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There are General Secretaries, Presidents and Prime Ministers but are there leaders?

Submitted: January 02, 2017

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Submitted: January 02, 2017



The nearest sizable landmass to us is some four thousand kilometres away, so in the past, the vast expanse of ocean insulated and protected us. But that’s all changed now, making whatever happens elsewhere in the world to have some sort of ripple effect on us! I don’t like it! I prefer the insulation, the self-reliance and the independence we once enjoyed, all of which are being eroded by world influences and events.

In the past, I felt that I had no right to have an opinion on what might or might not go on around the world, as long as it had no direct impact our little country. But now those little ripples are becoming waves, which I reckon, gives me a right to throw my oar in to at least offer an opinion! I’ve never been a public protestor, but I have done my share of writing letters to the editor and to members of parliament. Maybe it is in my DNA because my ancestors were among the Chartists, who fought for workers’ rights. I remember from near on sixty years ago, my history lessons about the Reform Acts to enfranchise sections of the population, which were brought about not by politicians, through the pressure applied to them by students, professionals and artisans.

My favourite history teacher, Wally Mapplebeck, (I called my dog after him) told me there were three types of governance; democracy, communism and dictatorship - he also mentioned anarchy but that’s not governance. The League of Nations was supposed to prevent World War Two so its failure caused its demise and the United Nations took its place, with the goals of international cooperation, peacekeeping, human dignity and freedom. We all contribute in some way to this massive organisation so it is fair to ask the question, are getting value for our money? The answer to that question is personal, for you as an individual to consider. They, and who the hell are ‘they’ exactly? They, are trying to foist upon us this Agenda 21, which conspiracy theorists believe is the thin edge of world government. Old Wally would squirm in his box at the very thought!

So if Agenda 21 is the long term UN plan, who then would be the leader? And how does the UN work now? Is it supposed to a democratic organisation?  If so, how do the member countries with communist governments, or dictatorships, or even despotic leaders align with the idea of being democratic? Do some on the Security Council use the powerful veto just because they can? Does it rile them that someone else can come up with an idea?

Here are quotes from two friends who should know: ‘Politics is a dirty business!’ and, ‘Never trust a politician!’ There is a new General Secretary about to start his tenure at the UN. He is the leader! We watched the election with great interest because Helen Clark was standing. The method used is anything but democratic, more like an old boys’ network, which is the stuff of politics. Typically there was all the lobbying, pre-votes and the usual promises of support. What do you think happens once the person is elected? The stuff of politics again, ‘I helped you get elected, so now you help me with this little matter.’ (‘Or at least don’t stand in my way.’) So when it comes to leadership, the newbie is compromised from the start. Unless he has the true mettle that is needed for a job like his.

The United States has a new President. It remains to be seen if he will be a leader, the two are not the same. A good leader must be able to take advice from good people, must be able to recognise what is good, sound advice and what is unsound. Who can foretell what this fellow will turn out like, but it is obvious many voters believe a serious mistake has been made! From a distance it looks like their capitalistic method of voting is flawed! To become involved in politics the candidate needs to be rich or have access to wealth! It is a misconception that wealth equates to intellect, it is more likely that wealth equates to corruption – those two are good bed-fellows!

The rest of the world shouldn’t have to give a toss how the individual American votes, but here’s the thing, The United States of America by my count, holds 45.9% of the world’s nuclear warheads and that puts us all in danger! It’s enough for the rest of us to be concerned about the second amendment and the attitude that goes with that, without being concerned about the trigger finger on a nuclear arsenal! Of course the total world arsenal has the potential to blow us to little, tiny bits, but it takes only a few warheads to produce enough fallout to fry us all! Does Kim thingy know that?

Looking at the list of countries that possess nuclear warheads makes me shiver and I look at their leaders. Shivering stuff again, and it is certain that those leaders together with their cronies will have comfy protective bunkers – for the security of the country of course, or is it for personal safety? Is it good to know? In the end ruthless leaders like Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein slunk off like rats down a hole when their safety became compromised. They were happy to mete it out but not so keen when the worm had turned!

There are a whole bunch of world leaders that the common people have not voted for nor have any influence over. A few have inherited their role while too many are there simply through threats, force or somehow dealing to their opposition managed to get there!  But let’s not be too paranoid about all this, but we can’t afford be complacent either, world leaders, elected or not, nowadays have powers that do not befit mankind. We need to be very mindful of who represents us!

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