daughters are special -- even before cell phones and ipods

BETSY [1992]
Twelve bursts through the door,
energy plus,
boys and cats and Wilson Phillips,
Mariah Carey, Vanessa Williams,
and the beast:
almost mother tall,
borrowing clothes without a word;
yet ... when she pauses and looks about
with just that hint
of pre-teen uncertainty,
confident, yet seeking approval still ...
there is Four again --
 age of wonder,
holding small fists aloft,
clear blue eyes glistening,
hopeful smile,
dripping spirals of gold
backlit by the sun, forming
a thousand haloes
about her face:
sweet love,
innocence and hope.
 Twelve bursts through the door,
 energy plus,
 swim team and boys, softball
 and boys, cats and boys,
 endless books and the telephone;
 pink and black, white and black,
 teal and black, black
 and black, all accentuating
 golden curls aglow; the Barbies
 are on the shelf now, behind
 the nail polish and perfume --
Oh my dear daughter,
sweet love,

innocence and hope.


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