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Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008



I stared into the mirror as the unkempt mess i saw peering back at me...I could see my heart beating like a soldier who is forced to march...the grave feelings of solitude i have felt for the past two days have fueled a quest searching through my self hoping to find some sort of self-purpose. my ambition and drive have been soaked up like well full of sand. the bitter grains of perceived misfortune have perverted my mind. I feel resigned to an insignificant my own eyes a fate worse than be on this earth for so long and do as little as I have i should be ashamed of myself, and indeed I am. It is ironically this very reason that has halted me from doing anything more. because i feel like with all that I do it will never be enough and if you cant ever feel like your remarkable in an area you put effort in than, there is really no reason to try, like the novice musician or better yet guitar player who sees an expert play and gives up because they KNOW they will never be as good as them. then there is the next kind of person perhaps the better type of person, who says well that person started somewhere, and they probably were in fact once, standing in the very same spot, where they too questioned that attainability of talent, when first confronted by cases of extreme talent, or better yet the artist that KNOWS, being the best, doesn’t even make you remarkable, and that to be remarkable one just need be different. These types of people are the best in their fields, because they can think outside the box. They are not afraid to devise new ways to tackle old problems. They are the leaders of the future, the face of ingenuity...the so-called champions of change, They see a plan for the future, am I a better writer when I’m high?


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