge.


The fight was over in less than a minute.  Blast destroyed the rear APC with his particle cannon, while an IED took out the front.  Their enemies trapped, the Broken fired from atop the bridge’s towers, far above the FBB’s Humvee's heavy turret gun’s ability to reach.


It was over so fast, the FBB’s never got a shot off in return; leaving the hydrogen tanker they were escorting in Broken hands.


Humans,” Oz said, as he landed on the bridge’s road, in front of the tanker.  “So easy to exterminate.”


Flak came behind Oz, arms clasped behind his back as he walked around the tanker, inspecting it for damage.  “No leaks,” the chimera confirmed.  “Perfectly intact, thankfully.”  He looked back, at Blast, the heavy weapons chimera.  “You need to watch where you’re firing your big-assed guns, next time.”


“Fuck you,” Blast replied.


“Can it,” Oz commanded.  “Slash?”


Slash, the recon chimera, leaped on top of the tank, landing with a loud metal clank, and inspected the sealed hatches.


“Hey…”  Slash was about to say, when the tanker exploded, sending the Broken Four flying backwards.


Slash was propelled high into the air, trailing black smoke from his mechanical, black armored body.


“Shit!” Blast said, as he spun back up to his feet.  “That wasn’t hydrogen!  That was an air pressure bomb!”


Oz twisted back up to his feet.  “Ambush!” he yelled, too late.


Three orbital-insertion drop pods crashed on the bridge behind them, billowing thick, gray smoke.


Slash caught himself on the edge of the bridge, narrowly avoiding going into the river below, where he would have assuredly sunk.


“Hunters!”  Oz called.  “Fire through!”


The Broken sprayed coilguns, along with Blast’s Betsy--the 30mm cannon--through the gray smoke, into where the drop pods landed.


“Hey,” someone behind Flak said.

Flak spun around, coming face-to-face with another, smaller chimera.  

“Surprise, motherfucker!”  Mosh said, and did a backflip kick that removed Flak’s head from his shoulder, sending Flak's head fifty feet into the air.


Oz and Blast spun around, facing a broad-shouldered chimera with a warhammer rested on his shoulder, and a nine-feet tall titan in dark gray armor, two gunmetal gray cannon-revolvers on the latter's back, and a massive greatsword held in its right hand, down by its side.


“Oh fuck…” Blast cursed, waving for Slash to hurry back up to his feet.  “It’s fucking Liege.”


“Indeed,” Liege confirmed.  


Aside from them, gauntleted hands moving in a wild blur, Mosh unholstered a coilpistol, spun it around his finger by the trigger guard a few times, “Pull!” then fired off the hip, full-auto juggling Flak’s head into bits of scrap until the pressurized electronics inside exploded.


Mosh pointed a pistol at Slash, who was coming right at him.  “Make ya famous,” Mosh dared the oncoming Broken.


“Fuck you,” Blast spat, bringing his particle cannon off his shoulder, firing at Liege.


Liege stepped aside, letting the azure bolt pass, to explode harmlessly on the river banks behind him.


Oz raised his coilrifle, only to get it knocked away by the thrown hammer of Nord, the third Black Dog.  “Fine!”  Oz said, unsheathing hardened steel long knives from his ankle sheathes, seeing Nord charge at him, minus his hammer.  “Fucking dance!”


Nord’s hammer came back into his hand within ten feet of Oz, reeled back in by a silver thread of wire and electromagnetic forces in Nord’s machine body.


Wielding his hammer again, Nord swung on Oz, who ducked, coming back in with both knives.  


Chimera-on-chimera.  It was on.




Blast raised his chaingun, Betsy, aiming it at Liege--only to find Liege almost right on top of him.  


The action was a blur of hyper-violent motion, to human eyes.


Betsy roared, yet couldn’t connect with Liege, who stepped aside the weapon’s volcanic muzzle, coming around on Blast’s right, grabbing the chaingun’s revolving barrels, ceasing the electrical-spun rotation entirely, and causing the weapon to jam.


Liege turned his wrist, easily overpowering the chaingun’s rotation motors, then ripped the barrels off completely, neutering Blast’s main source of attack power.


“No!”  Blast screamed.  “My Betsy!”


Liege jabbed Betsy’s torn-off barrels into Blast’s particle cannon, destroying it, then shouldered into the much bigger and heavier Broken chimera.



