Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Inspired by an image on Hanorbi's profile page. GO READ HANORBI'S STORIES NOW, YOU PLEBES!

Submitted: July 13, 2015

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Submitted: July 13, 2015





Space Command to Colonel Clark

Space Command, Colonel Clark

Go ahead, Command, on your mark

Colonel Clark, from Command

What do you see, your 12 o'clock?

A sea, stars above, a nebula, overhead, dead ahead

How copy God's glory, Command?  This is Clark

Check off, Clark, from Command: How's your air?

Still losing through my suit arm's tear

So, hey, Command

Just on a dare

What's say we end this with a bit of flair?


Colonel Clark shut off his comms

He never thought he could be so calm

Standing there, boots touched by alien sea

Staring into the eye of God, so helplessly

The mission had just gone all so wrong

Leaving him the last alive, surrounded by crash debris

And so he thought, far out there

As giant waves crashed on an alien shore

Well, this seems fair.

For the sins the man had wrought upon his Earth family.


"Clark, you always do this shit," his wife had said

For Clark and his wife could never agree

What was fair, and what was what, for the good of their family

So he left them behind, for eternity

Interstellar bound, at sub-light speed

To another world, light-years away, where Clark was free

Having thrown off the shackle and noose of an unloved family

Another world, across the stars, where men were men

On the frontier, once again

Daniel Boone of space

A flying ace once again

Like back in the old days

Until that patch of rough air

Threw off his craft's stability

Tom, Harris and Grant, aboard, met quick their mortality

And Clark woke once again, his comrades dead

Leaking air from his suit arm's tear

As it was the upmost fair

For a man abandoned his humanity


Clark to Command, Clark said, futility, knowingly

I'm almost out of air, yet I no longer care

Good luck, up there

So far above, you're just another star

I have a metal slab, pulled from the debris

And, do you see, that mighty sea?

The one that knows no Earth analogy?

I'm going to take this makeshift surfing board

For one more ride, I'll enslave a wave

And let it be, in the universe's record books

The greatest ride ever seen.


And so Clark dived right in

He fought the giant waves relentlessly

Paddling out on his makeshift board

He gave no more care to his remaining air

For he saw a towering wave

Dead ahead

Fair, Clark felt, It's only fair.

For Clark felt no dread

On his last few gasps of air

The wave picked Clark up, lifting him way up there

In my final moments, I'm still the man.

He stood tall on his adhoc board

He rode one last great wave with thoughtless flair

Until the wave broke below

Far short of alien shore

Dropping Clark once more down low

To be ripped away by the undertow

Face first, dragged against the ocean floor

Clark never saw the jagged rock that laid him low

Ending a life most ignoble









© Copyright 2020 Jack Motley. All rights reserved.

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