Poem about a couple in an air raid - 2nd verse is mother's views on the war

They ran through the streets, making plans

The bombs falling in the distance, praying to the God in whose hands

They had placed their lives, their hopes, their dreams

Making their way through the rubble, the crying childrens screams

"They said the underground is safe," he said to her

"We'll never make it.  I'm frightened," she said, pulling him closer

They dodged the crowds of milling, confused people whose horror,

Whose fear was worn like an outer layer of clothing, an aura

Emenating from their eyes

As the blinding flashes dropped from the skies

They decided to take their chances

In an abandonded building, ignoring the glances

Of those coming out into the night

To asses this unholy sight

He pushed her ahead of him, to a stairway leading down

Even if the building collaspsed, he knew they would be found

A God who would allow this chaos, this hell

Would surely protect His loyal subjects in their tiny shell

And besides, he thought to himself, the world will need their unborn child

Who will grow up to be strong and healthy and help to prevent this wild

And unrulely sencelessness that has taken hold of all the mind

Of the wise leaders whom they follow faithfully, to protect the ideal that binds

Men to their country, wives to their men and children to their parents....

And who's to say that it's wrong to fight for what you believe, against tyrants

Who would come into their homes and jobs and spread suspicion

And more fear, poverty, corruption

If we live through this, he told himself, as they settled down to wait

I too will offer up my life, for her and the child, if I'm not too late

"Are you comfortable?" he asked her, putting his coat around her shoulder

She smiled her assent, laid her head against his arm, as he told her

"We'll be O.K.  I promise you.  It'll soon be over

"And we'll go home again, clean up the mess - I'll be your lover"

He whispered as he cuddled her closer, kissed her lips, her face

As the building collaspsed, the floor caved in, as he held her in an eternal embrace


The war is over.  It has taken five years and thousands of lives

The people are all working together to bring order out of chaos. looking for the ties

That have been ripped and torn, shattered in pieces for that name

Or word, or song, or reason.  God!  What had started that deadly game?

I don't think I can remember any more; I thought I knew once, then

And I believed too; there was a cause, but that was before, back when

When I was still a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law

When my husband still came home at night, hung his hat in the hall

And my daughter still laughed and shared her fears

About her new husband, the baby that was expected, the years

That we would all spend as one, as a family, together

But the war changed all that, it took it all from me, the grim reaper

Gathering to his deadly bosom the young, the old, the crippled

Not caring for status or wealth, charging the shores that rippled

In the moonlight, in peace, before they were trampled and bloodied, desecrated

By ships and tanks and solders with bayonets all dedicated

To that cause, that name, that word, that song, that reason

That I can't remember any more because I'm too old, past my season

In my worn out body, my gray hair, my tattered lace

I sit here quietly, patiently, seeking my lost family, my eternal embrace

Submitted: December 13, 2013

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