Dark Sunset

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A look at a new Batman origin.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012




Dark Sunset 

By Chantz Kouveras


The moon glowed out over the towering skyscrapers of New York. In the waterfront penthouse of Tim Brent, he hunched over his desk reading the shipping reports for his coal mining company. He had been working late recently, and his suit was rumpled. Without warning, he suddenly dropped his head onto his desk and fell asleep. The only thing that woke him was the loud alarms that blared to indicate an intruder. He pulled his old Louisville Slugger off the mantel. The last time he had used it was about 20 years ago when he moved from Iowa to Manhattan.

He raised it and slowly walked to the elevator. A loud thud came from inside, and the doors bumped out. They slid open, revealing a group of men in clown masks and dark leather jackets. Brent swung the bat and hit the first one in the shoulder, and he fell to the ground with a cry. The bat also hit the light switch, causing the wires to short. Sparks flew and the lights went out. One of the men clicked on a flashlight and shone it in Brent`s face. Blinded, he dropped the bat. The man with the light hit Brent over the head with the light. Everything became blurry, and Brent fell to the floor, he heard the clown that he had hit with the bat yelling and cursing and the others laughing. Then, all was silent.


When he awoke, Tim found himself in some kind of burlap bag. Try as he could, he could not get out. So instead, he tried to listen to the clowns’ conversation.

“I didn`t sign up for a kidnapping job, I want out!” one clown nervously said to the others.

“Too bad. The boss told us to take whatever we could, and so we brought along the rich boy. He`ll get quite a ransom.” said another.

“I said, I want out, so pull over!” yelled the first thug. Tim realized he was in their getaway car.

“You want out, here`s your out!” said the second clown. And with that, several gunshots went off inside the car. They then stopped and it sounded like they dumped him in the river. They continued on for a while, but nobody spoke after that. Realizing he would probably be in the car for a while, Tim started trying to find a way out of the bag. He found a small hole where the fabric had gotten wet and the thread had frayed.

He tore it a bit more open and peeked out. The clowns had removed their masks, but he could only see the driver. He had mangled dark brown hair and tan skin, but that was all he could see of the driver. However, he saw something else. Sitting in the leg room of the passenger`s seat were 4 army assault rifles, painted with red smiles. He steeled himself for what he was about to do, and then tore a massive gash in the side of the bag.

He leapt out and grabbed one of the guns. He fired off into the dash board and then shot a couple more bullets into the back. The car swerved and hit the guardrail. However, Tim had made a fatal error. They weren`t driving through the meadowlands or immediate area outside New York, they were driving through the Catskills. They plummeted off a cliff and rolled down the hill. They car split over a tree and while Tim`s half stopped after rolling a few more yards, the back portion rolled down the hill and into the lake.

Tim had fallen out of the car a few feet before the car stopped, but the clown was still inside. His ears ringing, Tim had no way to hear the crunch of snow while the clown crawled from the car towards a gun. He would have made it to the gun were it not for the car bursting into flames and frightening the clown. His scream alerted Tim and he stood up and turned around. He stumbled towards the gun and kicked it down the hill, but the clown grabbed his ankle and tripped him.

Tim rolled down the hill and landed in the water. He got stuck in the mud as plants wrapped around his arms and legs. Bubbles escaped his mouth and darkness started surrounding him, as he started slipping out of consciousness…


Reviews for: Sunset

  • “A great beginning to a great series.”

-Rachael Dawes

  • “This novelette revitalizes an old story… a must read for comic book fans.”

-Cheyenne Freemont

  • “An interesting read worth your time.”

-Dr. Thomas Elliot

  • “Two thumbs way up!”

-The Metropolis Planet

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