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you've always had a sneaking suspicion someone was out to get you, right?

Submitted: February 04, 2016

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Submitted: February 04, 2016



Right then and there, Tom realized he was fucked.

"Hi," the cute girl said across the bar.

"Oh man..." said Tom.

"I'm sorry."

Tom leaned back in his barstool to look for the oncoming disaster, when the barstool broke under him from his shift in weight, sending Tom crashing onto the floor, and Tom's beer splashing all over him.

The bar erupted into laughter.

"Sorry," the cute girl mouthed from above him.

"Hey, buddy," the bartender called over the bar, "you ain't had hardly enough to do that."

"Sorry," Tom told the bartender. "I'll pay for it."

"Naw, don't worry about it," the bartender replied. "Was an accident. Lemme get you another beer. On the house. So you don't sue me."

Tom was still soaking wet and smelling of beer, his pride in tatters, and the cute girl was still looking at him. The one that Tom's GPS had said was always around him when these things happened.

"Sure," Tom told the bartender. "And a towel."

A couple of good mates (still snickering) helped Tom up.

"Thanks," Tom said, then turned to the cute girl. "Who...?"

"Shh," the cute girl told him. "I need you."


Cute girl nodded, smiling. "My name is Jinx," she told Tom. "And your misfortune is my fortune."

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