Eyes in the Sky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts
"Those fake stars aren't as beautiful as the real ones used to be."

Submitted: April 06, 2016

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Submitted: April 06, 2016



Remember when I said I'd give you the stars and the moon? Well, I delivered, didn't I?

Harlie, they'll remember you forever, now, as I remember you--in Harlie's Stars.

I always tell people I crafted them from your eyes. Of course it's just metaphor, and a cheesy line, but I saw your blue eyes in mine every day I worked on the stars in the holoskies. I tried to craft their beauty like eyes of angels, staring down at our ruined world with your gentle grace.

I fear no one will be around to see them now, though. Not with the smog and ashes descending from all the compounding fallout. The wars have ravaged us and our world beyond recovery, I fear.

As I tried to make a new, beautiful, clean sky on the underside canvas of our ruined one, the nukes kept coming, rattling our underground bunker with every one. Shielding the hologenerators from constant EMP was one of the hardest tasks in my life, too, but I did it with loving diligence, with as much love for you--the last of my humanity.

Now you've died of hunger, Harlie, and I'm not too far behind. I tried, Harlie, I really tried, but love, no matter how strong, is no match for the hate of all of man.

Now I fear, as we bury you, and I prepare to bury myself, down in this deep, dark, dank cavern, to the sound of mechanical drillers carving out the last resting spots of the last of humanity, no one will ever see the eyes of the sky again.

Those fake stars aren't as beautiful as the real ones used to be. And none of the real stars were as beautiful as your eyes used to be.

Now shut forever, the last of my warm feelings to humanity goes with you. Rest in peace, Harlie. I'm sorry. We've all failed.

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