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Some things are just too good.

Submitted: June 17, 2015

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Submitted: June 17, 2015




You see this tree? It's not an exceptional specimen of it's species. In fact, if it had risen from its roots anywhere else but in this shithole we keep calling a country, it would just be one more uniformed member of thousands in its arbor legion.

But I kind of like this tree, you know. It just sits there, apathetic to the war being waged around it. One lonely little arboreal legionnaire standing silent sentinel on that hill, in plain view of any sadistic bastard with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, too much time on their hands, a complete lack of supervision, and in the deepest thrall of boredom.

But you know what? It's too good. Too good for this barren shitscape. It just doesn't belong. Its serenity upsets the balance of things here. It's like a scale where you have a pile of shit on one plate, and this tree on the other, and, man, I gotta tell you, that tree is winning.

So, I tell you what I'm going to do, and when I'm done, you're going to think I'm crazy--but I'm going to march my happy ass up that hill with my BII kit. I'm going to spit on my hands, straighten my pants, set my feet, and cut that piece of good shit right on down.

Harmony. Balance restored. Fuck yeah, human intervention.

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