Mouse Man

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"Mouse Man" is a short story intended for younger audiences. Sit back and relax as you are led through a short adventure with mouse man the teenage rodent.

Submitted: November 21, 2012

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Submitted: November 21, 2012



The bus pulled up and i yanked my mousepack onto my back. I opened my door and jumped onto the bus not so excitedly. I spotted Jeffrey- my snot filled friend. "Hey Jeffrey." I greeted him tiredly. I sat down and put my hood on. The snot splattered off the back of my new coat. "Dude, you really need to like, I don't know, sew your nose shut." i complained.

"I don't think you understand. Snot needs to come out of your nose, you're not supposed to let it mold." he replied. I shook my head.

"Yeah, and my jacket is the PERFECT place to release your nasty nose fluids."

"Delinquent." he muttered under his breath. Now i bet you're wondering, how did i end up being his friend? Well I kinda' saved him from getting really embarrassed this one time and he wanted to be friends. So how was i supposed to say no?

Anyway, i patiently(okay, not so patiently) for us to get to school. When we stopped at the school, I hopped off the steps and tripped into a mud pool. I looked up to see the most beautiful mouse i had ever laid eyes apon. She giggles as I lay in the mud puddle. I scrambled to my feet and probably said something really clever like, "uhhh...." I ran away as fast as my mice feet could carry me. I ducked into the bathroom. I slapped my head with my hand feeling like a complete joke. I had to impress her somehow....

I came out of the bathroom feeling confident until trouble- the pimple faced bully punched me in the stomach, "Get this rat outta' my way!" he demanded. Rat was the most offensive name to call a mouse. I saw the girl; her name tag tag said "Blossom" and she helped me up. "He's a jerk." She said.

"I'm fine." i lied. She noticed the mud on my knees.

"Oh i think we met back at the bus." she remarked.

"Yeah, that was embarrassing." I replied. She laughed and walked away.

As i went home i was scared. I was alone and it was dark. Suddenly i saw a glowing ball on the ground. i picked it up and the strangest thing happened. It glowed green and dissolved into my hand. I started to panic. When i finally got home, my whole left arm had lost all feeling. Before I could could get to my parents, my body lay motionless on the marble floor. I was found two, three, maybe five hours later. my brother Colby picked me up off the floor. "What happened to you?"

I leaned up. I almost fell and put my hand on Colbys shoulder. He instantly went airborne and smashed through the window. "Oh jeez." i walked outside to see if he was okay. Nope. His claws were cracked and his whiskers were broken. I got closer. "Hey... uh, are you okay?" i asked.

"Just help me up." he whined. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up. He flew over my head and landed on the roof with a thud. "Oops." I decided he was okay and slept for hours on end. When i woke up i went to the bus stop.

Right before Jeffrey sneezed on me; i grabbed him by the ears and tossed him into the isle as if he were a ragdoll. Everyone started laughing at him. He glared at me like a cat coming to eat me. I rolled my eyes. When i got off the bus i saw blossom. She waved. Then frowned. "Get away from his trouble!" trouble threw a fist at me. I caught it without looking and kicked him into a trashcan. Blossom looked surprised, then impressed. I was indestructible! She smiled and walked away.

At class there was a kid getting bullied. I put up my finger. "Pause!" time stopped. I went over to the bully and dragged him in front of the teacher and made him look like he was dancing. I went back to my desk. "Unpause!" the teacher looked at the bully. "Office, NOW!" i smiled.

Later that day, i was walking home from school to my house when suddenly a figure jumped out of no where and whacked me in the head with a rock.

When i woke up i was strapped down to a table. The figure had a mask on. He walked over to the table. "What do you want?" i groaned.

"SHUT UP RAT!" Where did you get your powers?" he yelled at me. By now he had a mouse trap to my throat.

'I don't know, it just happened. PAUSE!" i shouted. Nothing happened.

"Silly rodent, this table disables your powers." Now im gonna ask you one more time," WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR POWERS!?" I didn't know what to do. He slowly took off his mask. "NO!" It can't be!"

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