A Journey through sleepless nights

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A poem about new enlightenment or a newly found love.

Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012



"A Journey through sleepless nights"


I mourn through endless, sleepless nights.

Nothing but dark clouds within my sight.

Walking through a path of stone,

walking barefoot, walking alone.


I've given up in search for hope.

Buried in cold, I've closed my eyes,

sitting in the rain, lost in the road.

The truth in lies, I wish I've told


But I woke up and found a glimpse of light,

followed it through a seemingly endless hall,

for I have long lost a sparkle in my life.

This time, I should give it my all.


As I was nearing the end of the hall,

warmth shrouded everywhere up to the angelic skies.

The wind blew a trail up to my dangling nose,

and cleared every strand of dust between my eyes.


Perhaps, I have found my new destiny.

By this, I can change things to the way they used to be,

and maybe,

give time for myself, as others have given me.

It won't be for long,

But I know I'll be finally free.

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