Slash came in low on Mosh, who decided not to fire his pistols.  Instead, Mosh let Slash get his own dual-wielded long knives out, so they could dance.


“What?”  Mosh asked Slash, ducking and weaving, dodging knife points that glistened through the air past his head and body.  “Really, motherfucker?”  Mosh the Overclocked taunted, waggling his fingers where his ears would be, razzing the Broken.  “Neener neener,” Mosh batted away one of Slash’s knives.  “Please!”  


“Fuck off!”  Slash yelled, and came around with a long slash Mosh just stepped into, connecting with a helmeted head-to-head headbutt.


Biiitch!”  Mosh gleed, and then struck off a long combination of cyclonic strikes.


Left jab, right jab, spinning backhand left, spinning right hook, spinning backhand left, spinning round house, spinning roundhouse, spinning roundhouse, finishing it with a seventy-twenty degrees flying spinning kick that connected with the Broken’s head, sending Slash into aerial somersaults.


Mosh landed, spinning around a few times with his inertia like a heathen ballerina, while Slash landed in an ugly crumple, rolling in a heap across the bridge.


“Ooh, whatcha gonna do?”  Mosh taunted Slash.  “When Moshy-poo do's his kung-fus he do’s all over yous!”



Nord didn’t bounce back from Oz’s slashes.  Instead, he allowed the long slashes to trench his heavy armor as he continued to dive into Oz.  


Oz found himself retreating, dodging and ducking Nord’s hammer.  


“Stand and die, murderer,” Nord told Oz.  


“You have no idea,” Oz fired back, “Perfected!”  He threw his knife into Nord’s leg, but the big berserker’s damage control systems--berserker kit--quick-patched the damage, catching Oz off-guard.


Metal on armor rang out: Nord got his first hammer blow on Oz’s chest, sending the chimera down, to roll on the ground, a massive crater deep in Oz's chest.


“Dammit,” Oz cursed, and came back around, only to get front kicked into where his stomach would be, doubling him over.  

The Broken staggered backwards, fighting with his arms waving to stay upright, only to catch Nord’s hammer to his face, snapping Oz's head back.



Blast caught himself from Liege’s massive shoulder, but was backed up over ten feet from the chimera Captain’s sheer power.


“Your mistake, fucker,” Blast told Liege, and leveled his Jackhammer: a hydraulic, massive, underarm slung shotgun.


“Is it?”  Liege asked, walking toward Blast, greatsword Rathborn still in his right hand, at his side.


“Let’s see!”


The Jackhammer was fully automatic, five times more powerful than any shotgun ever conceived: a chimera’s close-quarters disintegrator.  It blurted industrial ball bearing in spreads, as Blast fired, himself walking into Liege, closing the distance.


Liege’s electromagnetic repulsor field slowed the spreads, and his two inches of depleted uranium armor bounced the ball bearings off harmlessly.  With a one-terawatt tokamak reactor for a heart, giving the chimera Captain monstrous physical power, Liege kept walking through the spreads, unhindered, until he was tanking Blast’s Jackhammer at point-blank range.


“Fuck me,” Blast said.  He stopped firing, and hauled off a massive left hook at Liege’s head.


Liege caught the Broken's fist with the side of his head.  The hit turning his helmeted head ten-degrees off-center--but that was all


“No!”  Blast screamed, wailing on Liege: left hook after right hook, again and again, just managing to turn Liege’s head  each way against the chimera Captain’s repulsor force, hyper-dense armor, and sheer power.  “No no no no no no no no no NO NO NO NO GO DOWN NO DIE DIE DOWN DIE!!!”


Liege caught Blast’s right fist in his left hand, and Blast’s left fist in his right, stopping the blows entirely--then crushed Blast’s gauntleted hands.



“Get yo ass up,” Mosh told Slash.  “We ain’t done yet.  Moshy ain’t satisfied.”


“I’ll satisfy your--”  Slash pulled his coilpistol, but the weapon exploded in his hand.


Mosh made a cackling sound.  “I wouldn’t go for the other, dumbass,” he told Slash.  “While I was ducking and dodging, you know, I kinda...tampered.”


