Dead in a romm full of life

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This is aa short story which I wrote for a assignment at university. It is based on a Memoir I wrote about my nan. She has Alzheimer's disease and I wrote this piece from her point of view. This is a fictional story which could be emotional for readers who understand the disease. The whole piece is just 810 words.

Submitted: April 20, 2011

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Submitted: April 20, 2011



Dead in a room full of life

I sat in my chair looking out the window; I was admiring a beautifully built garden shed and a carefully arranged garden.  The sun was beaming in through the window and the warmth felt good on my face.  For some reason I was still in my night dress, I never normally wear my night dress so late in the day, I like to get up and dressed before 8am.  I usually get up with the kids, but they were nowhere to be seen.  It’s a school day.  They come bouncing in my bedroom like clockwork at 6am full of energy and wake the baby, Gary.  Everyone is well awake then.  It’s always busy here, people coming in and out, plus we have five kids running around.  I knew buying a big house was a good idea.  I’d wanted lots of kids from being young, I was one of seven and I loved having all my brothers and sister around.  I’m not saying it’s not hard work, it is, but you get so much pleasure out of being a mum.

I quite like sitting here looking out onto the garden.  Tom, my husband, spent all his time when he wasn’t in work fixing it up.  The kids usually play in the garden, I don’t like them playing on the road, it’s too dangerous round here, not like when I was young, they didn’t drive crazy like they do now.  I closed my eyes and took a relaxing deep breath.  I quite enjoyed the peace, I am usually busy with the kids, making breakfast, cleaning the house, making dinner, and doing the washing.  I could hear that the washing machine was already on, so I must have put it on earlier; I often forget I’ve done things; it must be because I do it that often I must be on auto pilot.  Funnily enough I don’t remember doing much today.  Maybe I need a holiday, maybe Tom and I should take the kids up to Blackpool for the weekend.  If we take my brother he can watch the kids whilst Tom and I go dancing.  I was a fantastic dancer before I had the kids.

“Our Bev’s here Pat” Tom shouted from behind his paper.  I snapped awake from my dose.  A young blonde girl I didn’t recognise came into the kitchen.  She pulled up a chair and sat down; her eyes looked at me with pity “silly cow” I muttered under my breath.  Who did she think she was coming into my house and looking at me like that?  I looked away.  “Do you want a cuppa Nan?” the girl said.  I didn’t even look at her, I didn’t even know what she was doing here let alone why she was asking me if I wanted a brew, and did I hear right? Did she call me Nan?  Tom stood up and went to the counter to put the kettle on “want a cake Pat Love?” he said, obviously trying to change the subject. I think he must have sensed I didn’t really want this strange girl snooping round my cupboards looking for tea bags.  Tom didn’t seem to be that bothered by it though.  He was looking awfully old recently, his hair is as white as snow, it must be the stress of the kids.  Mind you I’ve been looking at bit old recently myself.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection on the TV the other day, I’m desperate for a haircut, and a colour, and I’m still sat here at nearly half past 11 in my night dress “Tom I think I’ll get dressed” I said. 

“They will be here in a minute Pat Love don’t worry.”  He said with his back to me.  Who will? I thought, what is he on about the daft old man?  Maybe we both need a holiday more than I thought; having five kids really does take it out of you.

The door went again and two young girls came into the kitchen.  They looked like nurses or something; they had those upside-down clocks on their tops.  They asked the young girl to leave, which was good because she was bothering me looking at me like that.  One of them filled a huge bowl full of warm water and brought it over to the table I was sat next to.  The older woman started to undress me.  “Get off!” I yelled.  What was happening? I tried to get the off me but they were too strong “Tom!!” I yelled again, Tom walked out of the room.  Despite my fight, they managed to strip wash me, put me in some clean clothes and sit me back in my chair.

I sat and gazed out the window, the warm sun beating down on my old crinkled face.  It felt lonely this time.

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