Love and Losses

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This is an OP about my grandfather and my dog that died some time ago

Submitted: May 20, 2011

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Submitted: May 20, 2011



Love means a lot of things to different people. Love can come in many shapes and sizes. Love can to a person or an object or a pet.
My grandpa was one of the many loves I had in my life. I remember staying up late at night watching our movie, Old Yeller. He used to buy loads of candy for me and my siblings to share.
Every since I could remember my grandfather has been sick, but still would try to pull his own around the house. He always made sure that the house was clean and kept together while my parents were at work. I always thought that my grandfather would be there. I never dreamed that one day he would be lost. Sadly, that was a childish thought. My grandfather died on December 23, 2007.
Another love was my dog, Wrigley. My dad being a huge Cubs fan named him after their home field. Wrigley may have been an old dog when we got him, but he was still a puppy at heart.
Once again I though Wrigley would be with me forever and once again I was wrong. Wrigley got heartworms when he was nine years old. On the first day of eighth grade he was taken to the vet and my father decided to put him down since the damage was already done. We decided to take Wrigley’s body and bury him in the backyard of our old house in Bulverde, Texas.
Love can come and go as it pleases whether we want it to or not. Love is uncontrollable and unstoppable. It can hurt and give you joy at the same time. There is saying, “It is better to have love and lost than to not love at all.”
I’m thankful for the memories of my grandfather and Wrigley. I will never forget them and I know nothing could ever replace them. My love for them will never fade and I will always have to deal with the fact that I lost them. I will have many more people to love as I grow up and I know that I will have to deal with losses of them as well. There was also a saying my grandfather used to tell me, “People will come and go in your life, but they will forever make a mark on your heart so they are never truly gone.”

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