Witch Court

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Yeah, I had fun with this one.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015




Narrator: "Witch Court! Where all legal disputes are brought in the Circle, and presented to your faaavorite dark mediator, Grand Lord Severn!"

audience stands and applauds politely and softly

Marshal: "Here ye, here ye, ye denizens of the night! Grand Lord Severn presiding!"

Grand Lord Severn emerges from the shadows to enter the Circle and take his place at the Judging Stump

Lord Severn: "Thank you all for coming this night. Audience, please be seated."

audience does so on wooden, hand-crafted short benches

Lord Severn: "Let's see..."

Severn flips open the Book of Chaos and Order, the black leather backing crinkling for a moment, then looks over his bifocals at the Plaintiff and Defendant standing in the light of the bonfire

Lord Severn: "We have come together this night to hear the case of the plaintiff, Mrs. Sandorhal, and the defendant, Mrs. Hearst."

Severn looks over both of the witches

Lord Severn: "Did I get your names right?"

Plaintiff and Defendant nod

Lord Severn: "Good."

Severn looks down at the Book, reading

Lord Severn: "So, by the information provided before this proceeding to me, I understand you two have yourselves quite the novel predicament. Plaintiff?"

Plaintiff clears her wart-spotted throat

Plaintiff Sandorhal: "Yes, Your Lordship. You see, I was promised a first-born first, and--"

Defendant Hearst: "Lies!"

Severn eyes Defendant

Lord Severn: "It would please the Circle if you would not interrupt and wait your turn, Mrs. Hearst."

Defendant Hearst: "I'm sorry, Your Lordship, but this witch--"

Severn pounds the Judging Stump's side with a rock three times

Lord Severn: "Order, please, Mrs. Hearst. The Circle must run on order, at least, in our dark community."

Severn looks back at Plaintiff

Lord Severn: "Please, continue, Mrs. Sandorhal. What was it you were about to say?"

Plaintiff Sandorhal: "Your Lordship, I was promised the first-born of the Maene couple."

Lord Severn: "Seems a simple matter of establishing First Oath, then?"

Defendant and Plaintiff look at each other uncomfortably

Defendant Hearst: "Your Lordship, may I elaborate? For it is not that simple, I'm afraid..."

Severn raises a brow

Lord Severn: "Oh? An extra factor?"

Defendant reluctantly nods assent

Defendant Hearst: "You see, Your Lordship... I was promised by the former Miss Dolores Underage her first-born."

Lord Severn: "That is the wife?"

Defendant Hearst: "Yes, Your Lordship. I--"

Severn holds up a hand to forestall Defendant, and turns to Plaintiff

Lord Severn: "Mrs. Sandorhal, pray tell, which party of the newly formed Maene couple promised you their first born?"

Plaintiff Sandorhal: "Mr. Samuel Maene."

audience gasp, murmurs to themselves

Lord Severn: "Oh dear."

camera pulls away

Announcer: "A truly shocking twist tonight...in Witch Court! Please stay tuned for the continuation of Grand Lord Severn's rein over the Circle."

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Announcer: "And we're back to Witch Court! Continuing this midnight saga is Grand Lord Severn and the case of the Double Promise! Now, let's get back to the action.

Severn looks between Defendant and Plaintiff

Lord Severn: "It would be apparent to me, now, that the matter of precedent can be safely ignored as irrelevant. Do all parties agree?"

Defendant and Plaintiff agree

Lord Severn: "Yes. I see... Let the court call the Maene family into Circle.*

Severn looks past the audience, beyond, into the shadow

Lord Severn: "The family is present, yes?"

Marshal: "Yes, Your Lordship. But, ah, I'm afraid they are a bit afraid of the Circle."

Lord Severn: "Bah, rubbish. They made a pact with two witches. What did they expect would happen when it came time to make account?"

Marshal: "It is not my place to speculate, Your Lordship."

Lord Severn: "Yes yes, Saul, I perfectly understand. Good man."

Severn stands and peers further into the night beyond the Circle

Lord Severn: "Would Samuel Maene and Mrs. Maene please come forth to speak the truth and only the truth in this place, the Circle, so this dispute may be resolved in the matter appropriate to Circle protocol, and by their own promises made to Mrs. Hearst and Mrs. Sandorhal?"

thirty seconds pass before the Maene family appears from the night, poked along by sticks to their rear. Mrs. Maene holds her first born in a blanket to her chest as the pair stop by the Marshal's insistence between Plaintiff and Defendant

Lord Severn: "Maene family, I thank you for appearing. Though, again, I remind you that the promises both of you have made made this appearance inevitable, it seems."

Samuel Maene: "Y-Yes, Your Honor."

Marshal: "If it please the Circle and Your Lordship, the Maene family are notified to address Grand Lord Severn in the proper title of respect in this Circle as either 'Your Lordship' or 'Grand Lord Severn'"

Severn nods. After a moment, the Maenes do as well

Lord Severn: "Now, as all parties seem present, to this Circle's knowledge, let us gain some history. First, let it be known the true name of the offering--the first born."

the Maenes look uncomfortable

Dolores Maene: "His name is Peter...Your Lordship. Peter Maene."

