Born Through Flames

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Wandering through the woods at night, I noticed a light in the distance.

A large fire.

Curiosity took a hold and led me toward the blaze. I began to hear their voices.


The voices were raspy, repeating these words. Like a moth, I approached.

Then silence.

The figures stood around the inferno, all eyes upon me. It was then I realized the beings before me held no human form.

Mouth less, covered in thorn like spikes, wings.

They spoke in unison.

"Join us."

I did just that. In a trance I joined the circle and throughout the night we chanted the names of the loathsome gods.

A great beast erupted suddenly from the burning brush.

The head of a boar, the torso and breasts of a woman the legs of a steed, wings of a bat, standing higher than the surrounding trees. It asked if I would join them, and journey to their world. I agreed.

Two of the beasts took an arm each, so that I would not fall.

With one push of their wings, we flew into the virgin sky; past clouds, moons, planets, and stars. I suddenly realized I no longer had the help from the demons, but had grown my own wings.

My skin was covered in thorn like spikes and I could no longer speak.

We flew to a snow covered planet with pyramid buildings protruding from the frozen ground. Our brothers and sisters welcomed us, praising the birth of the goddess.

Submitted: February 01, 2011

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