The Seven Words

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Seven words of Power given to Kings and Lords, and four have already been spoken.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015




'Lo, did the First King rise upon this utterance, and set forth upon the world, uniting the Kingdoms of Man.


Lament, for Man heard the Word, and saw again, in new light, each other in tints of hatred and envy, to fall upon the other's necks, cleaving flesh and gnawing marrow, drenching the lands in blood and ash.


Hark, see and know, from the lands made fertile from the second Word, did rise a multitude of separate people and kingdoms, each ruled in turn by Elders and Lords, making fruitful endeavors amongst each other, knowing prosperity.


See, now, upon the lands of Man the Word was spoken, the learned's cast the world into famine and disease intentionally; not by the sword, but by nightmares wrought from the mind.


Look to the future, now, and see an inevitable peace, young Lord; for the arrogance, ego and knowing of the Men of now and their ancestors are untenable. Speak the Word, and an epoch of momentary peace shall descend upon the lands.


There is naught but Death in this place and time. The Word brings The End from the skies: sunfire that licks the earth, and earth that falls upon the heads of millions. Surely, this is not yet the End of Times. Not yet. Surely, not yet...


Have you spoken this Word? Is it all irredeemable? Has all hope fled? The future lies in darkness. Bleak. A nightmarescape, I see. Young Lord, there are no more Words. You have damned us all.


And epochs of darkness fled the Earth, the rivers flowed and the birds sang their newborn song, for a new Lord is born, and he crafts his own Words. Let the old ones be lost to eternity.

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