Lord Severn: "And this is the true first born? I must make this inquiry against the potential of a false offering of a first born."

the Maenes look between themselves again, unsure, then nod as one

Lord Severn: "Very well. It is so determined and established that this is Peter Maene, first born to the Maene family. Marshal, as it has been predetermined and verified before this Circle that both promises are genuine, then I see no point in not collecting the child. It has been offered. To which party it shall go is now the crux of this proceeding."

Marshal approaches the Maenes

Dolores Maene: "No! You can't!"

Samuel Maene stands still, looking away

Marshal: "It is already decided. Please, turn over the first born as the promised offering."

Dolores Maene: "I can't! He's my baby!"

Defendant Hearst: "You promised me already, child!"

Plaintiff Sandorhal: "No, they promised me, witch!"

Severn pounds on Judging Stump twice

Lord Severn: "Order, please. I hear your argument, honored witches, and we shall soon settle the matter. Marshal?"

Marshal: "I apologize."

Marshal plucks the child from Dolores's arms, and carries it back, cradled in his arms to Severn's side. Samuel restrains Dolores

Lord Severn: "A quiet child. Disciplined, or...?"

Marshal smells the child's breath

Marshal: "A dreaming potion."

Lord Severn: "A kindness."

Severn looks over the Plaintiff and Defendant

Lord Severn: "Now, to the matter of to whom this first born is truly offered to."

Dolores Maene: "You can't!"

Severn pounds Judging Stump three times

Lord Severn: "I must and I shall, Mrs. Maene. The offering has already been made; but to which party I am not sure. If you wish to see the end of this decision, you and your husband are welcome to observe; but you must do so quietly."

the audience hangs on the drama, leaned on their benches to watch

Samuel turns and walks out of the Circle, leaving Dolores behind, weeping

Lord Severn: "I am truly sorry, Mrs. Maene, but you made this offering, and now its time has come to pass. Stay or go? What will you choose? But choose quite soon."

Dolores sniffles, and her shoulders sag

Dolores Maene: "I'm sorry..."

Dolores exits the Circle

Lord Severn: "Well, that is most disheartening."

Defendant Hearst: "Let us make haste deciding, Your Lordship. The dawn comes soon."

Lord Severn: "I will not be driven as Your Lordship in this matter, Mrs. Hearst, to a rash decision. Though..."

Severn flips through his Book, musing

Lord Severn: "Will either of you willingly relent upon this offering?"

Defendant and Plaintiff shake their heads

Lord Severn: "Then, as no precedent may be set, and an equal offering has been made by two parties to two honored witches, I see no other choice but the most rash one indeed, in conflicts such as these."

the audience gasps, shocked, along with the defendants

Defendant Hearst: "Your Lordship!"

Plaintiff Sandorhal: "I do not argue, Your Lordship."

Severn nods to the Marshal, who bundles the first born, Peter, tight and hands the child over to Severn. After the handover is complete, Marshal exits the Circle from the back, behind Severn, disappearing into the shadow

Severn stands, cradling the sleeping infant

Lord Severn: "Would all parties follow me to the near riverside. If either party does not, then the party that does attend obtains their claim to the promise made. If neither party attends, then the offering is forfeited, and the promise is made null."

Severn leads the Plaintiff and Defendant to the river bank, veiled in darkness by the shadow of the overhanging trees, followed by the audience at a respectful distance

Severn holds the child, Peter, out over the river

Lord Severn: "Mrs. Hearst, Mrs. Sandorhal, are thee ready?"

Plaintiff and Defendant nod

Lord Severn: "Then let the decision be cast to the currents."

Severn tosses the child near into the middle of the river, where the first born floats for a few long seconds, and then waits

Lord Severn: "At any time you two wish, honored wishes, you may dive in those frigid waters and rescue your offering--your new first born and future familiar servant--if you so desire it the most."

Plaintiff and Defendant watch, but do not move, as the child is swept away by the current, almost out of sight, then goes under

Lord Severn: "And there the child is gone."

Plaintiff and Defendant sigh and shrug

Lord Severn: "Then, under the light of the moon and the depth of the darkness, before the eyes of those attending the Circle, and as Your Lordship in this matter, I declare neither Mrs. Sandorhal nor Mrs. Hearst due their promised offering. The promise is now null. The child will return to its family."

audience is completely quiet

Severn returns with Plaintiff, Defendant and audience in his wake to the Judging Stump and sits again

a minute passes

Marshal returns, soaking wet, with the first born child Peter bundled in a dry blanket in his arms. Marshal presents the child to Severn, who waves the gesture off

Lord Severn: "Marshal, bring the child Peter to the fire to warm him back up, for the river was assuredly chilling to his young and fragile bones."

Marshal does as Severn asks

Severn eyes Defendant and Plaintiff

Lord Severn: "What are you two still doing here? The Circle is dismissed. Leave us, and be more wary in the future to difficult promises made."

Plaintiff and Defendant exit the Circle

Severn considered thumping the Judging Stump, but looks at the child still asleep in Marshal's arms near the fire, and nods

Lord Severn: "This matter before Circle I now deem fully and well resolved. Marshal, I will see myself out without a herald, thank you."

Severn exits the Circle, disappearing back into the darkness

Announcer: "Thank you for watching this nightly episode of Witch Court! With your favorite decider, Grand Lord Severn. Tune in next time to hear the case of the Wandering Pumpkin. Witch Court!"



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