Build-a-Badass: The First

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

(Originally back story for a video game) Facing extinction, the human race resurrects its heroes and legends.

Table of Contents

Rude Awakenings

The nameless soldier woke for the first time from a cold breeze and the tap of a single raindrop on his head.  The windswept alley... Read Chapter

A Name

  “Sorry, Sarge!” apologized the one No-Name figured was Rathens.  “Thought he was enemy.” “Don’t shoot w... Read Chapter

The Bunker at the End of the World

Scy offered a hand across the console, but York eyed it like a snake, and answered by closing his hand into a loose fist.  Scy mad... Read Chapter

An Explanation

The Major took lead through the underground corridors.  The people he passed shrunk away in the man’s presence, followed by more... Read Chapter

A Thorn in Our Side

An hour later, Major Dawson had a holotablet out on the private vehicle bay’s blood-stained cot.  “I don’t think the buggers... Read Chapter

The Broken One

The three left almost immediately, pelted by hard rain, after they gathered as much explosives as they could carry.  Scy did a bri... Read Chapter

A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Looking out from the eighth floor open window of the same apartment tower that they’d killed the bugger scout in, and where they’d... Read Chapter

A Really Big Boom

Exiting through the same apartment tower they’d entered, and backtracking their original path to the thorn base, the foursome were sl... Read Chapter

A Proper Ending

Twenty-six hours had passed since Scy had first awoken to a war at least three of his personalities were fit to fight, and two more tha... Read Chapter