Slash looked at the pistol in his hand in disbelief, then back at Mosh.  “You little…”


Mosh turned to the side, and made a ‘come on’ gesture to Slash.  “C’mere, bitch," Mosh said.  "You got one more move in ya, then it’s back to digital suck for you, ya twerp.”


Slash leaped to his feet, charging Mosh.  “Don’t get fucking cocky!”  He took another swing with his knife at Mosh’s chest.


Mosh rolled under the knife, and came back up, his hand back behind his head: a silver strand visible between his fingers.


Slash, still moving, noticed the silver strands, as well--around his body.  “Shit--!”


Mosh reversed the high-powered motor on his thread spools, and yanked hard at the same time.


The thread all around Slash’s body, wrapped around him like a fish tangled in line, squeezed him in one hard spasm, cutting through his armored, mechanical body easily in one violent instant.


Slash fell apart, in at least a dozen cleanly cut pieces.


Mosh snapped his thread back into his reel.  “Awww yeah, bitch,” he said.  “Mosh just did ya wrrrong!”




Oz got to his feet, but with crushed internals and broken optics, he could barely see Nord barreling into him.  The Broken raised his armored forearms to defend himself, but Nord dialed up his full berserker pack, surging overpower through his aritificial muscles, and simply blew through Oz’s guard, punching through to the chimera's throat, piercing that, as well.


Nord reached in, grabbed Oz's mechanical spine, and gave it a hard twist, hearing a satisfying metal snap.


Nord yanked Oz’s head off, letting the Broken’s body fall, strings cut, to the road at his feet.  


Nord tucked the torn-off helmeted head into his hip, victorious: a trophy.



“I hate you,” Blast spat at Liege, facing the chimera Captain face-to-face, at least.


“I know,” Liege confirmed.  “Die well, at least.”


“This time.”


Liege raised Rathborn over his and Blast’s head.  


“Every time,” Liege said, and cleaved down, cutting Blast cleanly from the top of the Broken's head, all the way through Blast's body, leaving a wake of air cast behind the Broken’s body that spread to the river below, causing a small wave to head toward the riverbanks.  


Liege floated Rathborn over his head, where his sheath’s electromagnets caught the weapon, and guided it gently back into its sheath.


The chimera Captain turned, assessing the battlefield in one visual sweep: Slash in pieces.  Mosh proud and boastful, as always.  Flak beheaded.  Nord with Oz’s head. 


“Good,” Liege told the other two chimeras.


Nord nodded proudly.


Mosh spun a coilpistol around his finger idly.  “Next time, Cap,” he said, “just send me.”


“Maybe next time, Mosh,” Liege kind of agreed.


Nord walked over to his Captain, limping slightly from the knife damage in his leg the berserker kit wouldn’t completely fix.  “What they said…”


“‘This time’?”


“Aye, my Captain,” Nord said.  “We’re not yet done with these monsters.”


“Woo!”  Mosh danced about.  "That's what Mosh's talking about!  More!!"


“Indeed not, Nord,” Liege confirmed.  “See your leg fixed.  Next time, we bring everyone--all the Black Dogs, to find from which lair these villains originate.  Then we will eradicate them.”

Submitted: July 29, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Jack Motley. All rights reserved.

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Alright! That is the way to do it. I like the Badass series. Still think you should incorporate all of the stories into a novel. It would make a really great read.

Thu, July 30th, 2015 2:13am

H. Adams

I thoroughly enjoyed this... you did action well. Being one who hasn't read the rest of the series, this got me interested. I'm gonna try my best to read Endgame as soon as I can. Life right now is being a bit of a bitch with summer work for school :/ If I had to give any advice at all, even if I'm in no place to, I'd say to tighten up the setting a bit. I got a dreary, dark, mechanical sense on the patched up bridge, but you never confirmed that mood (well, you might've, but I didn't catch it). It added some difficulty and hindrance to my visualisation. Dialogue was done wonderfully, the action kept me reading, and I loved how you cut between the fights like a movie would. Other than the setting thing (which might not even be a problem), this was incredibly well done, Jack. If this was your first attempt at an action sequence, I commend you. If not, I still do.

Thu, July 30th, 2015 4:26am


Thank you very much for the read and kind feedback, Hanorbi! I was worried the action would be off a bit. I don't go into the detailed scenes too much. I try to skim over action.

Wed, July 29th, 2015 9:29pm

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